Snow. Rain. Cold.

Sunday’s forecast is the kind of kite-flying weather only Ben Franklin would like.

And since the old guy — who is said to have flown kites in electrical storms — isn’t around, the National Cherry Blossom Festival has decided to postpone the annual kite flying festival scheduled for Sunday.

This year’s is to be the 45th annual Kite Festival, formerly hosted by the Smithsonian Institution. It is held on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

A happy gathering place for the tinkerers, artists and technicians of kite-dom, a new date for the festival will be announced Monday.

“We made the decision” Friday night, said Danielle Piacente, a spokeswoman for the blossom festival, “based on the weather forecast.”

“People love this event so much, and we wanted people to come at a time that it would be enjoyable,” she said Saturday. “With the possibility of the snow and the rain and the cold, we felt that people would not have an enjoyable experience.”

“We didn’t want to chance it,” she said.