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Prince George’s County

Cedar Dr., 15508-Akrami Real Estate Inc. to Joanne C. Diggs, $209,900.

Manning Rd. W., 16313-Craig Heurich to William Mosier, $305,000.

Teresa Dr., 1204-Jeffrey L. Hunter and Carolyn M. Risco to Lenora E. Hammond, $149,000.


Crosby Rd., 1706-Clayton and Tamela H. Hawley to Mario R. and Wanda Saavedra, $150,000.

Edwards Way, 9200, No. 1013-William White to Glenn M.l Moreton, $125,000.

Merrimac Dr., 1922-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dawit A. Chekol, $150,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 311-Deborah A. Laforme to Natalia Smith, $5,000.

Pennsylvania St., 3408-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Suzhi Li, $250,000.

Quinwood St., 1417-Karin Lynn and Donald E. Harris to Santos Gregorio Chica, $225,000.

24th Ave., 6905-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose P. Castillo and Alfred and Sandra Ascencio, $150,000.


Brandon Lane, 4708-Janet L. Graham and estate of David C. Canaday to Regal One Corp., $225,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11350, No. II-A-Federal National Mortgage Association to Veronica D. Hernandez and William Argueta Rodriguez, $41,000.

Fullerton St., 3506-Charles J. Parry and estate of Arthur E. Parry Sr. to Daisy Fallx, $265,000.

Lime Tree Way, 10522-Timothy J. and Mary C. Kayser to Hui Lin, $145,000.

Romlon St., 4411-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joseph G. Suffness and Melody Downs, $65,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 210-Lashaune Littlejohn to Raymond Thompson, $27,000.

Newton St., 4907-Delsi Marina Castro to Kad Ager Holdings Corp., $55,000.


Birdseye Lane, 2707-Frank E. and Sarah Danowski to Mark A. and Maria Phipps, $285,000.

Cape Cod Cir., 4403-Abubakarr Kamara to Koroma Realty Investment Co., $74,500.

Dangelo Dr., 13213-Daniel and Betsy R. Delaney to Arthur Webb, $242,000.

Hurdleford Ct., 12206-Barbara Washington to Cecil B. Tucker Jr. and Bridgett Kimberly Downs Tucker, $425,000.

Kelford Lane, 2403-Paul S. and Janine K. Kellner to Frederick A. and Nicolette Harris, $274,900.

Lavender Lane, 4306-Virginia R. Garner to Tunisha T. Gilbert, $275,000.

London Lane, 14599-Lorraine Blakeney to Federal National Mortgage Association, $312,413.

Maureen Lane, 3508-Howard C. Doolitle to Dylan Thomas and Evelien Josselin, $260,000.

Old Chapel Rd., 13315-James E. and Flora S. Bartek to David J. and Christina M. Wilkison, $280,000.

Quilt Patch Lane, 12119-David L. and Evelyn K. Morris to Amirah S. Salaam, $295,454.

Rockport Lane, 4301-Desiree DeFlorimonte to David A. Grimes, $142,500.

Rustic Hill Dr., 12007-Desmond George and Kadijatu Lewis to Federal National Mortgage Association, $378,999.

Trade Row., 12730-Kneal Holdings Inc. to Kandyce Nicole Neal, $265,000.

Third St., 13107-Jose S. and Edenilsa Blanco to Federal National Mortgage Association, $400,000.


Alderwood Lane, 16304-Margaret E. Salb to Garth E. Stotsky, $195,000.

Audubon Lane, 16218-Jon Noel Jones and Alisha Young to Federal National Mortgage Association, $164,375.

Ebbynside Ct., 15509-Robert M. Zavarick to Joe and Lynda A. Lynn, $180,000.

Hindle Lane, 2243-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $420,651.

Paisley Lane, 15906-Rajh Ramsingh to Amanda Rae Hockett, $259,500.

Perrell Lane, 1421-John C. and Karen I. Rees to Diana Y. Zhou, $275,000.


Aquasco Rd., 18710-Kathleen L. Ryan and Donna K. Habel to Manuel Chavez, $44,500.

Casimir Rd., 15305-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Gerard E. and Anitra M. Chastine, $333,025.

Danville Rd., 3004-Federal National Mortgage Association to Melissa Goff, $134,999.

