His short, flexible board made catching a wave accessible to millions.

He fought with Free French Forces in North Africa and Europe, helping liberate France from Nazi occupation.

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The field of African American religious studies scarcely existed before he took it on in the 1970s with writings distinguished by both their scholarship and their spiritualism.

His books were often drawn from his own experiences as a sled-dog racer and outdoorsman.

After a famous All-Star Game collision with Pete Rose in 1970, he had a 35-year career as an Oakland A’s broadcaster.

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His band played traditional jigs, reels, airs and ballads while also collaborating with artists including the Rolling Stones and Willie Nelson.

The Catholic sister, in an act of protest, broke into a weapons facility at age 82.

The suave Hall of Famer won four Grand Slam titles in the 1940s and ’50s.

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The metallurgical engineer launched Pakistan on the path to becoming a nuclear weapons power in the early 1970s.

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He was a key architect of the “surge” in U.S. forces during the Iraq War and later served as the Army’s top-ranking general.

The classically trained mezzo-soprano replaced Jennifer Holliday in the Broadway production of “Dreamgirls” in 1983.

  • Louie Estrada
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After a brief term, he fled Tehran after being impeached for challenging the growing power of clerics as the nation became a theocracy.

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He partnered with Kai Bird to publish “American Prometheus,” one of three books he wrote on the Cold War and nuclear weapons.

He was known for the breadth of his repertoire, and folklorists regarded him as one of the last of the Black “songsters.”

He led the Office of Special Investigations, which helped find and deport onetime Nazis living in the United States.

He was renowned within his field for his findings related to perception, memory and the circuits that connect one part of the brain to another.

In a varied career, the Washington lawyer and real estate developer worked to reform federal housing programs for the poor, helped Chileans flee a military dictatorship and successfully fought against a proposed Disney theme park in Virginia.

  • Louie Estrada
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He had 65 years as a player, scout and executive and was the last surviving member of Cleveland’s 1948 World Series champions.

He introduced the late-night host with a comic flourish and took part in offbeat skits.

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He built the soccer club Olympique de Marseille into a European champion but spent six months in prison for his role in a scheme to fix matches.

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Cicely Tyson, award-winning Black actress noted for 'Sounder,' 'Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,' dies at 96

Cicely Tyson, the pioneering actor who brought some of the first ennobling portrayals of African Americans to a vast television audience, gained an Oscar nomination for her performance as a sharecropper's wife in ''Sounder.''
  • Jan 29, 2021

Photos: Larry King, TV host who gave boldface names a cozy forum, dies at 87

He hosted a popular CNN interview program that was a safe haven for the famous and infamous to spill their secrets, hype their projects and soften their image.
  • Jan 23, 2021

Photos: Pierre Cardin, designer who transformed fashion in the 1960s, dies at 98

A perennial trendsetter, Mr. Cardin, who died Dec. 29 at age 98, radically transformed men's and women's fashion in the 1960s with modern designs such as the Nehru jacket and the space-race-inspired bubble dress. He redefined the field of commercial branding by licensing his name to products including toiletries, jewelry, luggage, candy, wine and wigs.
  • Dec 29, 2020
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