Teri Shields
mother of actress

Teri Shields, 79, who managed the early career of her daughter, actress Brooke Shields, died Oct. 31 in New York. News reports attributed her death to dementia.

Mrs. Shields started promoting her daughter as an actress and model when she was an infant and managed her until her 20s. Shields described her daughter’s fan appeal in a 1978 interview: “They see total innocence, which is totally there. And two, they have the sexy child, too, they have the sexy person — that appeals to them.”

Brooke Shields parted ways professionally with her mother in 1995, describing the move as “the hardest thing.”

“The focus was on creating a persona,” she said, “rather than a talent.”

Mrs. Shields said in 1996 that she was proud of her daughter for taking control of her life and career, adding, “I would love for Brooke to be my best friend, but you can’t because I am her mother and she is my daughter.”

Theodore T. Jones Jr.
New York judge

Theodore T. Jones Jr., 68, one of seven jurists on New York’s top court, died Nov. 5 at his home in Rockland County. Court officials said he suffered an apparent heart attack.

Judge Jones became a state supreme court justice in Brooklyn in 1990 and joined the court of appeals in 2007. He was the current court’s only African American member and chaired its diversity committee.

His best-known case was the New York City transit strike in 2005, in which the Transport Workers Union defied his injunction and shut down the city’s subways and buses for 60 hours shortly before Christmas. Judge Jones fined the union $1 million a day for violating the state’s Taylor Law prohibiting public employees from striking. He sent Roger Toussaint, the union's president, to jail for four days for contempt of court.

— From news services