These were among cases received recently by the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division. Call 301-780-7200 for directions to the county animal shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The department Web site is

Samaritan reunites lost dog with owner: 3750 Brown Station Rd., Upper Marlboro, May 22. A tearful woman came into the Prince George’s County animal shelter after business hours inquiring about her lost Shih Tzu. She said that she lived nearby and that her dog had gotten away from her when she took it out for a walk 15-20 minutes earlier. The volunteer coordinator escorted her to the lost and found clerk so that a lost report could be filed. As the coordinator was returning to her desk, she crossed the lobby to find a man at the front door with a small dog on a pink leash. He informed her that he found the dog while out walking his female toy poodle. The coordinator immediately summoned the woman from the lost and found office, and she was reunited with her small tan female dog, Sasha. “No wonder she came running when I was calling my dog,” the man said. “She thought I was calling her.” It turned out that the man’s dog was also named Sasha.

Bulldog tethered in back yard: 66500 block, G St., Capitol Heights, May 19. A man reported that his son had found a dog and was holding it tethered in their back yard. An animal control officer picked up the 11-month-old brindle-colored male American bulldog wearing a black nylon collar. The dog was returned to its owner that day.

Kitten in a box: 3300 block, Naylor Rd., Temple Hills, May 19. Animal management received a report about a stray kitten being held in a box in the fenced area behind a business. The caller reported that the kitten was so small that it could barely walk. An animal control officer picked up the 1-month-old female tortoiseshell domestic shorthaired kitten. The kitten was too young for adoption, so it was taken to a rescue group May 21.

Turtle with cracked shell: 700 block, Avanti Pl., Hyattsville, May 21. A person reported holding an injured turtle with a cracked shell. An officer picked up the brown turtle and returned it to the wild.

Newborn kitten in shrink wrap: 3300 block, 75th Ave., Hyattsville. A person called animal management to report finding a kitten trapped in a stack of boxes with shrink wrap around it. An animal control officer removed the newborn white male domestic shorthair kitten. When not claimed, the kitten was taken to a foster home until it is old enough for adoption.

Rabies vaccination clinic: The Prince George’s County Health Department and the Animal Management Division will hold a low-cost rabies vaccination clinic for dogs, cats and ferrets Saturday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Animal Services Facility, 3750 Brown Station Rd., Upper Marlboro. The cost is $10 per vaccination. For information, call 301-583-3782 or visit

Upper Marlboro low-cost animal clinic: The Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources’ Animal Management Division will sponsor a low-cost wellness and vaccine clinic from noon to 3 p.m. first and third Thursdays at the Spay Spot Clinic, 3750 Brown Station Rd., Upper Marlboro. For information, call 301-254-8151 or visit

— Compiled by Jillian S. Jarrett