He was an architect of the campaigns of two presidents, only to be fired by both.

The Oklahoma Republican, a practicing obstetrician, frustrated both parties with his use of procedural tactics to delay or derail legislation that contributed in his view to the billowing federal deficit.

Lowery, a co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led the group for 20 years and later spoke at Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

He wrote a twice-weekly political column, in addition to celebrated biographies of Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan.

As editor and publisher of the newsletter Science & Government Report, he earned the begrudging respect and loyal readership of scientists and policymakers in Washington and beyond.

He illustrated the hit series about a diminutive Gaul battling Roman invaders, taking up writing duties as well after the death of co-creator René Goscinny.

“Love! Valour! Compassion!” cemented Mr. McNally as a pivotal American dramatist, a clear-eyed chronicler of gay lives with a humane and lyrical style.

He went after companies bribing foreign politicians and ruled on the 1990s savings-and-loan scandal.

He and his wife sued the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in 1965 to send their son to an integrated N.C. school.

After witnessing the deaths of three children during the Troubles, she co-founded a campaign that drew thousands of protesters to the cause of peace.

She and her husband perfected surgical techniques to treat obstetric fistulas, a debilitating childbirth injury common in Ethiopia.

The raspy-voiced crossover entertainer specialized in story songs and love ballads, including “Lady” and “Lucille.”

He piloted the Apollo 15 command module for three solitary days in 1971.

He captured on paper and canvas the intoxicating colors — as he perceived them — of trees, the sky, rolling hills and sometimes the barns and cabins tucked inside them.

He starred in the 1960s series “Cimarron Strip” and received an Academy Award nomination for “The Mark.”

He co-starred on “Wonder Woman” and was the first centerfold for Playgirl magazine.

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He became the first GOP congressman to endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

He began his Post career as an apprentice printer and became vice president of operations overseeing the publication’s daily production and manufacturing.

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She marched for civil rights in the South and worked as a PR executive before being ordained as an Episcopal priest at age 50.

He oversaw the creation and marketing of his company’s sleek button-snap jackets.

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Rogers, pop-country singer of ?The Gambler? who dominated 1970s music charts, dies at 81.
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Hosni Mubarak had kept a tight grip on his country through three decades of repression, corruption and cronyism, only to be deposed by the military after massive street protests.
  • Feb 25
Kirk Douglas, the actor with the distinctive dimpled chin, raspy voice and highly charged dramatic energy whose starring roles in ?Spartacus,? ?Champion? and ?Paths of Glory? helped him become one of Hollywood's foremost leading men and enduring stars, died on Feb. 5, 2020.
  • Feb 6
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