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Prince George’s County home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Prince George’s County

Debra Lynn Ct., 2003-Rosa L. and Frank L. Cowan to Doumit M. and Marcia L. Elias, $315,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11014-David Chang to Jose I. Ventura and Yocasta Hayes, $287,000.

Higbee Rd., 2623-Alberto Moreira to Claudia P. Ramirez, $142,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1608-Juana Maria Vasquez to Hiwot Tekle, $60,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. P-48-William Lyle Poe Jr. and estate of Margaret Bush Reynolds to Wande Diakite, $3,000.

Truxton Rd., 10400-Sean Delaney to Federal National Mortgage Association, $316,000.


Breyer Pl., 12504-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Yong Fu Shao, $277,200.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11330, No. II-L-Betty J. Sanders to Jose and Elsy Jovel, $65,000.

Ingleside Dr., 13220-Gloria Santos Alvarez and Pablo A. Gonzales to Federal National Mortgage Association, $411,066.

Romlon St., 4417-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Jiaren Tan and Walter Lee Evans, $42,000.

45th Ave., 10301-Gam D. Nguyen to Willa Mae Lacson and Uzziel Torrecampo, $290,000.


Upshur St., 5112-Efrain Reyes and Martha Ortega to Roberto F. Moler Santillana, $80,000.


Belair Dr., 2703-Susannah D. Winner to Christopher J. Underwood, $177,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4907-NVR Inc. to Lintanya T. Harris, $366,475.

Crimson Ct., 12602-Janis E. Burl to Demitri A. and Deidre L. McDaniel, $273,000.

Forge Lane, 12104-Kenneth Wayne and Margaret V. Messick to Jeanne Dalonzo and Omar D. Davis, $249,900.

Heatherstone Dr., 13811-Robert R. and Deborah E. Estes to Khashayar Parsay and Kamala Shetty, $365,000.

Lavender Lane, 4228-Kenneth G. and Leslie A. Martin to Crystal Tylene Jackson, $280,000.

Madeley Lane, 12505-Jeanette Akhter to Wanda J. Malloy, $325,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 4719-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Jatinder Sharma, $193,200.

Safety Turn, 12603-Stephen M. Greene to Realty Properties Corp., $183,000.

Victoria Heights Dr., 13031-Sean Fagan and estate of Audrey Latty Fagan to Olanrewaju A. Owolabi, $259,000.

Weybridge Ct., 14107-Gregory L. and Karen F. Cobert to Kristy Wright, $330,000.


Easton Dr., 3511-L. Noriko Gates to Bashkim Bushati and Shpresa Hyseni, $147,000.

Endicott Dr., 15321-Silver Knoll Real Estate Corp. to Vanessa R. Singh, $224,900.

Palisades Ct., 1500-Jason R. Wells and Melissa K. Desantis to David A. and Regina L. Scott, $321,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15762-Erin Gloth to Department of Veterans Affairs, $207,106.


Brandywine Heights Rd., 14609-Astoria Federal Savings and Loan to Megan Arrington, $119,000.

Earnshaw Dr., 7620-Warren Beasley and Terri L. Tyree Beasley to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $305,291.

Wistar Pl., 15600-Victoria Davis to Matthew C. and Mary E. Linn, $170,000.


41st Ave., 4534-Shawn T. and William A. Potts to Karmen Kohl, $200,000.


Carmody Hills Dr., 513-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Phillip Bishop, $40,000.

Edgewick Ave., 1404-Cheryl and George White to Affluent District Properties Corp. and Ashraf Choudhary, $85,000.

Larson Ct., 5600, No. 27-Ebony Bowers to Peter Odabodo, $45,000.

Possum Ct., 254-Kathleen Carroll to Brenda L. Hall, $149,900.

Santo Pl., 6310-NVR Inc. to Bradley M. Foard, $269,990.

Shamrock Ave., 1611-F&M Associates Corp. to Chris Anderson, $70,000.

Valley Park Rd., 6607-Roger Hitman Jr. to Eric R. and Laverne A. McGuigan, $142,000.


Marlboro Crossing Ct., 10901-Marc L. and Monica T. Oakcrum to Kelvin Grant, $350,000.


Bender Rd., 7731-First Home Mortgage Corp. to Jenni Brown, $45,000.

Central Ave., 8624-Keith Johnson and Nina Small Wood Johnson to Vaughn G. Williams, $135,000.

Gibbs Way, 8404-Centex Homes to Carlos R. Quinones, $320,238.

Jurgensen Pl., 503-Centex Homes to Mabayoje N. Solarin and Tiffany M. Price, $283,000.

Romney Ct., 2304-Amuser Property Management & Investment to Moseley Corp., $47,700.

Wayne Pl., 2506-Sammua N. Kungaba to Evelyn K. Gana, $213,400.


Alan Dr., 5703-Grace Ann Ellis to Castlemore Corp., $127,500.

Boniwood Turn W., 5232-Stephanie D. Kohan and James Strasbourger to Shirley A. Swaan and Sharniece N. Wallace, $175,000.

Condy Ct., 8306-James C. and Andrea Denis Roberson to Mirza P. Baig, $515,000.

