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Prince George’s County

Braemar Ct., 1609-Braemar Preserve Acquisition Corp. to Robert Clark and Darmetrea Lavette Evans, $395,900.

Livingston Rd., 16305-Beneficial Financial to Roberto A. and Rosa E. Ramirez, $69,900.

Shanna Dr., 18510-Joseph S. and Ursula L. Scriber to Matthew B. and Tanya Rogers, $288,100.


Chillum Rd., 712-Theodore O. Agbara to Fredys O. Ramirez and Rina Y. Ramirez Alvarez, $170,000.

Phoebe Lane, 10115-Freddie Mac to Jameel and Odane Francis, $235,000.

Riggs Rd., 8208-Centex Homes to Alice A. Smith, $290,206.

23rd Ave., 7306-Anthony N. Oggunaike to Marie A. Jean, $150,000.


Bay Hill Dr., 12904-Bank of New York Mellon to Tommy Nguyen, $450,000.

Chapel View Dr., 3009-Anthony M. Wellen and Philomena M. Wellen to Halinu Aierken, $197,640.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11368, No. 1-Sally Whipp Culpepper to Thi Hong Ngo and Quoc An Tran, $65,000.

Ingleside Dr., 13035-Reginald and Norma Shires to Vee and Ly Thock, $239,900.

Powder Mill Rd., 4103-Jorge and Alis Parada to Jonathan E. Dubon, $166,500.

Worcester Ave., 10602-Antonio Rodriguez and Dalia Z. Quintanilla to HSBC Bank, $191,250.


Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4902-NVR Inc. to Victor G. Browne, $339,954.

Crosswick Turn, 4224-David C. Hough to Cassandra M. Mendez, $290,000.

Federal Lane, 2806-Catherine Balmeo to Erika Wieland, $200,900.

Hatties Progress Dr., 4202-Travis B. and Laronda A. Richardson to Balkrishna and Kunjan B. Patel, $340,000.

Quaking Branch Ct., 12608-Michael P. and Dianne R. Hutchinson to Richard Vargas, $385,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 12331-Marie Kennedy to Rickie and Melissa McShane, $228,000.

Windswept Ct., 4101-Fannie Mae to Mary J. and Michael W. Harmon, $355,000.


Paoli Ct., 15305-Hovnanian Homes to Garry R. Allen and Desiree De La Rocha, $310,000.

Whitaker Park Dr., 13202-Dan Ryan Builders to Tiffany Shavonne Mcneill, $393,243.


Quincy St., 3709-Lelia C. Glenn to Melissa K. Richardson, $165,000.

40th Ave., 3315-Fannie Mae to Hector A. Mendoza, $65,000.


Balboa Ave., 1113-Edell and Anita Kathleen Taylor to William C. Hill, $64,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 504-Jawara Lumumba and James Kenneth Smith to Natashi Weaver, $165,000.

Clark Pl., 1903-Fannie Mae to German Larios and Eusebio Larios Rios, $73,300.

Eastern Ave., 809-Robert J. Kim to Roberta Morales, $55,000.

James Farmer Way, 6810-Robert W. Oneal to Deandre S. Cross, $165,000.

Nova Ave., 1448-Wojciech G. Biskup to Renee C. Forde, $185,000.

Pard Rd., 4720-Swan Properties Inc. to James Levi Miller, $180,000.

Thomasson Ct., 103-Villages at Pepper Mill to Wayde K. and Felicia B. Powell, $279,957.

Vine St., 4218-First Sussex Realty to Doria A. Rogers, $142,000.

71st Ave., 412-Xinya Zhang to Briana R. Davis, $179,999.


Green Willow Pl., 703-Value Homes Corp. to Raina Patterson, $164,000.

Kent Village Dr., 2401-Devang Joshi to Jose R. and Walter E. Aparicio, $88,000.

Ray Leonard Rd., 1823-Housing Initiative Partnership to Maria M. Haskins, $145,000.


Cosca Park Dr., 11668-Dean M. Wallace to Patricia M. Taylor, $140,001.

Dangerfield Rd., 8710-Joan F. Houghton and Clara F. Houghton to Darlene Jones, $160,000.

Mount Auburn Dr., 10303-New Spring Corp. to Matthew Gilliard and Taejonia Slater, $300,000.

Woodfield Ct., 8602-NVR Inc. to Albert W. Harris Jr., $416,702.


Dartmouth Ave., 6804-Robert A. and Jill G. Rupp to James Benjamin and Sarah Clark Litton, $290,000.

Muskogee St., 4809-Thukhanh Nguyen to Nick and Crystal Nikish, $260,500.

Potomac Ave., 8516-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Jason Paige Small, $280,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 5976-Sharon McCraney to Chung Ta Ku, $75,000.

