Pinball aficionados rejoice.

Georgetown’s National Pinball Museum has won a temporary reprieve.

The museum, which had been slated to close Monday, will instead be able to remain in its space in the Shops at Georgetown Park through Labor Day.

Founder David Silverman is still continuing his search for a new location to house his collection of more than 850 pinball machines as well as his gallery of pinball art and memorabilia. But visitors now will be able to play through the end of the summer.

After years of searching for a space, Silverman opened the museum in December, but this spring he was told by his landlords that he would have to leave the Georgetown space he’d spent more than $300,000 to renovate.

David Silverman is searching for a new location to house his collection. (Megan Rossman/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The museum — a lifelong dream for Silverman — features 200 pinball machines, some of which are available for visitors to play, as well as displays detailing the art and history of the game. Silverman also has highlighted the work of game designers and artists.