These were among cases received recently by the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division. Call 301-780-7200 for directions to the county animal shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The department Web site is

Stray dog in break room: 9200 block, Livingston Rd., Fort Washington, Oct. 22. An employee reported a small stray dog in the break room of a business. An animal control officer picked up a 2-month-old brown female Norwegian elkhound. When not claimed, the puppy was taken to a rescue group Oct. 28.

Newborn kitten pickup: 1700 block, Blount Dr., Fort Washington, Oct. 22. An animal control officer picked up a newborn black male domestic medium-haired kitten. The stray cat was taken to a rescue group.

Squirrel down: 4800 block, Osage St., College Park, Oct. 26. Someone reported seeing a squirrel fall out of a tree. An officer picked up a baby squirrel that appeared to have dried blood on its nostril but no visible injuries. The squirrel, which was cold to the touch, was placed on a heating pad and taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Chained and abandoned: 13300 block, Washington Terr., Fort Washington, Oct. 28. A person reported that someone left a stray dog tied with a chain in the yard of an abandoned home. An officer picked up a 2-year-old black male German shepherd. The owner was found, and the dog was returned the next day.

Alley Cat Rescue seeks donations: The Mount Rainier-based nonprofit group is in need of community support for its rescue, low-cost spay clinic and shelter programs for stray, abandoned and feral cats in the county. Wish list items include: cash, towels and blankets, carriers and traps, cat food, and litter. Donations can be dropped off from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday at the offices at 3902 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood, or at the Brentwood Animal Hospital, 3900 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood, 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday. Contact 301-277-5595, or

Silver Spring pet adoption show:

The Prince George’s County SPCA/Humane Society is sponsoring cat and dog adoptions, noon-2 p.m. Saturday at PetSmart, 12020 Cherry Hill Rd., Silver Spring. The pets’ foster owners will answer questions and accept adoption applications for the animals. Adoption fees are $75 for cats, $180 for dogs. For information, call 301-262-5625 or visit

— Compiled by Jillian S. Sowah