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Prince George’s County home sales

These residential sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other real estate transactions, visit

Prince George’s County

Airport Lane, 1521-Betty V. Davis and Shelhy L. Derieux to Daniel Shepherd, $115,000.

Farmington Ct., 15609-Deutsche Bank to Katrina Robinson, $128,000.

Reserve Rd., 15305-Patrise Henkel to Elizabeth M. Bunn, $350,000.


Amherst Rd., 2207-Nimia A. and Pedro A. Hernandez to Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association, $149,000.

Gumwood Dr., 3217-Frank W. Turk to Adamu D. Ayene, $320,000.

Merrimac Dr., 1721-Santigo V. Pineda to Federal National Mortgage Association, $304,240.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 2021-Eddy Rene and Colette Marie Nestor to Muhammad Khurram, $37,500.

Riggs Rd., 8204-Centex Homes to Patrick C. and Hyun J. Konfrst, $289,277.

Rittenhouse St., 700-Metro DC Corp. to Lubaba E. and Ismael I. Yussuf, $238,000.


Benjamin Banneker Blvd., 22911-Navy Federal Credit Union to Morgan Kyle Robinson, $103,000.


Blackwood Rd., 4616-Tracy L. Mula and estate of Irene B. Jones to Earl A. Skidmore Jr. and Brandie L. Burgess, $241,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11212-Benjamin Lomke to Judy Rosalin Canales, $135,000.

Naples Ave., 4627-Nelson R. and Carmen Baires to Melisa Marquez, $150,168.

Narrow Trail Terr., 11326-Ez Ventures Corp. to George E. Arthur, $219,000.

Romlon St., 4417-Cornell D. and Juliett Marsh Davis to Deutsche Bank, $37,800.


Begonia Dr., 4245-U. S. Bank to Nena Nnadili, $257,000.

Buxmont Lane, 2802-Wells Fargo Bank to Hazbrook Corp., $188,000.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12746-Clay West Huddleston III Trust to Noorin D. Pirmohamed and Jason M. Nelson, $235,000.

Killian Lane, 12600-John A. and Anna N. Horan to Brian M. Henshaw and Stephanie N. Farmer, $215,000.

Melling Lane, 12401-Jon M. Kinner to Anita M. Adee, $289,000.

Old Chapel Rd., 13221-Raheem H. and Alison P. Israel to Stacey A. and Dwight D. Needham, $260,000.

Rocky Spring Lane, 4906-Barry Clarke Gartrell to Michael J. Nieves, $255,000.

Sutters Lane, 12918-Tyrone K. and Karen Clemm to Sheena R. Driscoll, $242,000.

Westport Dr., 11253-Ronald E. and Yolanda D. Brown to Kojo A. Opoku, $125,000.

Yorktown Dr., 13407-Steven D. and Barbara L. Jorgensen to J&J Realty Trust Partnership, $285,000.


Arya Dr., 13104-Meinhardt Partners Corp. to Marlon Thomas, $500,000.

Heatherwick Ct., 12706-Chad and Carla Boney Palmer to Ashlie E. Medley, $140,000.

Summer Dream Ct., 16212-Timberlake Rose Creek Corp. to Keith M. Harris, $420,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 4019-Alex Dias and Madison Homes Corp. to Thaddeus L. and Tracy D. Wilson, $249,900.

37th St., 4522-DNS Group Corp. to Madison Homes Corp., $115,000.

41st Ave., 4530-Judith Vaden Brahman and Gordon W. Branham Jr. to Manuel Solloso, $40,000.


Arcadia Ave., 1811-Jerry Friedman to Jenny Wilkerson, $132,570.

Brooke Rd., 905-Jose Elias Flores to Edgar E. Turcios, $55,000.

Canyon Dr., 6901-Federal National Mortgage Association to Delta Real Estate Investment Corp., $97,000.

Chapel Oaks Dr., 1204-Francis X. Borgerding Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $162,740.

Crown St., 5909-PNC Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $194,566.

Fable St., 4807-Jenny Wang to Marty L. Coleman, $154,900.

Gunther St., 4806-Federal National Mortgage Association to Miguel De Jesus Mejia, $25,000.

Iago Ave., 1105-Federal National Mortgage Association to Wiliam C. and Godofredo C. Mejia, $59,900.

Karen Blvd., 1022-Greater Washington Real Estate Investors to Jeremy R. and Vanessa L. Coleman, $185,000.

Newington Ct., 912-Federal National Mortgage Association and Cohn Goldberg & Deutsch Corp. to Jay C. Noh, $79,000.

Opus Ave., 705-Phillip Powell and estate of Beatrice C. Powell to Asam Corp., $110,000.

