The Trump administration has dismantled aspects of Obama’s legacy, big and small — including the Capital Bikeshare station that was installed on the White House grounds at the request of the Obama administration.

The District’s Department of Transportation confirmed Wednesday that it removed the nine-slot Bikeshare station this week at the Trump administration’s request.

Unlike every other Bikeshare station in the region, this one was not accessible to the public and could only be used by commuters who had access to White House grounds. The Obama administration requested the station in 2010.

It’s unclear why the White House wanted it removed. The White House didn’t respond to requests for comment.

“We got the request to remove it, and we honored that request,” said Terry Owens, spokesman for the District’s transportation agency.

Cyclist Gregory Matlesky noticed that it was missing and tweeted about it Tuesday. Washingtonian first reported on its removal.

The D.C. transportation agency said that people have checked bikes in and out 5,085 times at that station since it was installed. There were 71 trips in July 2017. By comparison, the nearby New York Avenue and 15th Street NW station, which is open to the public, had 6,649 trips in July 2017.

Because it was not publicly accessible, the station doesn’t appear on maps or Bikeshare apps.

The Bikeshare system has 440 stations and 3,700 bikes throughout the District and its suburbs in Maryland and Virginia.