The federal appeals court judge was celebrated among conservatives as a constant if sometimes provocative exponent of judicial restraint

After working as a journalist at Time magazine, he became the inaugural editor of the Legal Times in Washington and a spokesman for Dan Quayle.

As the first Native American woman to stand onstage at the Oscars, she called out discrimination and injustice against American Indians.

In 1974, she co-founded the first Ronald McDonald House, in Philadelphia, to provide affordable lodging for families of gravely ill children.

  • Margaret Foster
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The Indiana politician resigned in 2010 amid his eighth term after admitting to an extramarital affair with a female staffer.

  • Associated Press
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He was a longtime collector of 78 rpm records and had one of the largest and foremost private collections in the country.

Her 1970 pamphlet “Woman and Her Mind” was a founding text of second-wave feminism.

  • Hillel Italie
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The rapper, born Artis Leon Ivey Jr., died at a friend’s Los Angeles home, his manager confirmed. The cause of death was not immediately clear.

He became a fixture of American television sets, covering the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and four presidencies.

She formed jazz ensembles, produced a Grammy-winning album and published books to promote the legacy of her husband, the composer and bassist Charles Mingus.

A "secular in my head and Muslim in my heart," she founded a group that helped thousands of unwed mothers and their babies overcome stigma and build new lives.

He was a well-read mainstay of The Washington Post, covering news affecting millions in the federal workforce.

He signed one of the strongest gun-control laws in the country but lost his bid for reelection as governor over a massive increase in taxes.

In 1966, Time magazine put him on a cover and compared him with Galileo.

“I’m a person who just starts playing anything I want to play,” he said, "and make it turn out to be maybe some beautiful music.”

  • From staff and wire reports
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Her role earned her an Academy Award for best actress after a later start in her career.

  • Associated Press
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Her trilogy set during the time of Henry VIII sold millions of copies and won two Man Booker Prizes.

  • Matt Schudel
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Experts say LEDs, with countless practical applications, use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescent sources and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent and halogen light sources.

  • Phil Davison
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He spent a record 437 days in space beginning on Jan. 8, 1994, and orbited the Earth more than 7,000 times.

  • Associated Press
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Her dispatches from Baghdad during the U.S. airstrikes and ground assault in 2003 brought vivid accounts of the war's toll and the Pentagon's future struggles.

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