Quarry Ave., 405-Wells Fargo Bank to Brad Burton, $85,000.

Rose Quartz Terr., 7010-Flagstar Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $358,260.

Urn St., 4113-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Demetrius William Cofield and Henry Edward Cofield, $45,000.

63rd St., 604-Pamela Wilson Price and estate of Odell Wilson to Enio Lemus and Amadeo Flores, $44,000.


Barlowe Rd., 7304, No. S-211-Tina M. Riley to Federal National Mortgage Association, $111,134.

Crane Pl., 7429-PNMAC Mortgage Opportunity Fund Investors and LSI Title Agency to Terkeisha Williams, $90,200.

Greeley Pl., 2412-Mayra S. Perichx to Pablo and Shanika Hernandez, $159,900.

Inwood St., 6314-Jerome L. Archibald to Latoya Bowman, $195,000.

Lombard St. E., 7002-Mark Allen Horsmon to Dalila Jose Arias and Oscar Mercado Valazquez, $110,000.

Parkway, 3112-Doris J. Mayes and estate of Margaret L. Young to Capital Partners Group Corp., $141,560.

Vermont Ct., 6709-Federal National Mortgage Association to Phyllis and Robyn Marbray, $55,000.


Boniwood Turn E., 5735-Michele K. Harrison to Gregory M. Vinson Jr., $139,000.

Brazke Ct., 8600-Charles and Ruth Torrez to Rodney G. Brooks, $131,950.

Colonial Lane, 7910-Home Partners Corp. to Ted D. and Bonnie S. Chorvinsky, $3,301.

Danford Dr., 6711-Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $343,605.

Gredinger Dr., 6312-Daniel Mayfield to Costantino and Nunziata Freni, $110,000.

Kidder Rd., 3109-Melvin and Cicely Hudson to David I. Eromon, $324,000.

Rockfish Way, 5542-Edith Vinson Wright to Federal National Mortgage Association, $218,904.

Zephyr Ave., 5411-Delores W. Johnson to Maurice C. Baptiste, $310,000.


Lackawanna St., 5100-College Park City University Partnership to Megan C. Broderick and Fulvio G. Cativo, $211,500.

Sweetbriar Dr., 7511-Nancy G. Donnaud and Nancy E. Smith to Erin A. Smith Crabb, $243,500.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. T10-Kawana L. Lloyd to Fatemeh Haiiha, $77,500.

53rd Ave., 9706-Federal National Mortgage Association to MKS Lending Corp., $125,000.


Daventry Terr., 5244-David D. and Claudine A. Neal to Ebonie N. Keels, $118,000.

Dynasty Dr., 3126-Akrami Real Estate Inc. to Tamica Dandy, $165,000.

Glendora Dr., 1802-Spearhead Capital Corp. and Glendora Trust to Arel Properties Corp., $118,000.

Lansdale St., 6902-Laconya G. Montue to Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister, $110,000.

Parkland Dr., 2906-Branch Banking & Trust to Dream Properties Corp., $60,800.

Rock Quarry Terr., 5642-U.S. Bank and Green Tree Servicing Corp. to Kelvin Davall, $140,000.

Seton Way, 2241-Christopher M. Grandy and National City Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Association, $283,250.


Arthur Dr. E., 10-BI Investment Group Corp. to Tyauna W. Brown and Ahmad Xavier Waugh Special Needs Trust, $219,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 7911-Oseizame Emasealu to Laura C. Bess, $198,000.

Fawley Ave., 7405-Vicki Lynn Holder and estate of Kenneth C. Walser to Robin O. Robinson and Tere Fogle, $165,000.

Greer Dr., 7516-Joseph H. and Vanette R. Graham to Christopher J. McDaniel, $175,000.

Livingston Rd., 12800-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Arash Jamaleddin, $106,000.

Old Fort Hills Dr., 2308-Roy Perez and Kathleen Cabrera Ricasa to Federal National Mortgage Association, $263,013.

Pitt Dr., 11907-Ivan Paz to Ferehiwot T. Beyene and Mekdes S. Abebe, $200,000.

Rollingwood Dr., 8905-Darrell S. and Sharon A. Johnson to Revee M. Walters, $168,850.

Stonesboro Rd., 3609-Daisy L. Pagala to Tonya C. Young, $150,000.

Wayneswood Rd., 3506-Melvin L. and Anita J. Praytor Boulware to Yolanda J. Jenifer, $130,000.


Hanover Pkwy., 7718, No. 140-Kevin M. and Jeanette Walters to Rajendra Ramphal, $68,900.

Lake Park Dr., 6710-Travis and Danielle Artis to Jelani Whitt, $130,000.

