He shares pro football record by playing on six championship teams, four with Green Bay and two with Dallas.

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His charismatic swagger enlivened dozens of other movies including his Oscar-winning performance in “The Untouchables.”

Only 11 seconds into his college career, he was paralyzed by a spinal cord injury.

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He caught 66 touchdown passes during a 13-year NFL career spent mostly with the Colts.

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Often working from a white Dodge van, she distributed condoms, administered HIV tests and collected data that helped make sense of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s.

His songs reflected a hardscrabble and sometimes violent life.

He edited works by Alice Munro and George Saunders and wrote a critically acclaimed memoir, “My Mistake.”

Challenging the pageant’s prim reputation, she used her year-long reign to call attention to AIDS and promote safe sex.

Her legendary San Francisco restaurant, the Mandarin, introduced generations of Americans to authentic Chinese provincial cooking.

The submarine commander served as chief of naval operations from 1986 to 1990.

A prolific writer, she lent her feminist, sometimes anarchist sensibility to the male-dominated countercultural movement of the 1950s.

He grew Murray Energy into one of the country’s largest mining companies and enlisted President Trump’s help in supporting the coal industry.

He wrote for the landmark TV projects “Brian’s Song” and “Roots,” as well as the Prince movie “Purple Rain.”

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The company did not specify a cause of death. Lee had been hospitalized since a 2014 heart attack.

He wrote his classic song about a man he met in jail, then helped define the “Texas outlaw” style of music.

He was one of the “disease detectives” who stalked the virus around the globe until the last naturally occurring case was identified in Somalia in 1977.

She formed the Coquettes “all-girl” big band and championed women in the almost completely male preserve of 1930s and ’40s popular music.

The live-action model for Disney’s 1937 film later hoofed across the screen in a popular husband-and-wife duo.

A bristly contrarian in his profession, he insisted that magic is based solely on earthly sleight of hand and visual trickery.

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With Steve Winwood as lead vocalist, the Spencer Davis Group had two No. 1 U.K. singles — “Keep on Running” in 1965 and “Somebody Help Me” in 1966 — and seven British top 40 hits before Winwood’s departure in 1967.

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The Scottish-born actor, who was the first James Bond, has died in the Bahamas. He was 90.
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The beloved actor died Aug. 28 at his home near Los Angeles. He was 43.
  • Aug 29
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