This is a case received recently by the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division. Call 301-780-7200 for directions to the county animal shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The department Web site is

Joint effort saves tangled seagull: 13500 block, Fort Washington Rd., Fort Washington, Aug. 26. Animal management received a call about a bird that was caught in a fishing line near the lighthouse at Fort Washington National Park. An animal control officer arrived and observed a seagull that was severely tangled in a fishing line and unable to free itself from a log that was floating 30 feet out in the Potomac River. The fishing line was tangled around the bird’s bill and its right wing, which was also wrapped around the log. The bird was struggling to keep out of the water and was having difficulty moving.

The officer stopped a Prince George’s County Fire Department rescue boat that was passing nearby and asked for assistance. Capt. Tony McCormick, fire technician Mike Bell, firefighter/paramedic John Bowman and firefighter/paramedic Gilbert James worked with the officer to cut the seagull free from the log. The bird was taken back to the marina, where animal control officers worked to free the seagull from the fishing line, which was wrapped around its mouth, wing and legs.

After the bird was freed, it was examined and treated for minor injuries and then taken to Suburban Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, where it is expected to have a full recovery.