Tian Tian the panda enjoys a snack

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington DC recorded Tian Tian, a male pandas, happily eating some frozen sugar cane on Aug. 3.


Zoo panda Mei Xiang celebrates her 19th year

(Susan Walsh / AP)

Fans watch the birthday girl enjoy a frozen treat — and keepers wait to see whether she’s going to have a baby.


Sumatran tiger born at the National Zoo

8-year-old Damai gave birth to a cub on July 11 at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.


Southeast D.C. man charged in five armed robberies

A roundup of news from around the Washington region.

Fingers crossed! Giant panda at National Zoo receives artificial insemination.

Mei Xiang, the 18-year-old giant panda, received two artificial inseminations Thursday.

The Daily 202: Trump’s praise for Duterte’s drug war underscores his contempt for human rights

Autocrats emboldened


Giant Panda Mei Xiang is in heat

The National Zoo’s giant female panda, Mei Xiang, is showing signs that she is of estrus, meaning she is ready to breed.

National Zoo’s giant panda is in heat and may be ready to breed soon

Mei Xiang, who has birthed three cubs at the zoo, has been showing signs over the last few weeks of being in estrus.

Did National Zoo wean panda cub Bei Bei too soon? A petition with 2,500 signatures says yes.

Zoo officials say everything is going as planned.


Bao Bao makes public debut in China

The young — and popular — giant panda was born at the National Zoo in 2013.