49th Ave., 9605-Eric M. and Timothy McComas to Anum Ali, $275,000.


Barkley Pl., 2302-Raphael E. and Rita E. Patrice to Christopher Gibson, $115,000.

East Ave., 2912-Roberto Ho to Yolanda C. Young, $200,000.

Pinevale Ave., 3528-Ademuyiwa Idowu to Elio Salinas Padilla, $135,000.

Tulip Ave., 1626-5Design Corp. to Stephen Anthony White, $160,000.


Bentree Rd., 7501-Capitol Property Partners Corp. to Tesheka Renee Waddler, $250,000.

Coldwater Dr., 13304-Rochelle and Eleonor Antonio to Amber D. Walker and Leon B. Wiseman Jr., $174,000.

Firth Of Tae Dr., 12205-Joseph Henneberry to Nathanael S. and Brooke J. Bennett, $390,000.

Manteo Ct., 9708-Mary Headley Stanton and Vivian Headley to Johnnie Walter Smith and Esther Reynoso, $260,000.

Pates Dr., 20-Fannie Mae to Eugene and Roxana Leontie, $149,400.

Rosalie Dr., 11411-Kareem A. Pettegrue to Lafonde M. Proctor, $182,500.

Surrey Circle Dr., 12449-Gennaro S. and Barbara Anne Duca to Mia Nicole Ryder, $310,000.

Winnsboro Dr., 7801-Walmsley Larvadain to Tyrone A. and Alicia S. Baker, $205,000.


Locust St., 10017-Edward J. Cooksey and Janet C. Mills to Jerome D. Phillips, $258,000.


Mandan Rd., 7526-Herman V. and Josephine L. Triplett to Jass C. and Nedege K. Tagne, $205,000.

Woodland Way, 19-Bertram D. and Marjory M. Donn to Michael D. Cooney and Susan K. Kash, $268,000.


Queensbury Rd., 4110-James L. Rankin to Caleb B. Patten and Amy Boardman Shockley, $208,480.

56th Ave., 5003-Erica Contreras to Angelina Runyon, $181,000.


Brookeville Landing Ct., 11723-Lynette D. Stokes to Allyson O. Ringgold, $275,000.

Didcot Ct., 2500-Ibrahim R. and Ruth A. Kamara to Marie B. Kamara, $370,000.

Kings Valley Dr., 904-Cynthia Coleman and Theodore Coleman to Kimberly R. Jones, $171,000.

Old York Rd., 11201-Andrew W. and Lea Facey to Duruamany A. Sesay, $382,000.

Spencer Ct., 10424-Sylvia A. Jones to Michael F. Johnson, $170,000.


Dubarry Ave., 9605-Forte Development Corp. to Gabino and Francisca Bravo, $215,000.

Good Luck Rd., 7104-Vertex Homes to Heydi L. Rodriguez and Roxana Rodriguez Giron, $255,000.

Lanham Station Rd., 5516-Antonino and Veronica Lucero to Leonard and Ingrid Robin, $149,900.

Oakwood Ave., 9600-PSB Homes Corp. to Lorenzo Ramirez Guerra, $210,000.

Walnut Ave., 9805-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Karina Calix and Carlos Arias, $240,000.

Sixth St., 9206-Dieudonne T. Mbaku and Brenda Ndongku to Abdul Waheed, $118,000.


Bennington Dr., 10801-Wells Fargo Bank to Elonda C. Blount, $195,000.

Bluefield Rd., 9218-Star Homes to Tremaine Brown and Alessia Martullo, $315,000.

Church Rd., 712-Exodus Financial Corp. to Mordecai C. Johnson Jr., $640,000.

Dunloring Ct., 954-Wells Fargo Bank to Sherrita Neal, $165,000.

Garden Gate Lane, 103-Leonard A. and Kamari Green to Adrienne D. Montague and Roland Pelt, $561,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10634-Deutsche Bank to Julian Dioulo, $159,900.

Kettering Pl., 11214-Gladys Stevens and Amadu O. Forna to Adepeju R. Onabiyi, $107,400.

Nightside Dr., 3006-First Guaranty Mortgage to Natasha J. Bryson, $359,000.

Royal Commerce Pl., 9958-Cynthia L. Porter to Karen M. Domenico, $232,000.

Tewkesbury Pl., 15305-U.S. Home Corp. to David and Mekedas Girma Cadillon, $319,490.

Umbel Lane, 13903-Palisades Funding Corp. to Chanda Williams and Kendrick Eason, $495,291.


Breckenridge St., 7324-Edward C. and Agnes S. Burke to Crystal T. Jackson, $310,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7113-Fannie Mae to Andy and William J. Roberts, $162,500.