Hampton Farm Lane, 13105-Lashon P. Price to Lydia A. Simpson, $305,000.

Redwood Dr. E., 11724-Howard M. and Steven L. Perrie to Promise Frazier, $210,000.


Shepherd St., 4113-Matthew V. Messina to Adrian E. and Haley A. Carroll, $200,000.

40th Ave., 3407-Luis E. Marin and Bank of America to Federal National Mortgage Association, $292,200.


Addison Rd., 5004-Carolyn F. Scriber and estate of Inez B. Mooney to Rence Maria Addison Rice, $92,000.

Arlene Dr., 6607-City Home Buyers Corp. to Charles H. Minor, $195,500.

Bugler St., 5732-Gloria D. and Jonathan Adams to Federal National Mortgage Association, $201,695.

Dent St., 3810-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group to Dent Street Corp., $92,000.

Funderburg Dr., 6704-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Alberto and Vernon Lee, $269,872.

Jansen Ave., 1113-Federal National Mortgage Association to Xiang Fan Li, $70,000.

Kolb St., 6204-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Mohamed T. and Hanifatu L. Kamara, $40,000.

Mentor Ave., 1006-Behr Investments Corp. and Elizabeth E. Smith to Egan Townsend, $159,500.

Omaha St., 4607-James Edward Moses to Federal National Mortgage Association, $135,000.

Santo Pl., 6304-NVR Inc. to Kelly M. Blakeney, $282,820.

Southern Ave., 4357-Byron L. Huffman and Terrye L. Jackson to Helen W. Turner, $25,000.

Thomasson Ct., 112-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Chantee Christian, $297,514.

Walbridge St., 6118-Beazer Homes Corp. to Laverne Brunache, $274,839.


Bailey Terr., 10704-Marie T. Rasmussen to Timothy M. Paesch and Lindsey R. Kalber, $279,900.


Cheverly Ave., 2302-Olukemi Omotoyinbo to Nicholas Weekes Jr., $150,500.

English Chestnut Dr., 847-Khalid Shaheed to Federal National Mortgage Association, $231,000.

Greeley Pl., 2409-Evangelyn McCollough to Jose Jeovanni Mejia Lopez and Angelina Robles Lurquilla, $56,000.

Inwood St. E., 7200-Pedro A. Gonzalez to Saul E. Romero, $65,000.

Michele Ct., 911-Barbara A. Stone to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $90,000.

Oregon Ave., 2106-Estate of Jacqueline Henderson and Natalie Henderson to Lap Pham, $71,000.

Swan Terr., 7706-Adieba Hijazi to Antony G. Jackson, $170,000.


Bellefonte Pl., 7909-Charles B. Hobbs to Crystal R. Walls, $191,000.

Cedar Chase Dr., 8417-NVR Inc. to Antonio Branham and Margo Smith, $484,660.

Dangerfield Pl., 8706-Deborah E. and Gregory Kurtz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $155,000.

Glen Haven Ave., 4700-Rowan Group Corp. to Agnes T. Autentico, $198,000.

Metronome Ct., 11500-Lewis A. Wood Jr. to Somporn and Daniel Fleeger Jr., $199,900.

Rammer Dr., 8309-Michelle L. Robinson to Myrna Rivera, $340,000.

Spruce Dr., 5607-Theresa Blaesing to David Brown, $165,000.

Woodland Lane, 6116-Astoria Federal Savings and Loan to Value Homes Corp., $113,500.


Edmonston Rd., 7514-Ryan Brown and Errol Roman to Rajeev Kumar, $200,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 502-Richard M. Jacobs to Thomas Clayton Gump, $185,000.

Narragansett Pkwy., 9703-Robert Paul and Heidy V. Ritter to Guoxiang Lin and Wanjing Hu, $105,000.

Ruatan St., 5612-Pamela S. Helton to Berwyn Corp., $160,000.

49th Ave., 9403-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Aurora Loan Services Corp. to Paul Thomas Baines, $110,000.

58th Ave., 8501-Judy Wilson and Charles L. Brown to Mike C. and Chandra E.W. Parnell, $224,500.


Community Dr., 3616-HSBC Bank to Xin Qi and Minghui Hu, $98,500.

