He dressed Madonna, Beyoncé and Diana Ross in addition to creating a best-selling perfume.

As one of the few Black women singers in Brazil to achieve renown, she often fought in her lyrics for equal rights for women (especially those suffering from domestic abuse), Blacks and those in the LGBT community.

  • Phil Davison
  • ·

The instrumental guitar band had dozens of hits in the 1960s, including the surf-rock standard “Walk, Don’t Run” and a version of theme song for the TV show “Hawaii Five-O."

  • Associated Press
  • ·

He lived in exile from his native Vietnam for decades and sought to apply Buddhist principles to social and political concerns.

In seven decades of activism, and especially during his work in the 1960s on behalf of racial equality, Rabbi Dresner became, in his words, the most arrested rabbi in America.

He won his only major tournament as a result of a scoring error by Roberto De Vicenzo.

  • Doug Ferguson
  • ·

For four decades, he mined laughs from his Minnesota upbringing and his girth. He won an Emmy Award in 2016 as the unlikely matriarch on the quirky, earnest TV comedy “Baskets."

  • Tim Greiving
  • ·

The Grammy-winning singer also had a key acting role in the cult movie classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

He was known for film roles as the young Hannibal Lecter and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

  • Nicolas Vaux-Montagny
  • ·

He also showed understated skill in tender dramas such as the Oscar-winning “Sundays and Cybèle.”

  • staff reports and news services
  • ·

She was a popular ingenue in 1960s movies including “Where the Boys Are” and “Light in the Piazza.”

She led Mississippi's Delta State to three national titles, anchored the first U.S. women's basketball team at the Olympics and was drafted by the NBA.

The influential editor rose from an impoverished childhood in the segregated South to become one of the few African Americans on the mastheads and red carpets of the fashion world.

His 1973 novel "My Uncle Napoleon," affectionately skewering the foibles of his countrymen and women in the decades before the Islamic Revolution, became one of the most phenomenally popular works of modern Persian literature.

He was a longtime broadcaster on Nashville's WSM radio and later on television for the Nashville Network.

  • Associated Press
  • ·

AIM led major national protests in the 1970s, including a march to Washington and the militant Wounded Knee uprising in South Dakota.

  • Associated Press
  • ·

After turning 100, he received an honorary promotion to brigadier general.

He led the West African country for seven years but struggled to deal with an economic crisis and Islamist insurgency.

Joe B. Hall guided the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team to a national championship in 1978.

  • News Services and Staff Reports
  • ·

He was the longtime drama critic of the Wall Street Journal and wrote biographies of H.L. Mencken, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

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Cicely Tyson, award-winning Black actress noted for 'Sounder,' 'Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,' dies at 96

Cicely Tyson, the pioneering actor who brought some of the first ennobling portrayals of African Americans to a vast television audience, gained an Oscar nomination for her performance as a sharecropper's wife in ''Sounder.''
  • Jan 29, 2021

Photos: Larry King, TV host who gave boldface names a cozy forum, dies at 87

He hosted a popular CNN interview program that was a safe haven for the famous and infamous to spill their secrets, hype their projects and soften their image.
  • Jan 23, 2021

Photos: Pierre Cardin, designer who transformed fashion in the 1960s, dies at 98

A perennial trendsetter, Mr. Cardin, who died Dec. 29 at age 98, radically transformed men's and women's fashion in the 1960s with modern designs such as the Nehru jacket and the space-race-inspired bubble dress. He redefined the field of commercial branding by licensing his name to products including toiletries, jewelry, luggage, candy, wine and wigs.
  • Dec 29, 2020
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