A man suspected of fatally shooting one man and wounding another inside a Fairfax County barbershop Wednesday has turned himself in to authorities, Fairfax County police said.

Hung T. Nguyen, 44, of Annandale, surrendered at the Sully District Police Station around 11 p.m., police said. Nguyen, a former employee of the shop, was charged with murder in the slaying of a barber, Le D. Hoang, police said. Authorities are still exploring charges in the non-fatal shooting of the other man, who also worked at the shop.

“Yesterday’s incident appeared to stem from a dispute Nguyen had with another employee,” said Officer Tawny Wright, a spokeswoman for the Fairfax County police.

Wright declined to provide details of the disagreement, but said Nguyen had recently quit working at the shop in the 1600 block of Belle View Boulevard. The shooting spurred a massive search for the suspect Wednesday evening.

Police said the gunman entered the shop about 2 p.m. Wednesday and fired several rounds. The wounded man, who was shot in the lower body, is expected to survive, authorities said.

Hung T. Nguyen. (Courtesy Fairfax County police)

The shooting occurred in a quiet strip mall where a close-knit group of grocers, jewelers, beauticians and barbers does business. Several witnesses reported seeing the barber in a pool of blood on the shop’s floor. At least one saw him fall.

Truc Ngo, who works at a nearby nail salon, said employees of the barbershop told her that the shooter returned Wednesday to pick up a tax document and, for reasons that are unclear, began shooting.

“They have some problem before. He quit the job,” Ngo said. “I don’t think a big problem, so I don’t know why” he started shooting.

Police would not confirm Ngo’s account.

Catie Archuleta, a manager at the neighboring Healthway Natural Foods, said she was on her way to the barbershop to tell a barber that an order of his had been delivered when she saw a man sprint out the door. She said she did not get a good look at the man and figured that he was racing to catch a bus.

Then she looked in the window and saw a barber she knew falling to the ground, Archuleta said. “It was horrible, absolutely horrible,” Archuleta said. “There was blood everywhere.”

Archuleta said someone inside the store was on the phone, apparently calling 911. Jo Anne Missal, who works at the nearby Belle View Jewelers, said she, too, called police after a woman ran into her store and said there had been a shooting at the barbershop.

Missal said she raced to the shop and saw the barber on the floor near a barber’s chair. She said she saw another man sitting up who might have been wounded, although she did not get a good look at him.

Employees at neighboring businesses said police arrived immediately, cordoning off a wide swath of the strip mall with yellow crime scene tape and deploying dozens of officers and a helicopter to search for the shooter.

Police described the suspect as an Asian man about 5 feet 5 inches tall. “There is a violent suspect out there,” said officer Tawny Wright, a county police spokeswoman. “We are looking for him.”

People who work in the mall said that the barbershop is run by Vietnamese residents who are hardworking and friendly and that they could not understand why someone would want to hurt them.

“We all feel safe here. We walk to and from our houses. We shop with each other,” Archuleta said. “We don’t expect things like this.”

Staff writers Tom Jackman and Justin Jouvenal contributed to this report.