With more than one-third of the month gone, now would seem the time for April to start showing itself as a time of showers, as recognized in popular song and medieval literature.

As of late Friday, with light rain falling in Washington, only 0.05 inches had been measured all day. That is not a lot.

But based on National Weather Service readings, which are made at Reagan National Airport, it is Washington’s second most this month.

Part of the month’s showery reputation goes back at least to Geoffrey Chaucer. Translated into modern English, “The Canterbury Tales” begin with “When in April the sweet showers fall . . .”

But as of 9 p.m. the damp facts seem to be these: Friday with its sparse showers, was outdone in dampness only by April 5, no day of deluge, but one on which 0.09 inches fell.

Over the entire month to date, less than a quarter-inch of rain has been measured here.

Of course, as the cautionary saying goes, past results do not predict future performance. Deluges could start Saturday.

But April probably must step up its rain game to reach the month’s 3.06-inch norm.

Many would probably not mind if April closed the rainfall gap on a day other than Saturday.

Saturday is the day of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, a rite of springtime in the capital that draws spectators and participants from all over the United States.

Aware, perhaps of April’s reputation, the festival’s website advises, “the Parade is rain or shine”.