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Prince George’s County

April St., 14609-Deutsche Bank to James Edward Epps Jr., $185,000.

Fir St., 14913-Calvin and Glenn Yarbrough to John Coward, $330,000.

St. Mary’s View Rd., 2500-NVR Inc. to Nikkin T. Williams, $292,920.


Dana Dr., 2003-Janelle Brown to Demetrio Reyes, $285,000.

Osage Terr., 8300-Renee Camus and Alexander E. Bradley to Gerald and April Blum, $499,000.

23rd Ave., 7106-Jose O. Cruz to Jessica C. Villatoro, $186,000.

25th Ave., 7407-Yeni Vasquez to Fayong Wu and Hai Qing Jiang, $90,000.


Caroline Ave. W., 4600-Juan J. Romero to Tu Van Tran and Son H. Le, $190,000.

Emack Rd., 11503-Jose Mauricio and Emilia Castillo to Tirso Villa Agustin Jr. and Cristina Mae F. Sario, $240,000.

Lincoln Ave., 4817-Ester R. Engel to Ivan J. and Karla P. Rostran, $200,000.

Wellford Dr., 13109-Anthony U. Mbionwu to Joseph Tudor, $230,000.


Tilden Rd., 5423-PNC Mortgage to Christopher Miller, $75,000.

55th Ave., 4215-Maryland 55 Corp. to Genevieve N. Monthe, $195,000.


Buckingham Dr., 12708-Phyllis A. Grainger to Brett Wayne and Kimberly Nicole Macklin, $275,000.

Clearfield Dr., 13001-Bette C. and Dewey L. Dick to Julenne Dean, $225,000.

Eldbridge Lane, 16608-Benita Walls to Ashley S. Washington, $183,000.

Ettrick Ct., 3914-Margaret Jackson Hill to Amani Ahmed and Moubasseirou Sann, $125,000.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12719, No. 102-Debra Jackson and Gary Pyles to Altaf and Nusrat Khan, $200,915.

Heatherstone Dr., 13804-Leon Anthony Richardson to Stephen M. Bradley, $350,000.

Kenhill Dr., 2725-Kenneth F. and John M. Gilkey to Jeffrey M. and Holly E. Glenn, $260,000.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12705, No. 12-Goodier Builders to Nayda L. Maldonado, $301,550.

Long Ridge Lane, 12120-HSBC Bank to Geoffrey and Kimberly Marx Smith, $250,000.

Matapeakes Bounty Dr., 4923-NVR Inc. to Babatunde O. Olabowale, $339,233.

Paddock Lane, 1313-Gwendolyn M. Brunson to Emma Linda Popoola, $200,000.

Plainview Lane, 15804-Keith A. and Bree J. Estep to James Devers, $235,000.

Quest Lane, 7708-William C. and Keitha A. Isler to Songi R. Drakes, $384,000.

Stockbridge Ct., 4402-Kristin and Daniel L. Bramell to Kadine Mitchell, $174,000.

Wrights Endeavor Dr., 5506-Andre D. and Latoya M. Strain to Charlie L. and Laura L. Joyner, $250,000.


Allison St., 4000-Robert Gonzalez to Jennifer M. Bryan, $110,550.

37th St., 4521-Mayra Ramirez to Valerie Christine Rhodes, $209,900.


Abel Ave., 913-L.J. Bannister to Alexis and Darnel Janifer, $220,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 722-Jenni Brown to Stephanie Gatling, $190,000.

Emo St., 5006-Prime Solutions Group Corp. to Turcara A. Hicks, $150,000.

Larchmont Ave., 734-Javier M. Szuchman and Jose R. Rodriguez to Reina E. Arevalo, $153,000.

Milfan Dr., 405-Daniel E. Wilson to Keith M. Winston, $220,000.

Onyx Ct., 7015-Sandra J. and Roger W. Bulls to Fannie Mae, $295,093.

Possum Ct., 353-David Paitsel to Kevin Jackson Jr., $177,000.

Ronald Rd., 6567-Kathy M. and Michael G. Murray to Fannie Mae, $240,379.

