He spoofed moral crusaders, hoodwinked journalists and was a forerunner to satirists such as Stephen Colbert.

His raw style and wild stage shows made him an important link between R&B and early rock.

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She was one of the few women to take up arms in German-occupied Holland.

Because of an immune deficiency, he developed polio from a vaccine. His father led an effort to change federal vaccination procedures.

Children who are able to delay gratification, his experiment suggested, might enjoy greater success in adulthood.

Her stage career encompassed screwball comedy and dark maternal roles in “Next to Normal” and “Carrie.”

  • Mark Kennedy
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  • 4 days ago
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After working as a drummer, Mr. Sabin opened one of the country’s premier jazz record stores, then launched a magazine.

She ran in an era where women were considered too frail to compete at middle and long distances.

She called upon her experiences of internment, poverty and resilience in works that made her one of the most noted Asian American playwrights of her generation.

He received national recognition in 2000, following a profane shout-out from George W. Bush.

Bike connoisseurs considered him not just a great craftsman, but an artist.

  • Phil Davison
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  • Sep 10
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He estimated that its interior may contain as much water as the Mediterranean Sea.

He held top jobs with two other Cabinet departments before becoming energy secretary.

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  • Sep 8
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He was often the bumbling comic foil to sitcom stars Larry Hagman and Bob Newhart.

He wrote and edited books that illuminated the life of his father, former secretary of state Dean Acheson.

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Burt Reynolds, handsome star of film and television, dies at 82

Reynolds was known for his acclaimed performances in “Deliverance” and “Boogie Nights” and commercial hits such as “Smokey and the Bandit,” as well as an active off-screen love life that included relationships with Loni Anderson and Sally Field.

Notable deaths in 2018: John McCain, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Bush and other famous faces we lost this year

Remembering those who have died in 2018.

Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, dies at 76

The award-winning singer and Kennedy Center Honor recipient spent five decades dazzling music fans and often performed at major events in Washington.

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