He explored God and faith in nearly 40 works of fiction, nonfiction and memoir, earning comparisons to C.S. Lewis.

He helped formulate and popularize a new interpretation of Christianity in the late 1960s and '70s, with an emphasis on racial liberation and reconciliation.

The German-born filmmaker was also known for making big-budget blockbusters including "Air Force One" and "The Perfect Storm."

She burst onto the literary scene in 1985 with her debut novel, “Face,” and later grappled with the immigrant experience and dangers of the nuclear age.

The British novelist's first book sold more than 15 million copies and was adapted into a hit movie starring Robert Redford.

He propelled his undersized teams to heroic performances against NCAA Division 1 powers and shaped how the game is played from high school to the NBA

  • John Otis
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Anne Heche, an actress whose roles ranged from a stress-ball White House aide in “Wag the Dog” to a Bates Motel stabbing victim in a remake of “Psycho,” but who claimed she was “blacklisted” from major studio projects in the late 1990s after she and Ellen DeGeneres broke ground as a celebrity same-sex couple, was taken off life support on Aug. 14. She was 53.

  • Washington Post Staff
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She appeared in films including "Donnie Brasco" and "Six Days Seven Nights" and broke ground with Ellen DeGeneres as a celebrity same-sex couple in the 1990s.

Her semi-autobiographical novel, “The Passenger,” centered on the reunion of an Auschwitz survivor and her former Nazi guard and inspired a noted opera.

An “investor with a Midas touch” and a passion for “everything Indian,” he went on to create the wide-reaching asset management firm Rare Enterprises.

She covered first ladies, society news, Embassy Row functions and visiting dignitaries until the newspaper folded in 1981.

He was a founding member of the influential soul group, which recorded 1960s hits including "Keep on Pushing" and "People Get Ready."

The Rev. Carl Kabat and the Plowshares Eight inspired a global movement of protest against nuclear arsenals.

Her Australian quartet recorded 1960s hits such as "Georgy Girl." Her admirers included Elton John, who once said she had "the purest voice in popular music."

William "Marty" Martin worked to change perceptions of snakes and call attention to threats from climate change and human encroachment.

“The Snowman,” a picture book that tells the story of a boy whose snowman comes to life, sold millions of copies worldwide and became an Oscar-nominated film.

Her archive of thousands of antiquarian cookbooks helped give food a place at the table of history.

Rinn was commander of the USS Samuel B. Roberts when it hit an Iranian mine in the Persian Gulf in 1988. His leadership during that crisis made him a Navy icon.

  • David Larter and Bradley Peniston
  • ·

The Japanese fashion designer was famous for his pleated designs and for making Steve Jobs's signature black turtlenecks.

He was part of a songwriting trio that churned out hit after hit in the 1960s, including “Heat Wave” and “Baby Love.”

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