Ora Ct. S., 7241-Luis A. Quasada and Gloria G. Quesada to MTD Consulting Inc., $160,000.


Gallatin St., 5500-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Xiyong Jiang, $134,900.

45th Ave., 5718-Pulte Home Corp. to Laura M. Croswell, $350,000.


Earlston Dr., 11409-Marshall Lee and Daisy Lee Johnson to Larry W. and Linda P. Elmore, $375,000.

Juniper Dr., 9803-Bank of New York Abdallah and Venesia Kitwara, $207,900.

Marjorie Dr., 11605-Leonard Eugene Williams to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $400,120.

St. Michaels Dr., 1046-Stonehrurst II Corp. to T. Fridie, $249,000.


Cathedral Ave., 6705-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Harlon J. and Simone M.V. Boyle, $177,000.

Franklin Ave., 9718-Thomas and Devalee Pridgen Gattison to Vericrest Opportunity Loan Trust, $176,459.

Johnson Ct., 3213-J&B Properties Inc. to Andrew and Michelle Koch, $155,500.

Mclain Ave., 8618-Sandra P. Jones and Anita Phillips to Niglio Design Group Corp., $109,000.

Pin Oak Lane, 2818-Tonya D. Barnes and Trevor R. Shaw to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association, $103,500.

Woodstream Terr., 7009-Capital Partners Group Corp. to Divine N. Forzie, $221,500.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 9433-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bluestone Business Trust, $112,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15114-NVR Inc. to Tilmon Parker Jr., $377,148.

Carry Pl., 812-Lshauntee J. Robertson to Megan E. and Travis G. Claggett, $195,000.

Darcy Rd., 9154-NC Group Properties Corp. to Triple Worth Holdings, $47,500.

Humberside Way, 15517-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Timothy T. and Teresa I. Leath, $534,000.

Kettering Dr., 119-Michael Minkoff to Anitra L. Johnson, $114,900.

Maple Tree Way, 503-U.S. Bank to Willco Properties Corp., $178,250.

Perrywood Ct., 13507-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Alex and Nadine Vatel, $368,000.

Rollys Ridge Ave., 12332-Lawrence E. Herbert and Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $314,909.

Tewkesbury Pl., 15301-U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Crystal Y. Sutherlin, $334,490.

Turner Wootton Pkwy., 14615-M&T Bank to Clemon Washington and Estrelda Yvonne Alexander, $579,900.

Wood Branch Ct., 1039-Sharon B. Thomas to Janielle Douglas, $137,000.


Cambridge Cir., 14650-Stonetrust II Corp. to Vincent Law, $242,500.

Darwin Rd., 6407-Orlando Stamulis to Deneen M. Taylor Colston, $280,000.

Laurel Ave., 408-Richard Bedell and John T. Ashby to Legend Builders Inc., $42,500.

Orem Dr., 6710-Philip D. Slatkin to Justin M. Maiorana, $220,000.

Vista Dr., 14044-Benish Rodriguez and Jose L. Vivanco to Glennon Investment Corp., $83,000.

Yardarm Way, 14102-Joyce Mohamed to Segundo A. Gonzalez, $48,000.


Ebony Ct., 15727-Demara A. Magruder to West Coast Servicing Inc., $100,000.

Ensleigh Lane, 15713-Kim L. Hall to Lillie Alford Loggins, $252,000.

Holiday Lane, 12843-AMT Investments Corp. and JMS Investment Corp. to Holly Shaner and Gregory Hawkins, $250,000.

Noblewood Ct., 2702-Andrew Robert and Tracey Lee Lawrence to Sean F. Sparks, $245,000.

Patriot Lane, 1215-Randolph Via to Surjit Singh and Kamaljit Kaur, $118,000.

Plymouth Ct., 1801-Erin Gloth to Residential Funding Corp., $318,727.


Claxton Dr., 12936-Esmeralda Monge and Norbert Martinez to Javier Fano Espinoza, $92,000.

Oxwell Lane, 8760-Victoria G. Abshire to House Buyers of America Inc., $140,000.


Taylor St., 3100-Karen Milgate to Emerson N. LaJoie and Matthew D. Webber, $220,000.

31st St., 4308-Alex Dias and Madison Homes Corp. to Aaron E. and Dawn L. Moody, $254,000.


Decatur St., 6939-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Neftali Granados, $100,500.

Greenvale Pkwy., 6803-Francis Realty Corp. to Charlene McKinney, $189,000.

Landing Way, 6528-Edson Nivaldo Barbosa to Hazel Lenora Johnson, $202,900.

Nystrom St., 5808-Silas C. and Marion F. Vaughn to Michael A. and Marji Murphy, $100,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7519, No. 1945-Riverdale Road Family Trust and April L. Raimond to Osar Villalobos, $13,500.

