A District Heights man convicted in January in connection with a prostitution ring run out of a Rockville Hilton Hotel will spend more than 10 years behind bars, a Montgomery County judge ruled Wednesday.

Nahshon Kornegay, 32, was nicknamed “The Pimp of the Pike” during his trial on charges of prostitution and human trafficking.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Ronald Rubin said he considered Kornegay’s “total lack of remorse” before handing down a 20 1/2-year sentence, 10 years of which were suspended. Rubin also sentenced Kornegay to five years of supervised probation.

Timothy Clarke, who represented Kornegay, disputed prosecutors’ depictions of the prostitutes Kornegay was accused of pimping as victims, claiming they had been willing participants.

But Montgomery County Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Mays told Rubin that Kornegay “devoted himself to the exploitation of young women, and he’s not going to stop.”

Nahshon Kornegay. (Courtesy of Montgomery County Police)

Kornegay pimped for two women, renting rooms at the Hilton and posting ads for their services, Mays said. Kornegay gave the women drugs so they could work all night and threatened to hit them if they did not turn over their earnings, Mays said. One of the women claimed not to know what state she was in when police rescued her, Mays said.

The two women were part of Kornegay’s operation “Exclusive Entertainment,” for which he had made business cards, Mays said. Kornegay was planning to expand the business to involve six women, Mays said.

Kornegay sat quietly through most of the hearing, but when he spoke, he said Mays had portrayed him as “a super villain, or a super pimp….”

“There’s no proof,” he said. “For him to throw out those allegations, I don’t think is fair.”

He called his conviction and incarceration “a very harsh reality check,” adding that he had made an effort to rehabilitate himself and show he could be a productive member of society.

Police closed in on Kornegay in March 2012, according to his arrest warrant, after a hotel guest complained to staff members that a prostitute named “Me-Me” had solicited him. Police used the pseudonym to track the woman down on Backpage.com, a prostitution Web site, where they discovered her profile and that of “Nikole,” another woman who worked with her.

While on bond before his trial, Kornegay was flaunting his wealth and his life as a pimp, Mays said. In court, Mays showed Facebook photos that Kornegay had posted of piles of cash when he was supposedly indigent. Other photos showed the defendant posing with cheerleaders in a skybox at a Redskins football game or shooting handguns with his children. He was also making calls to the very women he was accused of trafficking, helping them keep making money and posting ads to Backpage.com.

Kornegay faces additional charges in Virginia.