Donnell Pl., 7175, No. AA-4-Harold A. Rice to Federal National Mortgage Association, $26,000.

Elmhurst St., 6506-Dawn R. Hedgepeth and estate of Ernestine F. Hedgepeth to Ocean Wealth Corp., $79,500.

Forest Park Dr., 1504-Sharnel and Ronald Jones to LNV Corp., $104,000.

Hil Mar Cir. E., 6229-Nathaniel Thomas to Amt1 Corp., $70,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2808-Reginald Wallace Wheeler to Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister, $60,000.

Ocala Ave., 2809-Express Homebuyers DC Corp. to Moseley Corp., $60,600.

Presbury Pl., 8203-Federal National Mortgage Association to Errol Harris, $140,000.

Roslyn Ave., 2505-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County, $89,500.

Sweetwater Ct., 2709-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nakisha Kemp, $129,700.


Bitternut Ct., 6902-John Turns and Estevanny Jimenez Adames to Kevin L. Noble Sr., $295,000.

Caltor Lane, 9721-Gregory L. Broady to Cecil Nixon, $170,000.

Constellation Ct., 11204-National Residential Nominee Services to Henry and Diane R. Gapas, $307,000.

Hallwood Pl., 12707-Ora L. Biles to Ronald Thomas Faw, $230,000.

Hollydale Rd., 1807-Revive Home Investment Corp. to Reginald L. Gray, $224,900.

Little Stone Dr., 9117-Rochelle and Jamah Hawes to LPP Mortgage, $196,000.

Murray Hill Dr., 8114-Walter Amaya and Jacqueline Cuellar to Joshua and Natalie Rocheh, $229,900.

Riverview Rd., 11120-Kondaur Capital Corp. to Michael D. and Cathrene Wyckoff, $565,000.

Saratoga Ct., 1630-Nanette Sackey to Hazel D. Uyan, $280,000.

Taylor Ave., 1709-Woodmeade Homes Inc. to Ebon and Claudia S. Duarte Mitchell, $231,000.

Wedgewood Pl., 9604-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group to Daniel Pledger, $260,000.


Daisy Lane, 11720-Kathleen A. and Robert L. Summa to Tzer Leei Ng and Yen Ching Wong, $227,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8681, No. 102-Modupe O. Okei to Romeo Pineda and Reina Mejia, $45,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6926, No. 6926-201-Dytrea Langon to Osnat Ofek, $46,500.

Mandan Rd., 8007, No. 613-Jihbia Hwang to Tiruayer Negatu, $80,000.


Emerson St., 5104-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Gsaa Home Equity Trust, $279,000.

Queensbury Rd., 4302-Naomi L. House and Sana U. Khan to Aaron R. and Jennifer N. Johnson, $295,000.


Aldershot Dr., 5105-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group to Sandy J. Vaughns, $280,000.

Chautauqua Ave., 10218-Federal National Mortgage Association to Yang Shen, $170,000.

Everley Terr., 10214-Alex Johnson to Tiesha M. Henson and Charles Muhammad, $390,000.

Jefferson St., 4810-Richard O. Bagudu to Sharvan and Desh Sawhney, $145,000.

Nashville Rd., 6800-Stephanie Inch to Michael V. and Wendy C. Mills, $195,000.

Tuckerman St., 9407-Euphrozine and Frank J. Sanalitro to Trusted Homebuyers Statutory Trust, $79,000.

Wellington St., 9304-Kim Chi T. Ta and Chanh C. Le to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $145,000.

91st Pl., 9102-Inm Specialist Services Inc. to Noe V. Cotton and Delmy Figueroa, $235,000.


Bennington Dr., 11505-Alex E. and Patricia J. Walker to Brian Gormley and Bennington Drive Land Trust, $150,000.

Bonaventure Dr., 11601-Victor and Evelyn Scalia to Dennis M. and Jocelyn E. Phillips, $715,000.

Castlewood Dr., 903-U.S. Bank to Cristino Arriaga Herrera and Estela Sosa De Arriaga, $150,000.

Chesterton Dr., 11901-Ricardo J. Delgadillo and Rita V. Garcia to Tan T. Le, $205,000.

Drexelgate Lane, 1004-Joseph Upshaw to LPP Mortgage, $120,000.

