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Prince George’s County

Maple Lane, 1801-Pamela Marshall Long and Kahjuan Prue to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $424,997.


Curry Pl., 8307-Maria Santana Parada and Rosa Elixa Zelaya to Jamie A. Bellis and Adewunmi Bamiduro, $325,000.

Laverne Dr., 8510-Christopher A. Strissel and Betty J. Strissel to Jinhui Huang and Jianhui Zhu, $295,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1220-Mathieu N. Ngatta to Teshome Alemneh, $45,000.

Quebec St., 2017-Darlene L. Brodie to Marvin A. Alvarez and Zenaida Nunez Aleman, $228,000.

Riggs Rd., 8210-Centex Homes to Titilola Williams Davies, $282,561.


Benjamin St., 12011-Jimmy and Marlene P. Myers to Praveen E. Pulidindi, $360,000.

Chapel View Dr., 3107-Richard K. and Doreen J. Moore to Susan Marie Jacobsen, $300,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11384, No. 1H-Dana C. Rivers to Fannie Mae, $196,408.

Kenny St., 4228-Wilfredo and Karla H. Cortez to Jorge Ortiz Romero, $200,000.

Naples Ave., 4913-Angel Y. and Moises A. Escobar to Ruben D. Cipriano, $150,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 4239-Barbara Jean Victor to Marvin J. Ramirez, $230,000.

35th Ave., 11619-Michael E. and Sarah I. Berry to Karen A. Holness and Alverton W. Holness, $235,000.


Upshur St., 5108-Elias Moreno and Federico Garcia to Hong Xie, $125,000.


Blueberry Lane, 2918-Aileen S. Aiken and Frances A. Mitchell to Christopher St. Cyr and Karrah St. Cyr, $309,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4906-NVR Inc. to Patience W. Holmes, $332,445.

Croydon Lane, 3907-Margaret Anne McCormick to Holly E. Nalley and Timothy G. Walker, $263,000.

Flint Lane, 12108-Mark A. and Dorothy M. Tunick to Tami Cloyd, $270,000.

Hurdleford Ct., 12103-Kwong Lan and Yan Ping Li to Melissa A. Swaby and Delrose J. Lewis, $367,000.

Maple Bluff Lane, 3406-Betty Meriwether Montgomery to Courtney Krider, $166,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8122-Shannon P. and Deborah T. Woodard to Carmen Z. Grey, $240,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 4002-John C. MacMillan and Keithlyn MacMillan to Matthew Ryan and Ashley Shorter, $278,000.


China Doll Ct., 7201-Maryland Homes to Kurt Armstrong, $369,000.


Upshur St., 3708-Yanira Peraza to Carlos Aranguren, $72,000.

40th Pl., 4312-Andrea Grant to Moris Mauricio Castillo, $150,000.


Abdul St., 5412-Daniel J. McCutchen to the Bank of New York Mellon, $150,039.

Balsamtree Dr., 1005-Rodney T. Pannell and Anita M. Williams to U.S. Bank, $215,991.

Carmody Hills Dr., 502-Jenni Brown to Paisley McKelvey, $159,000.

Clark St., 4119-Hazel L. Henderson and Maxine Harvey Stone to Hook Eu, $81,000.

Edgewick Ave., 1400-Freddie Mac to Dionne Washington, $97,225.

Glacier Ave., 710-Gene W. and Karole S. Wilkes to Gregory L. Poag, $190,000.

Hastings Dr., 7005-Doris M. Jones to Fannie Mae, $98,000.

Nova Ave., 1601-Crosswind Capital Corp. to Sabrina J. Moore, $189,900.

Pepper Mill Dr., 405-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Boris Antonio Melendez Pineda, $71,000.

Rolling Ridge Dr., 6413-Jose C. Pineda and Maria I. Castillo to Martha Nolasco, $204,545.


Cedar St. E., 7105-Freemona W. and James O. Sparks to Wayne A. Lee, $95,000.

Greenleaf Rd., 7518-Arel Properties to Marvin Andrew Ishee II, $82,000.

Kent Village Pl., 2415-Gregory and Diane Raynes to Moseley Corp., $73,000.

Ohio Ave., 2205-Noe Victor Cotton and Delmy Figueroa to G. Taylor Johnson, $185,000.

Suiter Way, 7940-Fannie Mae to Latosha Crawford, $165,000.


Dewdrop Way, 7001-Mark H. Whitsworth to U. S. Bank, $177,030.

Huntwood Ct., 8205-Gale N. Smith and Raymond W. Dorsey Jr. to Nikkia Powell and William Clark, $300,000.

Phyllis Dr., 9012-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Genevieve V. Proctor, $145,000.

Woodland Lane, 6101-Willco Properties Corp. to Howard and Shawnette Jackson, $249,950.


Erie St., 5008-Marisol Altagracia to Jinyang Liu, $210,000.

Muskogee St., 5019-Fannie Mae to Jeremy Rubio, $221,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 9112-6709 Stanton Road Corp. to Ventura G. Castro and Erick J. Guzman, $260,000.

