These were among cases received recently by the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division. Call 301-780-7200 for directions to the county animal shelter, hours of operation and adoption and licensing procedures. The department Web site is

Dog on site of arrest: Capital Beltway and Route 50, Lanham, May 5. Maryland State police reported being at the scene where a person was being arrested and a dog was inside the car. An animal control officer picked up the 8-year-old black male German shepherd wearing a red nylon collar. The dog was claimed by its owner May 7.

Two dogs loose: 16100 block, Trade Zone Ave., Upper Marlboro, May 5. A woman reported holding a stray dog that she found running loose with a second dog. She said she was unable to confine the second dog. An animal control officer picked up the 3-year-old red female Vizsla wearing a black nylon collar. The dog was reunited with its owner that day.

Injured bird found at playground: 12700 block, Brooke Lane, Upper Marlboro, May 5. A person reported holding a bird in a box after the animal was found near a playground where schoolchildren were at recess. The caller said it wouldn’t fly but had no visible injuries. An officer picked up the injured blue bird and took it to a rescue group May 14.

Chow stuck in mud: 7800 block, Lusbys Turn, Brandywine, May 6. A man reported seeing a dog walking funny with its back end falling over. He said that the dog became stuck in mud at one point but that he was able to free it. An animal control officer picked up a 14-year-old black male chow chow. The dog was reunited with its owner May 9.

Cat stuck behind wheel: 3500 block, Lumar Rd., Fort Washington, May 6. A man reported a cat stuck behind a wheel of his car. He said that he attempted to remove the cat but was unable to do so. An officer picked up the 6-week-old female tortoiseshell domestic shorthair kitten. The kitten was not claimed and was too young for adoption. It was taken to a rescue group May 6.

Stray at doorstep: 11000 block, Brandywine Rd., Clinton, May 10. A woman reported finding a stray dog at her doorstep and said that it would not leave. An officer responded and picked up a 10-month-old black male German shepherd. The dog was returned home May 13.

Raccoon’s head stuck in fence: 6300 block, Sherriff Rd., Hyattsville, May 12. A raccoon was found with its head stuck in a hole on a fence near a dumpster. An animal control officer freed the raccoon from the fence and returned it to the wild.

Stray dog on doorstep: A woman called animal management to report a large stray dog on her front porch. An animal control officer removed the 1-year-old male yellow Labrador retriever mix. The dog was returned to its owner that day.

— Compiled by Jillian S. Jarrett