Sweetway Terr., 5709, No. 31-Topaz Enterprises Inc. to Antoine Clark, $63,000.

68th St., 510-Zimam Shedly to Obire M. Owinje, $52,006.


Belleview Ave., 3402-Marilyn G. and William R. Scannell to Angela D. Jewell, $207,000.

Courtney Pl., 7503-Elizabeth H. Jessup to Marlana N. Anderson, $164,750.

Garrett Morgan Blvd., 519-Tony Jones to Darroll A. Screen, $258,000.

Goldmine Ct., 1211-Vladimir Oramas and Dina Espinoza to Fannie Mae, $469,382.

Laurel Ave., 3133-Axe Properties Corp. to Cesar S. Capule and Anne Starkweather, $330,000.

Perry St., 6113-Qun Meng to Zoila Liriano, $185,000.

Suiter Way, 7801-Demetria A. and Ronald R. Jackson to Akil Marshaun Hope, $120,000.

Tremont Ave., 3203-Metro DC1 Corp. to Robert Lewis, $252,900.


Autumn Blaze Ct., 7210-MidAtlantic Builders to Oliver and Sharon Fletcher, $396,000.

Blackwater Terr., 12902-Mary L. Lilly to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $305,070.

Cedar Chase Dr., 8419-NVR Inc. to Frances Rivera and Mark A. Dennis, $443,900.

Dangerfield Rd., 9203-Gebhart Inc. to Jose E. Miranda, $133,000.

Dorian Lane, 8713-Wells Fargo Bank to Harun Shabazz, $330,000.

Quiet Brook Lane, 9903-Juan R. Gaddy to Virgil Chisim, $154,000.

Strawberry Hill Pl., 13200-SD Homes Corp. to Sharese Junious, $393,000.

Tiara Ct., 6701-U.S. Bank to Trelane and Charlie E. Patrick, $173,850.

Wigan Dr., 10103-Baltimore Home Wholesalers Corp. to Mekiesha Meilwaine, $234,900.


Navahoe St., 5105-Chieh Lin Yeh to Yong Li and Yan Tian, $190,000.

Ruatan St., 6109-Stanley Edward Olek to Pablo and Paula Jean Collins, $159,900.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 609-Joseph J. Haskell to Mengjia Chen, $100,000.

50th Pl., 9006-Christian Ceballos to Michael W. Kendrick and Emily M. Larkin, $290,000.


Flag Harbor Dr., 7405-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tara A. Theroux, $71,000.

Leona St., 7301-Sarah Burney and John W. Handy to Deutsche Bank, $182,700.

Mildreds Lane, 7609-Freddie Mac to Katherine Brooks, $246,000.


Friendship Heights Dr., 2403-Churchill Development Corp. to Monica Renee Hedgspeth, $480,000.

Gunpowder Dr., 11611-Ylanda T. Ford to Della Tarver, $300,000.

Joe Klutsch Dr., 6302-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Margarette Lucy Kane, $145,800.

Kilbourne Dr., 4113-Sinh Dinh and Nhi Chau to Trung P. and Diana Ashley Chau, $236,900.

Loughran Rd., 9021-Bhupesh Babu to Nakita A. Johnson, $259,900.

Pine Rd., 603-Thomas J. and Ramiah D. Atkinson to Susquehanna Bank, $510,098.

Taylor Ave., 1709-Margarito Avelar Gutierrez to Woodmeade Homes, $115,300.

Van Buren Dr., 1219-Josephine M. Wilber to Ali Hessari, $100,000.

Willow Wood Ct., 401-Frances R. Olexa to Fredy Rivas Hernandez, $232,600.


Wingate Dr., 7914-Alan and Jan Briddell Stevens to Keitra T. Wilson, $460,227.


Mandan Rd., 8011, No. 516-Erin Gloth to Wells Fargo Bank, $221,868.


Chesapeake Rd., 5318-Jose Medrano and Santos Trejo to Dawei Qian, $122,000.

Jefferson St., 4207-Julia C. Duin to Adam D. Weissmann and Eva S. Schildhause, $307,000.

45th Ave., 5712-Pulte Home Corp. to Kerrie P. Tao and John W. Peterson, $320,000.