Eldon Dr., 9113-James W. and Berniece F. Mason to Dawnsherrie K. Young, $163,000.

Glissade Dr., 11513-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Jonathan Moltumyr, $148,000.

Plata St., 5028-Ngoc Han and Loi Huu Vo to Ethel Amaya and Helmer Umana, $230,000.

Stacey M Lane, 9115-James S. Welshans and estate of Jean Welshans to James Price, $152,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 9617-Par Management Corp. to David Wei Sun and Xinguang Li, $70,000.

Woodyard Rd., 8618-Federal National Mortgage Association and Cohn Goldberg & Deutsch Corp. to Victor and Valerie Gooding, $115,100.


Hartwick Rd., 4330, No. 504-John and Sheri Mirsepahi to Ian George, George J. and Katherine G. Chambers, $170,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 7105-Bryan Lloyd to Reina Kakimoto, $350,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6028-Sandra A. Medina and Juan F. Castro Rivas to Connie S. Cunningham, $110,500.


Addison Rd. S., 1713-Deutsche Bank to Maria Rodriguez, $40,500.

Crestwick Pl., 2728-Taylor Group Investments Corp. to Maria A. Lawson, $145,000.

Halleck St., 6923-Robert H. Childress Sr. to Zenith Investing Corp., $96,000.

Key Turn St., 3624-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Housing Initiative Partnership Inc., $90,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8728-De Andre A. Battle and Melonise E. Battle to Latedria Michelle Brown, $100,000.

Ritchie Rd., 1998-Deutsche Bank to Herminio Sierra, $217,250.


Allentown Rd., 8615-Miguel Angel Cruz and Rosa M. Guandique to Jorge F. Abdon, Gabriela Park and Louise Moreno, $105,000.

Entwood Ct., 6437-Jose Garcia to Aiden W. Dart, $154,900.

Henson Bridge Terr., 3006-Jean Eade to Rosalyn Holder, $172,000.

Kisconko Turn, 527-Federal National Mortgage Association to Verniesa Allen, $175,000.

Palmer Rd., 1800-Chestnut Oaks Land Inc. to Barbara J. Jackson, $259,500.

Powder Horn Dr., 2107-Mohammad Alime and Habiba Mahmoud to Nova Restorations Corp., $126,987.

St. Ignatius Dr., 6100-JMP Maryland Properties Corp. to Trenton Williams Corp., $37,000.

Wagon Wheel Ct., 2309-Ana Parada and Fernando Saravia to Realington Six Corp., $127,000.


Glenn Dale Woods Ct., 5102-Kyle J. Sayage and Charlene V. Savage to Phong Do T. Truong and Thanh Tien Nguyen, $230,000.


Hanover Pkwy., 6912, No. 6912-202-Frank Byron and Felix E. Morgan to Dave Shin Kang, $40,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6602-Valerie A. McPhatter to Laverne Spencer, $123,500.

Morrison Dr., 7404-Timothy and Rebecca Kropp to Angarai Management Services Corp., $250,000.


Hamilton St., 5601-Tamu II Corp. to William Sander and Samantha Haskins, $182,000.

52nd Ave., 5015-Laura H.G. O’Sullivan and Erin M. Brady to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $78,750.


Crandall Rd., 8908-KCE Inc. to Janice C. Mitchell and Janet B. Proctor, $235,000.

Grant Dr., 7928-Elvis J. Tapia to Yesenia Martinez, $97,000.

Kimbark Ave., 9209-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Li Qiong and Jie Yan Deng, $120,000.

Lanham Severn Rd., 9318-Marites O. Bernardo to Juliet Barr, $175,000.

Tyler St., 7911-Residential Credit Solutions Inc. to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $89,000.


Bluefield Rd., 9420-Joy Y. Baylor to Rhonda Price, $270,000.

Cousins Dr., 3643-Custom Care Properties Series 6 Corp. to Monique Y. Alexander, $240,000.

Dressage Ct., 2510-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Hiram Lewis and Laura Elizabeth Pitt, $502,424.

Fernwood Dr., 1711-Richmond American Homes to Otis Pratt, $277,843.

Hatboro Pl., 2809-Lawrence R. and Freddie Elizabeth Oliver to Federal National Mortgage Association, $383,829.

Kendle St., 211-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olurotimi V. Omope, $137,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9716-Keara M. Fortson to Yaffa Price, $81,000.

Narrowleaf Dr., 733-Capital Partners Group Corp. to Stephen and Juanita Durham, $237,000.

Prince Pl., 10121, No. 203-10B-Gale T. Henry to Cornucopia Real Estate Investment Corp., $28,000.

Sacramento St., 1503-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lakita Dyson, $305,000.

Taylor St., 9026-Folonda Nix Gettys to Alejandro J. Rodriguez, $140,000.

Whistling Duck Dr., 1810-Ava Peterson to Dara Zenobia Jones, $230,000.


Arbory Lane S., 7645-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ramani Reddy, $77,000.

Cambridge Cir., 14648-Anil K. and Sunita Adhikari Gupta to Francisca Boateng, $230,000.

