He obtained a copy of the Zapruder film, enabling Life magazine to publish a frame-by-frame chronicle of the Kennedy assassination.

With his wife, Jean Hollander, he produced an English translation of ‘The Divine Comedy’ that was hailed as a masterpiece.

He helped cover Watergate, Iran-contra and other scandals from the paper’s D.C. bureau.

He helped lead the country to independence and served for 27 years as its first president.

Her book “The Journalist and the Murderer” explored the fraught relationship between writers and their subjects.

He oversaw landmark class-action lawsuits and sensational mob cases, including that of the ‘Mafia Cops.’

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He pioneered a powerful, now-ubiquitous technique to build complex organic molecules.

She was known for her cut-and-paste shapes and vibrant hues in books for preschoolers.

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He made a harrowing movie debut in “Deliverance,” received an Oscar nomination for “Network” and was a renowned character actor.

Under his leadership, Scholastic published series including Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

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He won several major cases to overturn gender and racial discrimination in hiring and promoting workers.

He helped lead the Minnesota Twins to the 1965 World Series and pitched for several other teams.

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He designed a monumental, jewellike church in the German town of Neviges.

The Washington-area musician battled Parkinson’s disease and helped launch Eva Cassidy to posthumous fame.

The Swiss chemist made key advances in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, measuring chemical properties in atoms.

Staring into the abyss of the Holocaust, he rejected the idea of an omnipotent, beneficent deity.

He was known as a mentor of quarterbacks, including Denver Broncos Hall of Famer John Elway.

As a committee chairman, he also championed an end to “unfunded mandates,” which he called a burden on state and local governments.

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He also received a Tony nomination and appeared in Lee Daniels’s “The Butler.”

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He helped create the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. He later lost his right hand to a book bombing reportedly carried out by Israel.

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Cicely Tyson, award-winning Black actress noted for 'Sounder,' 'Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,' dies at 96

Cicely Tyson, the pioneering actor who brought some of the first ennobling portrayals of African Americans to a vast television audience, gained an Oscar nomination for her performance as a sharecropper's wife in ''Sounder.''
  • Jan 29

Photos: Larry King, TV host who gave boldface names a cozy forum, dies at 87

He hosted a popular CNN interview program that was a safe haven for the famous and infamous to spill their secrets, hype their projects and soften their image.
  • Jan 23

Photos: Pierre Cardin, designer who transformed fashion in the 1960s, dies at 98

A perennial trendsetter, Mr. Cardin, who died Dec. 29 at age 98, radically transformed men's and women's fashion in the 1960s with modern designs such as the Nehru jacket and the space-race-inspired bubble dress. He redefined the field of commercial branding by licensing his name to products including toiletries, jewelry, luggage, candy, wine and wigs.
  • Dec 29
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