She was often the comic foil in the long-running TV series set in rural Minnesota in the 19th century.

Mr. Pearson was NASCAR’s champion three times and had a long rivalry with Richard Petty.

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He provided government relations advice to associations and banks and prepared analyses on U.S. export programs.

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“Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?”

The self-doubting Spider-Man, the bickering Fantastic Four, the swaggering Iron Man and the raging Incredible Hulk were among the characters he brought to life in comic books.

He built Apache into one of the country’s largest independent energy companies.

A “political wizard,” he helped shape campaign messages for dozens of candidates.

A onetime track coach and Latin teacher, he led Georgetown’s sports programs and helped found the Big East Conference.

He was the longest-serving gardener in White House history and made sure the turf was fixed after the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The trailblazing running back played for Penn State and the Detroit Lions.

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He wrote music for more than 100 films, including “A Man and a Woman” (1966) and won an Oscar for “Love Story” (1970).

She became known to millions of fans over the years as the one who ordered countless drivers to start their engines before races.

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He co-founded the pathbreaking National Theatre of the Deaf in 1967.

She championed boardroom transparency and accountability, and became the scourge of CEOs.

‘People say I can’t do anything. I say to people I can do anything I want.’

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Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95

Stan Lee, a writer and editor often credited with helping American comics grow up by redefining the notion of a superhero, died at a hospital in Los Angeles.

Burt Reynolds, handsome star of film and television, dies at 82

Reynolds was known for his acclaimed performances in “Deliverance” and “Boogie Nights” and commercial hits such as “Smokey and the Bandit,” as well as an active off-screen love life that included relationships with Loni Anderson and Sally Field.

Notable deaths in 2018: Stan Lee, John McCain, Aretha Franklin and other famous faces we lost this year

Remembering those who have died in 2018.

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