An owl experienced aerodynamic challenges in Fairfax County; but police restored him to flight status, authorities said. (Fairfax County police photo)

Who-o-o, it might be asked, is to be summoned in the case of an injured owl? An incident that occurred in Fairfax County the other day suggests that one answer may be the county police.

In the western part of the county, on Friday, according to the police, it seemed that the owl was swooping toward the ground when something went amiss in either the planning or the execution of his flight. Or, as the county police put it on Twitter, “he got the angle of attack wrong.”

Instead of landing on his own two feet, as was probably intended, the owl struck the pavement. It was on Vale road, said Officer Tara Gerhard, a police spokeswoman.

This brought to the scene Jennifer Milburn. She was identified by Gerhard as an animal protection police officer.

In brief comments posted Sunday on Twitter, police indicated that the matter was resolved successfully.

“Thankfully,” the tweet said, “Officer Milburn gave him a little TLC and set him free, no harm done!”

Before being released, the owl posed with the police officer. Reading the expressions on animal faces may be risky business. But the avian creature does appear reasonably pleased with his treatment.

From the photograph, it appeared possible to infer that the county police in general, and officer Milburn in particular, did give a hoot.