Haines Ct., 7625-Digna I. Mejia to Jose Ramirez Lara, $120,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8269-Fannie Mae to Evangeline U. Amobi, $180,000.

Stratfield Lane, 7608-National Residential Nominee Services to Terrence Porter Sr., $425,000.

Ward St., 1009-Nohemy Ramos and David Guzman to Sulma Villegas Portillo and Jose Solis Ponce, $172,000.

Fourth St., 601-Bernard Russell and Nancy E. Uphold to Dorothy Louise and Timothy Lawson, $160,000.


Eliston St., 2825-Isabelle Williams to Shaunda D. Ross, $285,000.

Everglade Lane, 15618, No. 203-Nakisha Gowen to Terence D. and Anita Babb, $96,000.

Mitchellville Rd., 2338-Evelyn P. and Leonardo Policarpio to Angela Barnard, $145,000.

Nutwood Lane, 3045-Ray A. Hinkle to Dorshae Demby, $261,800.

Penn Manor Lane, 15904-Leslie Cochran and Washeka Wanez Brown to Tenequa S. Wright, $220,000.

Pond Meadow Lane, 16315-Kenneth and Jennifer Crabb to Charles Washington, $159,000.


Lanner Pl., 11905-Jorge Lucero and Jose Antonio Aceves to D. Jackie Duong and Maria Pola Mendoza, $259,900.


Wells Ave., 3735-Theodore C. Leal and Zorina Magor to Elvie M. Ebert, $115,000.


Fairborn Terr., 6431-Kenneth L. Posey to Samuel S. Kamara, $185,500.

Harmon Ave., 3705-Avis A. Butler to Sonia G. Hernandez, $90,000.

Munsey St., 6700-Sandra Arevalo to Carlos E. and Ana Y. Benavides, $218,900.

Taylor St., 7010-George and Maria Elazir Petrovitch to Joyce L. and Antonio T. Adams, $235,000.

71st Ave., 4107-Yuri Torres Gonzales to Anna G. Ferrari and Concepcion S. Nieto, $180,000.

85th Pl., 6006-Household Finance Corp. to Min Tswen Lee, $166,500.


Dudley Ave., 6922-Arel Properties Corp. to Wayne Thornes, $169,000.

Livingston Rd., 7510-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Wilfredis Galvez, $95,780.

Snowflower Blvd., 4807-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph and Nicole Bruno, $121,000.


Quintana St., 5603-Harmohinder S. Chahal to Kedar K. and Tara Sharma Kharel, $200,000.

46th Ave., 6306-Todd C. and Alexandra Holmstrom to Jo Arnone, $240,000.


Lamar Ave., 4639-Stanley K. Johnson and Mamie H. Black to Dina Henriquez, $160,000.

Ridge Croft Dr., 5412-Robert Buckley to Daniel E. Rice, $379,000.

Sunset Lane, 3037-Fannie Mae to Robert Singfield Jr., $68,000.


Berkley St., 2508-Esther M. Clark to Fannie Mae, $102,000.

Colon Terr., 5702-Michael E. Evans Jr. to Delonta H. Brandon and Christine White, $163,500.

Norcross St., 4107-Melvin F. Fox to Reina I. Soto, $130,000.

Westchester Dr., 7008-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nancy Guerrero Recinos and Demetrios Sapounas, $92,199.

32nd Ave., 3204-Creative Maryland Properties Corp. to Raymond Felder, $185,000.


Chillum Rd., 1306-Walter Williams to Marta A. Artiga, $185,000.

Van Buren St., 4011-Rex B. Wingerter and Kerry J. Loring to Brian J. and Michelle M. Vassallo, $521,500.


Bishopmill Pl., 3904-Eugeneio M. Jones to Andy G. Rickson, $140,000.

Carlene Dr., 13920-Verdon Lewis to Rupert A. Hemmans, $300,000.

Exmoore Ct., 4405-Kenneth N. and Lorri A. Golya to Dietrich L. and Cassandra C. Kirk, $850,000.

Governor Kent Ct., 4620-Deutsche Bank to Ralph Duvall, $70,000.

Halloway Cir., 3835-Giovanni P. and Juanita Y. Wade to Aiping Mu, $126,000.

King John Way, 4708-Aneyeus W. Burton to Clark and Gail Sneed, $75,000.

Marlton Ave. N., 12101-Leo Banda and Consuelo Yolanda Garcia to Leo Banda and Cruz Alejandro Sosa, $134,428.

Penzance Pl., 4607-Cyril M. Rosborough to Pamela Toynett Bond, $179,000.

Ranch Rd., 4038-Toll Brothers Homes to Angelo L. Wright, $374,334.

School Lane, 14210-Shirley A. Hutchison to Grant and Janice V. Duckett, $199,000.