If this old mulberry tree has not seen history, then history has certainly seen it. (National Park Service photo)

That old mulberry tree on the grounds of the Washington Monument that was knocked down twice by the stormy winds of May has been uplifted yet again, the National Park Service said.

Wind and rain pushed it over May 12. It was propped up on May 22 but bowled over the next day. However, neither the tree nor the Park Service appeared ready to give up, and on Friday, the Park Service said, it was “back up again.”

Dating to about 1890, the tree has become a sentimental favorite as a silent backdrop over the decades for historic events and tourist photos.

If it might seem sentimental to say that this tree has “seen” history ( trees are generally considered inanimate) it is no stretch to say that history has seen it. It stands on the southwest corner of the monument grounds, and is, except for a companion tree, all alone there.

No end of major events have occurred within eyeshot. A glance out the window of a limousine in a motorcade on 17th Street would catch sight of the tree. It appears likely that it can be seen from the White House.