In contrast to so many previous days of this week, this month and this summer, Friday lacked a lot. It lacked 90-degree temperatures, high humidity and smoke from Western wildfires. It was fine.

Friday’s high temperature here of 87 degrees was three below the average of 90 for the date.

Warm, in the gracious sense of the word, but not hot, in the hostile sense, Friday departed from a July trend that has given us 14 days in the 90s already.

Few of those days seemed so happily humidity-free as Friday.

Combining heat and humidity to give a “feels-like” temperature, the heat index generally quantifies misery. But on Friday it turned out to be less than the actual temperature, to become a numerical indicator of comfort.

Helping create the blissful midsummer mood was a fleet of fleecy fair-weather clouds that seemed to have been fastened to the blue sky after being snipped from a souvenir postcard.