67th Ave., 4842-Acacia Federal Savings Bank to Brandon W. Shaw and Melissa A. Ruleman, $169,000.

73rd Ave., 4210-Iris Y. Portillo and Ronaldo D. Martinez to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $78,750.

84th Ave., 5707-Epifania and Agustin G. De LaCuesta to Ana R. and Lilian D. Cruz Molina, $219,000.


Alexandria Dr., 28-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paula Myers, $160,000.

Deep Gorge Ct., 1404-Kenneth T. Mathis and Sabrina M. Williams to Oun Meng, $100,000.

Fox Way, 109-Darleen A. Elliott and Larry M. Martin to Jose Antonio Villatoro, $119,000.

Irvington St., 918-Geraldine O. Stuart to Ali and Farahsad Assayesh, $71,000.

Sachem Dr., 5511-Cecelia and Robert Eugene Benton to Lester Langford, $97,000.

Wheeler Rd., 4818-Yolanda Rafal and Rozlyn Alverson to Manacco Exclusive Renovation Corp., $90,000.


Eastpine Dr., 5602-Ernesto J. Saravia to Ana Maria and Brayan Nicholas Rich, $80,250.

Oglethorpe St., 4809-Monacco Exclusive Renovation Corp. and Iglesias Paco Corp. to April Sampy, $225,000.

Riverdale Rd., 6300-Loval Harant and estate of Shirlee M. Kehoe to Raphael Ngouabe, $225,000.

66th Ave., 5716-Farid Hanna to Lourdes M. Nunez and Jorge W. Cruz, $185,000.


Irma Ct., 3140-Tanya Roshawn Lee to Federal National Mortgage Association, $240,000.

Morgan Rd., 4416-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and Weisberg and Conway Corp. to Jose W. and Carlos M. Sarvia, $69,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4133-Federal National Mortgage Association to Skyline Property Corp., $91,000.

Walnut Lane, 3706-Thomas Richard and Maria F. Flesher to Ronald Lilley and Desiree B. Taylor, $139,900.


Allentown Rd., 6917-Claudia S. and John R. Wolfe to Greater Revelation Baptist Church, $240,000.

Catskill St., 2114-U.S. Bank to Bridge Management Holdings Inc., $88,000.

Coolridge Rd., 6802-Evan J. Krame and Special Needs Trust to Paulette A. Robinson, $235,000.

Holton Lane, 5510-Tony Ta to Albert James Edwards III, $199,000.

Iverson St., 2501,-Mark S. Devan to 25th Street Corp., $23,000.

Maxwells Grant Ct., 7106-Maxwells Grant Corp. to Angela T. West, $394,000.

Saint Moritz Dr., 6032-Kyndra M. Cockrell to Antonio and Markesha Malone, $135,000.

Triton Ct., 3913-Martha M. McDermon to Federal National Mortgage Association, $68,000.

28th Pkwy., 3518-Christopher Shocklee to Latrice Duncan, $191,000.


Calverton Dr., 6901-Ruth W. Zeller to Brendan B. Kara and Sarah B. Hansen, $310,000.

Parkway Ct., 6506-Michael F. Kuruc to Tanya C. Briscoe, $205,000.

36th Pl., 5017-Janie E. Taylor and Anthony Opoku to Ndy Otis, $82,500.


Capstan Dr., 11305-Thomas A. and Patricia A. Hopkins to Tambra D. Cheston, $382,500.

Cheswicke Lane, 15721-Gary A. and Terry L. Stroud to Bridget R. Turner, $365,500.

Elm St., 14515-Josephine R. Herring and Ann Bowie Rice to Michele Spach Young, $197,000.

Fairway View Lane, 17006-Nerisa P. Silva to Stanley H. Walters, $170,000.

Graystone Dr., 9908-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jolanda Taycova Bamba, $316,157.

Harmon Ct., 3407-Heather Antoinette Arthur to Carmen C. and Selim McLaurin, $200,000.

Lyndia Pl., 9903-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Latasha Mae Jones, $200,000.

Midland Turn, 9217-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nathan and Casey Rossow, $160,000.

Old Croom Station Rd., 5922-Shane W. Warren to J. W. Braddock Richardson, $515,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 10300-Nathaniel Joy to Anthony and Krystle Thompson, $215,000.

Ripon Pl., 13154-Sharon D. Martin to Lawrence J. Poland Jr., $155,055.

Stonewood Ct., 9902-Sheila D. Ryan to Shirley Antoinette Jackson, $165,000.

Wyld Dr., 10715-Tracy C. and Andrew C. Hawkins to Laverne P. Embry, $142,000.


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