52nd Ave., 9740-Freddie Mac to Kuang Fang and Ming Chow, $140,000.


Breton Dr., 2213-Robert L. Hofmann Sr. to Snow Goose Homes Corp., $85,000.

Donnell Pl., 7151-Terri L. Starks to Fannie Mae, $93,589.

Evian Ct., 2341-Dee C. McGee to Martin Crowell and Trina Watson Crowell, $109,900.

Kingswood Dr., 3602-Francisco A. Amaya and Mirian A. Bojorquez to Bank of New York Mellon, $113,050.

Newglen Ave., 2513-Trojan Development Corp. to Beverly Hogan, $139,900.

Scott Key Dr., 2121-Latishia Blackmon and Jermaine L. Porter to Timothy Taylor and Phyllis Lott, $118,000.

Tulip Ave., 1629-Andrew T. and Tina L. Reddon to Skyline Property Corp., $86,000.


Fort Foote Rd., 9317-Vincent G. and Waltraud K. Scola to Antonio R. Harris, $254,500.

Lampton Lane, 12612-Luxor Investments Corp. to Rodney Woodland, $235,000.

Old Fort Rd., 12213-Gwen Moten to Deutsche Bank, $325,000.

Payne Dr., 4007-Loretta Pinpin Yutuc to Willie Earl Yarbrough, $182,000.

Red Coat Pl., 539, No. 2-Allan R. Bella to James Heider, $99,900.

Tandom Dr., 9101-Robert F. and Constance Ramona Cheeks to Paul A. McLain Sr., $257,500.


Daisy Lane, 12070-Alfred L. Priestley to Duy An and Phi Tu Nguyen, $304,000.


Burkart Ct., 8109-John A. Bishop and William Thomas Bishop to Pablo Alvarez Gonzalez, $185,000.

Lake Dr., 7102-Chike Patrick Eke to Jianhua Zhu and Lois Wang, $197,000.

Megan Lane, 7025-Deutsche Bank to Brian P. Ottens, $201,699.


Buchanan St., 4523-Lionstrong Corp. to Ryan Allen and Janet McKinney, $230,000.

Longfellow St., 3922-Paul R. Koch and Clarence W. Koch to Jose Delgado Donayre and Catherine Anderton, $265,000.

39th Ave., 5404-Juan E. Melgar and Blanca Edith Guevara to Maria Cruz Bueno and Allende Dejesus Bueno, $186,000.


Doral Ct., 1706-John T. and Betty G. Mitchell to Lukas Trevor Stanley and Sarah M. Carter, $295,000.

Jeanwood Ct., 506-Allan B. Sledge and Vanessa Davis to Norman S. Thomas, $370,000.

Kingshill St., 1512-Community Development Administration to Darius and Janise Driskell, $255,000.

Peachtree Lane, 1714-Linda E. Boyce to Charles and La Tonya Morrisey, $265,000.

Tulson Lane, 2300-D.R. Horton Inc. to Alexander and Michelle Pianim, $420,452.


Alford Ct., 10000-Fannie Mae to Adebayo V. Falade, $320,000.

Finns Lane, 7702-Miriam A. Cabrera and Ramiro Lopez to Juan C. Martinez, $142,000.

Grant Dr., 7917-Melvin G. Perry to Samuel A. Quijada, $170,000.

Louise St., 6506-Sarada Parthasarathy to William F. and Annick G. Kelley, $234,000.

Oakwood Ave., 9607-Hilario Luna and Juan Reyes to Julio A. Marquina, $140,500.

Shepherd Lane, 5907-James Edward and Nanch J. Rich to Rosa E. Ramirez, $71,250.

Wellington Ct., 9202-Charles and Bridget Oriaku to Joseph and Susan D. Burge, $150,000.

100th Ave., 6608-Margarito M. Placido to Noe I. Hernandez, $137,000.


Bennington Dr., 11011-Roy L. and Rose Mary Cooper to Moses and Karen Gordon, $191,000.

Citrus Lane, 2804-Nezetta Tubaya to Gene L. and Laquint H. Atley, $302,000.

Dunloring Pl., 11407-Alicia Thomas and Nathan Exum to HSBC Mortgage, $340,000.

Heartland Ct., 1304-Deneal S. Minor to Olufemi A. and Bolade Gbadebo, $355,000.

Joyceton Terr., 132-Johnie W. Lee Jr. to Adewole A. Sunmonu, $135,000.

Lemontree Terr., 2511-Tia Smith to Afis T. Lawal, $200,000.

Sansbury Rd., 2716-Christne McClearn to Alamarie Taylor and Leroy A. O’Connor, $142,000.

Wood Branch Ct., 1010, No. 405-Cassandra Wilkins to Anna R. and Daniel J. Tutolo, $140,000.


Caledon Ct., 7308-Shimona Levitta Scott to U.S. Bank, $650,625.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7119-Arjun Banarjee to Meera and Sunirman Ghosal, $71,250.

Hardcastle St., 14820-Yun Li and Jiang Feng Wei to Richard and Amie K. Chang, $309,900.

