Roger Craig, evangelist of the split-finger fastball, dies at 93

As a coach and manager, he taught the devastating pitch to a generation of pitchers. It looks like a fastball, then dives at the last moment.

By Michael S. RosenwaldJune 6, 2023

Astrud Gilberto, who struck fame with ‘The Girl From Ipanema,’ dies at 83

Astrud Gilberto released more than 15 albums and compilations over four decades but remained best-known for "The Girl From Ipanema," her accidental hit.

By Brian MurphyJune 6, 2023

Françoise Gilot, celebrated artist, writer and muse to Picasso, dies at 101

She made celebrated paintings exhibited at the Met and MoMA, and wrote a best-selling account of her years with Picasso.

By Harrison SmithJune 6, 2023

Robert Hanssen, FBI agent who spied for Moscow, dies in prison at 79

He disclosed highly classified materials and betrayed U.S. assets -- including two who were later executed -- in one of the worst breaches in U.S. history.

By Michael S. Rosenwald, Emily Langer and Adam BernsteinJune 5, 2023

Harvey Pitt, who had turbulent reign as SEC chairman, dies at 78

He was among the nation’s foremost authorities on securities law, but political missteps damaged his credibility.

By James R. HagertyJune 5, 2023

Thomas Buergenthal, Holocaust survivor who shaped global rights law, dies at 89

Dr. Buergenthal was part of cases ranging from Israel's separation barrier to atrocities in Central America.

By Brian MurphyJune 3, 2023

Kaija Saariaho, innovative Finnish composer, dies at 70

Ms. Saariaho’s music was admired by professional musicians and was increasingly popular with the general public.

By Tim PageJune 3, 2023

Jessie Maple, who broke barriers in filmmaking, dies at 86

The filmmaker and camera operator was called “the first African-American woman to direct an independent feature film in the post-civil rights era.”

By Harrison SmithJune 2, 2023

Cynthia Weil, Grammy-winning pop lyricist, dies at 82

She helped write “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” “On Broadway” and many other era-defining hits

By Associated PressJune 2, 2023

Brian Shul, fighter pilot who soared after being shot down in Vietnam, dies at 75

Doctors told Mr. Shul he’d never fly again after nearly burning to death. He later flew the world’s fastest plane in top-secret Cold War missions.

By Michael S. RosenwaldJune 2, 2023

Amitai Etzioni, who championed the virtues of community, dies at 94

The sociologist and public intellectual worked for the Carter White House and won an audience with world leaders including Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

By Harrison SmithJune 1, 2023

Don Bateman, a force in aviation safety, dies at 91

Mr. Bateman’s invention of a cockpit warning system is credited with saving thousands of lives.

By Michael S. RosenwaldMay 31, 2023

Harald zur Hausen, who found virus link to cervical cancer, dies at 87

Dr. zur Hausen was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2008 for his work that later gave the foundations for the HPV vaccine.

By Brian MurphyMay 31, 2023

Claudia Rosett, who reported from Tiananmen Square, dies at 67

She spent nearly two decades at the Wall Street Journal, including stints as Moscow bureau chief and a member of the editorial board.

By Harrison SmithMay 30, 2023

George Maharis, dashing star of ‘Route 66,’ dies at 94

He had a long career in TV and posed nude for Playgirl magazine in 1973.

By Associated PressMay 28, 2023

Ed Ames, pop singer and ‘Daniel Boone’ actor, dies at 95

He had several hit records with his brothers and as a solo singer. On “Daniel Boone,” he played a Native American.

By Associated PressMay 27, 2023

Robert Zimmer, champion for free speech on campuses, dies at 75

At the University of Chicago, Dr. Zimmer oversaw the "Chicago Principles" on free expression that was later adopted by dozens of institutions.

By Brian MurphyMay 26, 2023

Bill Lee, bassist and composer who scored son Spike Lee’s films, dies at 94

Before collaborating with his oldest son, Spike, he performed with jazz, folk and blues stars including Duke Ellington, Harry Belafonte and Aretha Franklin.

By Harrison SmithMay 25, 2023

Tina Turner, showstopping pop-music sensation, dies at 83

Her personal saga of struggle and revival was defiantly expressed in her 1984 hit song “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

By Matt SchudelMay 25, 2023

Marta Wise, child survivor of Auschwitz, dies at 88

She turned 10 years old the day of her arrest and was subjected to the medical experiments of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

By Emily LangerMay 24, 2023