As director of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow for more than a half-century, she defiantly exhibited masterpieces once banned by the communist regime and defended the so-called trophy art looted by the Red Army from Nazi Germany.

Her books, including ‘Foreign Affairs’ and ‘The War Between the Tates,’ chronicled the lives of women searching for self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.

Mr. Benton-Banai’s place in the AIM, a grass-roots group formed in 1968, can be traced to his launch of a cultural program in a Minnesota prison.

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He later worked as an actor and Special Olympics organizer, and he helped subdue Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin.

He worked to modernize his nation’s institutions and create a centralized government for Europe — only to be voted out of office and disappointed by the European Union.

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More than two decades before same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, ‘she made it very clear that queer people were just like straight people, except for the people they love.’

A noted labor economist, he served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from 2006 to 2009.

The broadcast journalist and lawyer spent 22 years reporting on the high court and co-wrote a book on its notable capital cases.

He expanded the Smithsonian’s showcase for modern and contemporary art while organizing major retrospectives of artists such as Francis Bacon and Clyfford Still.

The actor used his towering height and broad shoulders to portray the bionic body of the evil Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.

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He built the online shoe and clothing retailer into a billion-dollar business and led revitalization efforts in Las Vegas.

Hailed as one of the finest violinists of her era, she left the limelight to raise her children.

A onetime carpenter, he turned to crafting songs and had several Top 10 country hits.

His refusal to give up his seat at a bus-terminal restaurant led to a landmark Supreme Court case and sparked the 1961 Freedom Rides through the South.

He was convicted of stealing papal documents in 2012 and served two months in a Vatican jail before being pardoned by Benedict.

The urbane investment banker helped right the finances of major U.S. cultural institutions, including Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center, before guiding the World Bank from 1995 to 2005.

Peerless on the soccer pitch, he was profligate and profane off it. He led a lifestyle of toxic excess while competing in four World Cups and coaching Argentina in one.

He won in 1989 amid hopes that he would stanch racial conflict, only to lose the office four years later as ethnic tensions continued.

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He was an indefatigable assistant to legendary resistance leader Jean Moulin.

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He starred in 14 feature films by Ray, one of India’s most acclaimed directors, including “The World of Apu,” “Charulata” and “Days and Nights in the Forest.”

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The Scottish-born actor, who was the first James Bond, has died in the Bahamas. He was 90.
  • Oct 31
The beloved actor died Aug. 28 at his home near Los Angeles. He was 43.
  • Aug 29
She also influenced the band?s fashion sense and ?moptop? hairstyle.
  • May 16, 2020
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