In an apparent expression of the idea that it is impossible to do too much for Washington’s departing young giant panda, the National Zoo has asked for suggestions for an appropriate mix tape.

“If you were a giant panda taking a 16-hour flight to China, what would you want on your playlist?” the zoo asked on Twitter.

Of course the animal’s name, Bei Bei, pronounced BAY BAY, seems so close to those words of farewell, BYE BYE, as well as the exclamation BAY BEE, as to elicit many poignant suggestions for the traveler.

Under international agreement, the panda, admired in his four years here by legions both at the zoo and on TV, is to take flight Tuesday. It is part of a cooperative breeding program.

So it might be said in the rueful lyrics of one song that “the days dwindle down to a precious few.”

Suggestions included “One for My #BeiBei (And One More for the Road.”) Steve Casto expressed disbelief that any virtual playlist could be without the 1965 hit by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - “Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye”  “ Come on,” he said , “ Bye Bye Bei Bei, Bei Bei good bye “

Another suggestion sent to the zoo was “Bei Bei It’s Cold Outside”. That’s the one with the plaintive, “I’ve got to go away....I simply must go.”