Mr. Prine was an enormous influence on younger singer-songwriters. Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys called him ‘the closest thing I could imagine to ever being around Mark Twain.’

From 1962 to 1971, he played the black-hatted ranch foreman who was never identified by name.

A “trailblazer for gender equality” in a male-dominated field, she helped explain how humans are made of stardust.

He was a protege of Miles Davis and played alongside the jazz master at one of his final concerts.

His business, formed in 1970, was the first African American-owned magazine focusing on black entrepreneurs.

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She promoted arts and news programming at PBS in the 1970s.

She first found fame as a leather-clad, judo-chopping spy on the TV show “The Avengers.”

He was a halfback and wide receiver with the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins, the last American professional team in any major sport to integrate.

He conducted some of the first experiments on allergen immunotherapy, or allergy shots.

His game-winning kick for the New Orleans Saints stood as a record for 43 years.

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After beginning her career as an actress, she wrote about celebrities and her family’s troubled past.

He was an All Star pitcher before becoming a radio announcer for the White Sox.

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He helped to restore the fruit’s exalted place in American culture. ‘Any apple you could give to him, he would tell a story,’ said a fellow apple preservationist.

He curated an early and prominent exhibition of African American art and advised the Cosby family on its collection.

His song has become an anthem of hope during the coronavirus pandemic.

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He was a noted teacher and the patriarch of America’s first family of jazz.

He was a coveted sideman and studio musician before stepping out on his own in the 1970s.

He sentenced the defendants — including the bombers of the World Trade Center in 1993 — to prison for the rest of their lives.

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He also wrote the title song for the 1996 movie “That Thing You Do!” and the Tony number “It’s Not Just for Gays Anymore,” performed by Neil Patrick Harris.

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He was an advocate of Internet privacy and most recently created a company to level the playing field between consumers and powerful market researchers.

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