North Glebe Road in Arlington near the Chain Bridge will be shut down Wednesday night and into Thursday for repairs after a water main break last week, Arlington officials said Tuesday.

No specific time was given for the closure, but it will not occur before 7 p.m. Wednesday, Arlington’s department of environmental quality said. Barring complications, the road is scheduled to reopen in time for the Thursday evening rush hour.

The affected segment of Glebe runs between Military and Chain Bridge roads, Arlington officials said. Northbound traffic on Route 123 will only be able to turn left onto Chain Bridge, while officials said drivers crossing the Chain Bridge from the District will have to turn right onto Route 123.

A a 36-inch water transmission pipe ruptured around 4 a.m. Friday on Glebe Road. The break was isolated and stabilized within a few hours, and pressure to the Arlington drinking water system was restored. A boil-water advisory was issued for parts of the District and Arlington County but was lifted Sunday.

Officials said the work this week is needed to repair the transmission main, which was installed about 75 years ago. No impact on water service is expected.

Permanent repairs to the roadway infrastructure will be made in the coming weeks but will be scheduled to minimize the effect on traffic, officials said.