Exeter Ct., 10913-Cynthia Y. Stevens Morrison to Anita M. Doleman, $210,000.

Galeshead Dr., 2804-Olubukola Y. Salako to Federal National Mortgage Association, $409,692.

Herrington Dr., 15-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Opes Properties Corp., $158,500.

Jumper Lane, 2404-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Linda Sims Facyson, $416,713.

Moores Plains Blvd., 2714-Compass Properties Inc. to Reginald Souverain and Patricia Wright, $275,000.

Parev Way, 716-Veronica A. Wilson to Bryan and Monika E. Dowdie, $240,000.

Prince Pl., 10214, No. 8-104-Robert Richard to Federal National Mortgage Association, $140,617.

Red Jade Dr., 209-Maryland Housing Fund to Ramani Reddy, $63,100.

Thaxton Ct., 13207-Cameron Grove Associates to Virginia F. Simon, $299,298.

Water Fowl Way, 14111-Crystal and Steve Souverain to Rene N. Tchemi, $289,000.


Alan Dr., 15404-Kenneth Eugene Bogerd to Michael and Claudia M. Arlas Mondy, $228,000.

Gorman Ave., 511-Legend Builders Inc. to Chang Dae Yoon, $289,900.

Justin Way, 14012E-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Amt1 Corp., $61,199.

Millbrook Lane, 15803-Deborah A. Walker to Thomas E. and Lenora S. Dernoga, $93,000.

Northview Ct., 8215-Stephen R. and Deborah A. Saddler to Austin E. and Beryl A. Greenawalt, $255,000.

Port Stewart Pl., 14504-Wells Fargo Bank to Wenbin Li and Chaoxia He, $468,000.

10th St., 204-Louise Love Thornton and estate of Robert Warren Chaney to Cecile K. Shindell, $112,000.


Cedarbrook Lane, 12703-Deutsche Bank to Jessica E. and Jordan P. Jueckstock, $205,000.

Greenview Dr., 14231-Wenbin Li and Chaoxia He to Peter Minh Huynh, $308,800.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11418-Bertha A. Fauntroy to Anna and Dana Tutolo, $70,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11529-CPP Laurelwood Corp. to Kyle J. Jaquess and Lan Lan, $140,600.

Tuscany Dr., 11600-Kendria D. Jackson and Edgar Danilo Reynoso to Michael James and Carol Gederon, $220,000.


Buchanan St., 6827-Egriselda Reina and Jarwin I. Galvez to Fredis Miguel Ayala Marquez, $135,000.

Farmcrest Dr., 7407-Kokou Amenti and Arzouma Goundo to Value Homes Corp., $128,100.

Greenvale Pkwy., 6924-Trueblue Homebuyers Corp. to Carolyn Lapitsky, $108,000.

Legation Rd., 7917-Barbara F. Pritchard to Rosa A. Cruz and Silvestre Ramirez, $175,000.

Newton St., 5703-Andrea Sullivan to Todd K. Bach, $185,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7521, No. 1965-Oscar Villalobos to Jacqueline E. and Therese Ann Humenik, $20,000.

Woodlawn Dr., 4801-Bank of New York and Wells Fargo Bank to Luis Cevallos and Ana V. Bustamante, $130,000.

71st Ave., 4208-Jose and Oscar Hernandez to Xiangheng Liu, $134,900.

88th Pl., 6003-Delmy E. Munoz and Cecilio Hernandez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $437,528.


Circle Dr. E., 7324-U.S. Bank to Beverly D. Mitchell, $157,000.

Fleet St., 157, No. 805-NHK. Residential Corp. to Sylvanus Oyogoa, $599,900.

Modoc Lane, 706-Bank of New York to Maryna Niftulaeva, $74,900.

Snowflower Blvd., 4613-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Susan Henderson, $120,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 505, No. 6704-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group to Phillip K. Taylor Jr., $24,800.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 550, No. 6751-Federal National Mortgage Association to Five Talents Corp., $35,000.


Carters Lane, 6218-Isaac and Mary Ann McKelvin to Gina Chen, $100,000.

Ingraham St., 6708-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and Buonassissi Henning & Lash to Melvin Cisneros and Emma A. Castro Medrano, $90,000.

Nicholson St., 5002-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Carlos A. Cruz and Rosa L. Arriaga, $97,100.