Bishops Content Rd., 11716, No. 210-Elizabeth A. and Robert J. Knox to Elnora Delores and Jude E. Aidoo, $400,000.

Courtside Rd., 3113-U.S. Bank to Cindy Lynette Parker, $249,500.

Faraway Ct., 812-Barbara J. Lewis to Desiree Denise Woodard, $210,000.

Hall Station Dr., 906, No. 202-NVR Inc. to Benitta D. Brown, $248,390.

Hall Station Dr., 908, No. 103-NVR Inc. to David A. and Karlene A. McKenzie, $254,075.

Johnsberg Lane, 109-Colomb A. Dangelo to Willette T. Graham, $379,990.

Kings Valley Dr., 1017-Andre D. and Valaria H. Alston to Dorothy M. and Dominic D. Fryar, $212,000.

Marco Dr., 1405-Geraldine E. LaForest to Darryl Edward Fisher and Renee Goods, $305,000.

Southlakes Dr., 10804-Amina K. Noah and Abdul S. Cole to Olufemi O. Sonde, $191,250.


Annapolis Rd., 9214-Fannie Mae to Fei John Wang, $109,000.

Cordona St., 5516-Claude Williams to HSBC Bank, $385,795.

Franklin St., 9925-Gregory D. and Patricia L. Holliday to Michael S. Krempel, $141,500.

Kidmore Lane, 7608-U.S. Bank to Zengzhu and Qing Xu, $99,000.

Louise St., 6601-Moussa A. Ba and Waheed Ashiq to Cynthia E. Stevens, $249,000.

Sunrise Dr., 7104-Bibiano and Mario Rivas to Shamsideen A. Onabiyi, $135,000.

Westgate Rd., 5604-Gregory McCray to Sara A. Delvillano, $180,000.

91st Pl., 8902-Newton H. Gales to Amjad Mahmood, $130,555.


Berwick Lane N., 15118-NVR Inc. to Lance Smith and Jennifer Watts, $355,834.

Dressage Ct., 2303-Hovnanian Homes to Barry T. Whitmyer Jr. and Loren Carrington Whitmyer, $399,000.

Falling Leaf Ct., 10416-Wells Fargo Bank to Cleopatra Kulasi, $255,000.

Glastonbury Way, 15520-Wells Fargo Bank to Michael A. and Adrienne L. Walker, $359,600.

Joyceton Ct., 10806-Vernon D. Gibson to Doris Palmer Bernabe, $249,500.

Kettering Dr., 111-Wells Fargo Bank to Dongquan Zhang, $76,000.

Lavall Dr., 9317-Ricky T. and Lorita M. Dodson to Marie Charlotte Tsodzou, $243,500.

Merikern Lane, 9603-Melody Realty Corp. to Timothy and Monique A. Lewis, $249,900.

Radiant Ct., 321-Hovnanian Homes to Toni Steele Newsome, $564,195.

Scruggs Pl., 3601-Wells Fargo Bank to Nydia Davis, $167,000.

Turner Wootton Pkwy., 14518-Wells Fargo Bank to Hosea D. and Tobia C. Hargrett, $500,000.


Bond Mill Rd., 15411-Tower FCU to Nicole A. Kerilla, $205,001.

Carroll Ave., 401-Raymond G. and Debra L. Boone to Michael Charles Graver, $270,000.

Courtland Pl., 15018-Lucy G. Pearl to Erica Moseley, $210,000.

Gales St., 16098-Kelvin L. Williams to Lars M. and Latrina Kvale, $460,000.

Kirklee Ct., 7713-Acacia Savings Bank to Casey and Lyssa F. Hargrove, $419,000.

Malcolm Dr., 16101-Kimberly Denise John and Brad Barrick to Kimberly D. John, $141,477.

Mews Ct., 15608-Fannie Mae to Daniel Monteroza, $155,000.

Redmiles Rd., 7106-Dorette D. Makembe to Deutsche Bank, $233,240.

Westview Terr., 1100-Julio Humberto and Maria I. Amaya to Fannie Mae, $198,394.


Basswood Dr., 11802-James F. and Patrice A. Davis to Coraline B. Patterson, $325,000.

