Giant panda Bao Bao will leave National Zoo on Feb. 21

(Devin Murphy / Smithsonian's National Zoo)

The zoo’s beloved panda will be shipped to China under a long-standing arrangement.


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Bye-bye, Bao Bao: National Zoo says panda cub will soon be shipped to China

(Devin Murphy / National Zoo)

Bao Bao, who will turn 4 this year, was the first cub to survive birth at the zoo since 2005.

All clear: Bei Bei, the giant panda cub, gets the okay to go back outside at the National Zoo

In late November, he underwent emergency surgery after experts found a life-endangering blockage atop his small intestine.


Grandfather of zoo’s panda cubs dies in China

The death of Pan Pan, the panda patriarch, in Sichuan province, was reported Dec. 28 by Xinhua, China’s official news agency. Pan Pan, 31, reportedly had cancer.


With her cub on a bamboo-free diet, momma panda forgoes evening meal

Recovering from surgery, Bei Bei isn’t ready for his usual food. Is his mom showing maternal self-sacrifice?

Giant panda cub takes medicine hidden in a sweet potato, is recovering from surgery

Bei Bei, a 1-year-old cub at the National Zoo, had surgery Friday to remove bamboo lodged in an intestine.

Giant panda Bei Bei is ‘bright, alert’ after surgery, eating softened biscuits

A large piece of bamboo stuck in his intestine was removed on Friday.


National Zoo Panda Cub recovers from life-saving surgery

(Jose Luis Magana / AP)

Bei Bei underwent surgery Friday to repair his small intestine

Bei Bei, the zoo’s ‘baby’ panda, is growing up

National Zoo said the cub is “becoming more and more independent” from his mother, Mei Xiang.