Sora Lane, 5701-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County, $140,000.

64th Ave., 6071-Luis E. Pereira to Rigoberto O. and Maria C. Medina, $73,000.


Hartfield Ave., 5504-Reoco Inc. and Residential Credit Solutions Inc. to Luis A. Gonzales II, $240,000.

Porter Ave., 2612-Maria A. Carabantes and Jose Antonio Serrano to Cash Flow Resources Corp., $85,000.

Suitland Rd., 6814-6814 Suitland Road Corp. to Bridgette D. Cobb, $160,000.


Elson St., 1507-James E. and Nenita P. Bankston to Hispanic Church of God, $140,000.


Beachcraft Ct., 4114-Bank of America to Wai Chau, Tommy P. Wu, Chenong K. Chan, May Sheon and Wai T. Lo, $105,000.

Blacksnake Dr., 4206-PG Acquisitions Management III Corp. to Sonya Y. Johnson, $234,500.

Charlotte Dr., 5503-Richard A. Vaught and estate of Mary June Vaught to Myrna, Joana Alora and Honey Valerie Timbas, $165,000.

Fisher Rd., 5701-Christian A. Cordova to Omotayo Odagbodo, $109,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3301, No. C-2-Federal National Mortgage Association to Abad Corcui, $30,500.

Lakeview Dr., 4423-Ottaway E. and Lillian Jackson to Amorsolo M. Manansala, $135,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 5509-Nathaniel I. Joy Jr. to Tierra Lewis, $218,000.

27th Ave., 3413-John B. Hammond to Julian A. Hamilton, $136,500.


Clagett Rd., 4327-Gary Arthur Christopherson to Andrew W. Brown and Elizabeth M. Allgood, $449,000.

Lancer Dr., 3404-Juan F. and Carmen E. Carlos to Equity Trust Co. and Dawei Qian Ira, $118,000.

Nicholson St., 3923-Wilfredo R. Marquina and Blanca Reyes to Ideal House Corp., $150,668.

Woodreeve Rd., 2016-Gary Spain to K2NC Corp., $69,000.


Abood Ct., 11002-KB Homes Maryland to Tyrone M. Bland, $445,000.

Buggy Path, 11027-Toll MD V Partnership to Felipe G. Sanchez and Jon P. Frame, $451,386.

Colonel Brooke Ct., 4809-Jeanine M. Wilson to Stonehurst II Corp., $81,500.

Dappah Ct., 10201-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to William and Latavia N. Newman, $412,426.

Dunkirk Dr., 12919-David L. and Cherese Tyler Tibbs to Kalesh M. and Adrian V. McQueen, $285,000.

Gohagen Rd., 16904-U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to Devon and Tikesha Mungro, $179,000.

King Frederick Way, 13835-Chidilim Nwamaka Ekunno to Wing Lam, $87,000.

Margate Rd., 8400-Ross J. Allen to Steven M. and Loriann N. White, $235,000.

Noble Dr., 9501-Uyenvi T. Nguyen to Carlton E. Smith, $187,000.

Ranch Rd., 4040-Toll MD V Partnership to Michael Robinson, $441,562.

Sherborn Lane, 4506-Xiomara Janice and Karla X. Madrid to Tierra L. Nanches, $172,500.

Thornberry Dr. E., 8413-Rory M. and Brunhilde H. Lohman to Darrell E. Jackson, $270,000.

Woodstock Dr. E., 12532-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennifer Flores, $150,000.


Dolphin Way, 14704-James A. and Charlisa R. Watson to Derrick Walter and Marketa Johnson, $650,000.

Hall Station Dr., 902-NVR Inc. to Robert and Trudy Wien, $265,450.

Hall Station Dr., 902-NVR Inc. to Adrienne F. Hawkins, $289,055.

Manorfield Ct., 1825-Michael L. and Tracie M. Rustin to Kendra N. Williams, $218,000.

Saint Georges Way, 2006-Jeffrey Nadel to Consumer Solutions Reo Corp., $330,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10004-Kiscott Ganu and Credelphia Browne to Nailah Kituku, $214,000.

Westridge Dr., 10308, No. 1-201-Sameemah Shareef to William P. and Nicole M. Thomas, $67,000.