Packer was a fixture on telecasts of the NCAA men’s tournament from 1975 to 2008.

A Yale-trained psychologist and foundation executive, he was an unseen but central force in the longest-running children’s program on U.S. television.

As editor and then publisher, he presided over the Nation for more than 25 years. He also wrote “Naming Names,” an acclaimed history of the Hollywood blacklist.

Dr. Steadman introduced surgical innovations including harnessing the body's stem cells to stimulate growth of new cartilage in injured knees.

The club, once a neighborhood joint, became a major stop for world-renowned acts.

Joyce Carol Oates, Ann Beattie and Louise Erdrich were among the writers he first published.

In 2018, Mr. Colom was arrested, along with nearly his entire former cabinet, in relation to a corruption investigation involving a bus concession.

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“Her approach is so intimate and confessional that you’re often left feeling as though you’ve just been told a lover’s secret,” music writer Marc Myers wrote.

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Dr. Allis's work opened new ways to treat some blood cancers and stirred wider medical research into gene-targeting drugs for other diseases.

He helped write the soundtrack of an era with the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, then nearly died from drug abuse.

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Her performances engrossed audiences. One implored her to perform her solo a second time in lieu of taking a bow.

The British expat wrote about his journeys through the Middle East, down the Mississippi and north to Alaska. But his chief subject was often his own life.

Dr. Müller and a colleague shared the 1987 Nobel Prize in Physics for breakthroughs in superconductors, which allow electrons to flow with no resistance.

He played a key role in ongoing efforts to reshape voting laws and dismantle affirmative action and was also a personal attorney to President Donald Trump.

She was one of the last of the great Lindy Hoppers, known for her “silky smoothness” on the dance floor and ability to stop on a dime.

Championed by Betty White at the start of his career, he became one of the first Black regulars on a TV variety show. He was later idolized by younger dancers.

She was dubbed “the original Italian over-stuffed star,” a precursor to Sophia Loren, who would soon claim the public imagination as the quintessential Italian spitfire.

He made headlines with his motorcycle stunts, including a jump across a Grand Canyon chasm, while promoting himself as “Kaptain Robbie Knievel.”

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Mr. Coetzee, who was White, was the first African boxer to win a world heavyweight title.

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Ms. Presley, who was 9 years old when her father died in 1977, staked out her own musical career.

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