Imperial Dr., 8514-Leroy C. and Pearl G. Nelson to Phillip J. Gilmore, $315,000.

Portsmouth Dr., 8502-Jamesj Jasen to Edgar A. Villegas, $175,000.

Trevino Terr., 9433-Nicole Mack to Jennifer A. and Leonard H. Johnson, $112,000.


Barton Rd., 6814-Lanita Williams to Ilan Lagziel and Yifat Levy Yurista, $122,000.

Farragut St., 6901-MQF Corp. to Kaleem Lodhi, $73,863.

68th Ave., 4725-Bank of New York Mellon to Jonathan Rivera, $86,500.


Cedar Ridge Dr., 404-Martin L. Musselman to Frank Yeung, $180,000.

Fleet St., 157, No. 303-NH Residential Corp. to Michael Andre Kleemann, $395,000.

Fleet St., 157, No. 609-NH Residential Corp. to Virginia G. Dufresne, $595,000.

Huron Dr. N., 208-Bank of New York Mellon to Gilmar Amaya, $56,500.

Manor Dr., 5002-Evelyn M. and Carmelo Edward Borzi to Rhina Rauda Merino, $153,000.

Portabello Ct., 1203-Tower FCU to Major L. Scott Jr., $135,000.

Roanne Dr., 7409-Dinah D. Pacoli to Leang Khim Chea, $144,800.

Virginia Lane, 5652-NVR Inc. to Karen Smith, $242,530.

Wentworth Dr., 1104-Jose M. Fuentes to Ana Patricia Alcantara, $154,500.

Winterberry Lane, 4611-Hicham Benkirane to Darrell Dozier, $145,000.


64th Ave., 5802-26 Daimler Corp. to Kristel Guzman, $135,000.


Dianna Rd., 3702-Mark S. Devan to Freddie Mac, $99,200.

Norfolk Ct., 4833-Nelson Tendoh to Fannie Mae, $289,321.


Dixon St., 3622-Gloria Ann Duckett to Michael A. and Algenia N. White, $125,000.

Henderson Rd., 4517-Fannie Mae to William H. Oliver, $252,000.

Keppler Rd., 4986-Revive Home Investments Corp. to Robert G. Rodney Jr., $231,000.

Shopton Dr., 4902-Cynthia L. Faison to Wells Fargo Bank, $169,000.

24th Ave., 4102-Joseph B. and Marjorie R. Ward to Gladys Okpala, $90,000.


Burgess Dr., 5605-Ana Zavala and Sonia Blanco to Lauren Rachel Hadley, $120,000.

Holly Hill Rd., 4401-David B. Breedon to Wendy M. Harper, $427,900.

Russell Ave., 4819-Martin Yanes and Juan Joya Fuentes to Omar Antonio Escobar, $142,000.

23rd Ave., 6300-Delsi Dinora Gonzalez and Alonzo Guzman Sandoval to Delsi Dinora Gonzalez, $58,522.


Binghampton Pl., 8634-Leroy and Dana Lewis to Deutsche Bank, $107,600.

Broadmoor Terr., 9805-Jerry H. and Maria A. Adams to Herbert Henry and Teresa M. Skojac, $235,000.

Castle Dr., 9415-John R. Harris to Fannie Mae, $130,000.

Crathie Lane, 4014-M/I Homes to Ronald Tucker, $600,000.

Grandhaven Ave., 8514-Karen S. Rosso to Gregory A. McNabb, $175,000.

Heartwood Lane, 7900-Marc A. and Tonya R. Crowley to Sean C. Edelin, $230,000.

Marlborough Cir., 14518-Mattie Jackson to Tahira Yasmin, $83,820.

Ranch Rd., 4051-Toll Brothers Homes to Barbara Henry, $495,980.

Shuttle Pl., 12802-Harry Dennis Adams and Kim Woodruff Adams to Katrina Robinson, $110,000.

Victoria Dr., 9528-Christopher M. and Tia West to Kristopher B. Westrich, $305,000.

Wedgedale Ct., 12707-Mary Gleaton Badger to Deutsche Bank, $148,750.