Fairfax County Police are alerting residents about a man who has pretended to be a utility employee as a guise to entering houses in the Alexandria.

On Thursday afternoon, officers responded to the 6500 block of Annandale Street after a 76-old-woman noticed she was missing money after a man entered her home identifying himself as a Fairfax Water employee, police said.

The man, who was carrying a clipboard, said he needed to check something and the woman escorted him to the backyard. Police believe a second suspect entered the home and stole money from the woman’s purse.

Police said they received a report about a second incident. This time, a woman refused to let the suspect into her home and called the authorities.

Fairfax officials said water utility employees do not require access to customer’s homes to read a meter . They also urged residents to ask for photo IDs or call 703-698-5800 to verify an employee’s identity.