Fairfax County police have seized in recent months nearly 17 pounds of a club drug that may be linked to the death of a University of Virginia student and others at Northeastern concerts and raves, according to authorities.

“Molly,” a purified form of ecstasy, has made headlines for a string of overdoses in Boston and New York. The narcotics unit of Fairfax County has seen about 170 cases involving the drug between Jan. 2012 and August of this year. The unit has seized over 3,000 pills during the same time period, authorities said.

Police said they were not aware of any deaths caused by the drug in Fairfax County. They reminded parents to talk to their children about the dangers associated with Molly.

Mary “Shelley” Goldsmith, 19, a sophomore at U-Va. from Abingdon, Va., died late last month after her friends said she ingested Molly, D.C. police sources said. Police are awaiting a toxicology report for a final determination of Goldsmith’s cause of death.