Fenwick Ct., 8124-PNC Bank to Davonia D. Bryant, $186,000.

Mill Creek Ct., 7227-Kwaku and Barbara Donyina to Robert Ntondji, $123,000.

Sandy Spring Rd., 7007-Mark and Deborah Kittel to Haider and Sakib Amin, $300,000.

Ward St., 1033-Mildred N. Johnson to Ana O. Martinez, $175,000.


Cherry Lane, 9268, No. 9268-59-Trelana Frazee and estate of Velma Carol Arends to Roberta L. Haje, $165,000.

Palmer Pl., 9309-Christine A. Williams to Kieata L. Richardson and Marika L. Franklin, $161,000.


29th St., 4117-PNC Bank to Pedro E. Briones, $249,500.


Arehart Dr., 7700, No. 1210-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sandra Banks and Harold Jackson III, $33,999.

Farragut St., 6906-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Paarth Sapra and Ashish Kaushal, $73,125.

Osborn Rd., 6504-THB 6504 Osbo Corp. to Daniel Greeley, $215,000.

Westbrook Dr., 6239-Carlos Reyes Bravo to PSB Investments Corp., $123,000.

85th Ave., 6400-Value Homes 5 Corp. to Adela Arrue and Dionisio M. Cunepa Arrue, $240,000.


Black Hawk Dr., 5814-Wells Fargo Delaware Trust and Vericrest Financial Inc. to Kendra N. Scarborough, $173,000.

Owens Rd., 801-Randip S. and Sandeep S. Cheema to Moonerah Lao, $58,000.

Potomac Psge., 155NH-L Residential Development Inc. to Rhonda Dallas, $299,900.

Snowflower Blvd., 4707-Steven Colbert to Jessica R. Coleman, $125,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 503, No. 6702-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Abey K. Deledabo, $35,000.


Furman Pkwy., 6909-Anthony and Alisa Davis to Vesta Inc., $177,500.


Deming Dr., 3711-Stad Properties Corp. to Francisco Moya, $207,000.

Karen St., 4305-Lawrence J. and Anita M. McCann to Faster Buyers Corp., $111,000.

Larkspur Rd., 6718-Jose Carranza Arqueta and Rosa Marta Benitez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $204,346.

St. Barnabas Rd., 3845-Mary H. Johnson and Johnson Family Trust to KNM Properties, $33,500.


Beechwood Dr., 6506-Troy M. Samuels to Christopher J. Brown II, $122,500.

Bushey Dr., 6415-Raynor W. Hardy to M. Jackson, $140,000.

Glen Oak Dr., 6429-HSBC Bank to Realty Properties Corp., $125,000.

Leisure Dr., 4113-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin A. Malone, $208,069.

Sharon Rd., 4710-Alphonza and Peggy Watson to Realington Four Corp., $143,000.

Weldon Dr., 4412-Erik Hammiel to Nicole Mickens, $128,000.

27th Ave., 4014-Richard Edson and Beulah J. Eldredge to Jocelyn Bynum, $118,500.


Balfour Dr., 6103-Merari J. Quintanilla to Blanca L. Aviles, $170,000.

Ingraham St., 2105-Anna Linger and estate of Paraska Seniw to Thaddeus Arnold, $186,000.

Ray Rd., 1321-Joyce Mosby to Toni Lalett Logan Taylor, $249,500.

Woodberry St., 2503-Charles A. Kimball and estate of Lucille A. Kimball to Sigalit Kaplan, $149,500.


Cardamine Ct., 10602-Lafayette Federal Credit Union to Cornelius Moore, $359,762.

Colonel Clagett Ct., 14326-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Indra R. Uchoa, $87,000.

Fairgreen Lane, 11817-Justin Hampton to Tara F. Watson, $205,000.

Green Cove Ct., 6800-Norman D. and Michelle E. Brooks to Lawrence P. and Tara Harrison Jackson, $520,000.

King Gregory Way, 13909-Maryland Community Development Administration to Alaba and Rosemary Bukola Ojo, $90,000.

Melwood Park Pl., 10906-James H. and Jeannette D. Wright to Stanley J. and Nana C. Withers, $370,000.

Ranch Rd., 4042-Toll MD V Partnership to Shelley S. Jordon, $393,257.

Stonewood Ct., 9812-Paulette R. Ballard to Brenda A. Queen, $228,000.

Trinity Lane, 14455-U.S. Bank to Wing Lam and Wai Chu, $101,000.

Village Dr. W., 17006-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Teresa Wright, $135,000.


Connor Ct., 2002, No. 706F-Bank of New York Mellon to Carolyn Pettus, $125,000.

Hall Rd., 15407-Christopher and Daniela R. Kotlowski to James M., Ruth C. and James M. Myer, $140,000.

Hall Station Dr., 910-NVR Inc. to Khalilat Amolegbe, $269,920.

Jasper Ct., 500-Shirley R. and David Lowery to George Davis, $295,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 807-Rosita M. Stevens Holsey to Federal National Mortgage Association, $279,681.

Post Oak Dr., 1509-Federal National Mortgage Association to Erica M. Williams, $170,690.


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