Main St., 610-Timiko D. Wilkins to Mark A. and Debra J. Laforest, $60,000.

Stratfield Lane, 7608-Mark D. and Lisa M. Lauritsen to National Residential Nominee Services, $420,000.

Wayne Ave., 15705-Thomas Henry and Kim Crawley Monroe to Brenda L. Johnson, $340,000.


Artesian Lane, 2505-John J. O’Connor Jr. and Martina Nguyen O’Connor to David Coates, $380,000.

Emily Ct., 15212-Zoe A. Goss to Flagstar Bank, $377,612.

Haskell Lane, 12729-Jeffrey B. Fisher and Doreen A. Strothman to Fannie Mae, $275,965.

Mitchellville Rd., 2366-Gail L. Liverpool to Luyen Shawn Tran and Jennifer Nguyen, $125,000.

Palai Turn, 15819-Dawn M. Beeker to Fannie Mae, $330,000.

Pinecroft Lane, 15708-Florence E. Zook to Oscar R. Medina and Irene Y. Campos, $250,000.

Prince Of Wales Ct., 2240-Old House Investors Corp. to Stephen Tarpley, $172,000.


Basswood Terr., 11219-Wilson Bryan Lau Jr. to Jeanette Hanna, $316,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11517-CPP Laurelwood Corp. to Andrea D. Hepburn, $140,600.

Summit Lane, 14221-Lana C. Heckenberg to Sonia Carter, $325,000.


21st St., 4622-Alisa Kobrinetz Chernack and Anna Kurnickyj to Maria Stransky, $100,000.


Fairfax St., 4106-Cecilia Isabel Villatoro to Rosibel Hernandez, $90,000.

Harmon Ave., 3717-Luis Velis Maldonado to Rigoberto A. Quezada, $84,500.

Nicholson St., 8314-Anthony Joseph Rzasa to Evelyn E. Washington, $238,000.

Randolph St., 6806-Gennadiv Andreev and Alla Schvartsbeyn to Jose R. Sorto, $145,000.

Webster St., 7106-John M. Alberti and Jane L. Meneely to Jon G. and Lisa Shutak, $195,000.

74th Ave., 4402-Yanira Del C. Lopez and Fredy Zarceno to Rene Reyes Ventura and Elsy Lopes De Reyes, $129,000.

89th Ave., 5917-Montina I. Wood to Angela and Ava Marshall, $139,000.


Estelle Dr., 1402-Walwin A. Charles to Gecko Realty, $94,500.

Haven Ave., 6806-Behzad Erfani to Eboni Denise Brown, $169,000.

Winterberry Lane, 4608-Christian Coker to Miriam Hester and Sharran Henson, $87,400.


Longfellow St., 5800-Clifton Columbus and Mazie E. Hines to Eulalio Maldonado Pena and Maria L. Figueroa, $108,000.

48th Ave., 5904-Claire N. Turner to Erica M. Salpino and D. Michael Porter, $229,900.


Elmendorf Dr., 6021-Francisco Chavez Romero and Yesenia A. Chavez to Roberto Alexander Alberto, $190,000.

Talmadge Cir., 4304-Huli Investments Corp. to Joshua Dickson, $229,900.


Acorn Dr., 5301-Bank of New York Mellon to Tito Antezana, $129,000.

Coolridge Dr., 6904-Glenn G. Evans to Donald E. Smolinski, $127,000.

Fisher Rd., 5610-Margaret F. Harding to Norman M. Tibbs, $56,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3331, No. B2-Kimberly A. Washington to Fannie Mae, $196,875.

Lyons St., 4419-Mayleen Billie Jones to Household Finance Corp., $281,875.

Temple Hill Rd., 6703-Rahman S. Hilton and John Blacknall to Linda Adams, $200,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 5508-Harbour Maryland Properties to Andre L. Cook, $229,000.


Legation Rd., 1406-Rose H. Taylor to Jose A. and Edith M. Palacios, $175,000.


Bowling Brooke Ct., 4307-David G. Johnson and Robin M. Boseman to Renee L. Reynolds, $275,000.

Chariot Way, 4241-Bank of America to Starrlese Jones, $330,000.

Croom Rd., 8110-Alonso Giron Arreguin and Rachel Giron to Irving and Jeanne Chase, $232,000.

Governor Kent Ct., 4620-Kimberly D. Dores to Deutsche Bank, $347,500.

Halloway N., 3608-Patrice M. Allen to Schandra R. Solis, $205,000.

King John Way, 4862-Arnesha Ames to George H. Williams Sr., $75,000.

Perrywood Rd., 7104-Stella Esene to Bernadette O. and Emmanuel C. Obidiaso, $320,000.

Ranch Rd., 4045-Toll Brothers Homes to Delores Parks, $431,702.

Simeon Ct., 8919-Colanda Renee Howard to Nadine M. Beache, $140,000.

Victoria Pl., 7109-Fannie Mae to Anthony A. Akali and Mary A. Ayompe, $235,000.