He was a son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s treasury secretary and a grandson of the U.S. ambassador to the Ottoman Empire under President Woodrow Wilson.

She was the mother of the entertainer’s three children and never remarried after their divorce in 1951.

He helped win one of the largest civil rights settlements in history.

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Mr. Reed was instrumental in restoring Florida’s Everglades and, as a federal official, helped write major environmental laws.

He championed young composers and set Maurice Sendak’s children’s story to music.

His two-term congressional career was derailed by a perjury conviction in 1989. He later went to prison.

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He was part of the Friendship Nine, a South Carolina group that chose jail over bail.

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He staged the parody number “Springtime for Hitler” for Brooks’s film “The Producers.”

Mr. Ramsey starred at the University of Kentucky and for the Boston Celtics.

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He was the last surviving member of Winston Churchill’s administration and resigned as foreign secretary after the Falkland Islands war. He blamed himself in part for failing to foresee the Argentine invasion.

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The Midwestern state became one of the largest resettlement locations in the country.

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He became a teenage idol and was forced to keep his gay identity secret.

She became a leading authority on how to talk about sex in ways that were neither prudish nor judgmental.

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The reclusive artist created the visual image of Spider-Man and other superheroes, including Doctor Strange.

He was the founding producer of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” then led RFA’s broadcasts to Asia.

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Notable deaths in 2018: Anthony Bourdain, Barbara Bush and other famous faces we lost this year

Remembering those who have died in 2018.

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain dies at 61

The Emmy-winning television host of “Parts Unknown” was found unresponsive in his France hotel room, CNN said.

A look at the work of photojournalist David Douglas Duncan, known for his combat photography, who died at 102

David Douglas Duncan, who died June 7, was widely considered one of the finest photojournalists of the 20th century. In Life magazine photo essays, television specials and about two dozen books, he captured the seemingly incongruous subjects of war and art, traveling from the front lines of battle to the treasure troves of the Kremlin in Moscow and the French studio of Pablo Picasso.

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