These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washington

Prince George’s County

Livingston Rd., 16940-Jonathan D. Moltumyr and Gary M. Mead to Melissa A. Taylor, $315,000.


Chillum Rd., 716-Jorge A. and Edith Montiel to Silvestre Paniagua Bustillos and Vicente Rolando Paniagua, $165,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1822, No. 103-Polymathic Properties Inc. to Adriano Amato, $47,500.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1725-Xiangming Wang to Elfinesh T. Falk, $60,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. T-53-Twin Knolls Title Corp. to Wande Diakite, $3,000.

Riggs Rd., 5806-Eugene D. and Gilda Corioni to Tu Thanh Phan and Ivy Nguyen, $200,000.

18th Ave., 7300-Maryland Community Development Administration to Elmer Amaya and Jose Angel Henriquez, $45,150.


Calvert Hills Dr., 12602-Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Jose R. Villegas, $237,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11380, No. 1-K-Margot A. Palmer to Duc Minh Tran, $65,000.

Montgomery Rd., 10709-Noel Lazaro and Beda O. Nerona to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $300,000.

Romlon St., 4511-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Tatiana Fernandez and Jorge F. Ortiz Villarroel, $43,000.

45th Pl., 10301-Michael C. Thomas to Jesus A. Melendez, $50,000.


54th St., 4114-Wendy A. Donovan to Carlos Alberto Ramos and Ana De Velasquez Ramos, $155,000.


Belle Dor Trce., 4601-Babatunde S. Afolabi to Malik and Natasha Jackson, $400,000.

Buxmont Lane, 2812-Jose W. Alvarez to Sandra Y. Suazo Romero, $180,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4909-NVR Inc. to Hiram and Hyon Mendez, $369,985.

Crosswick Turn, 4103-Marlan Management Corp. to Lillie Mae Asher, $309,000.

Heatherstone Dr., 14109-Jeffrey and Christine Cox to Pheophanh Douangkeomany and Calvin Glover, $385,000.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12711, No. 12-Goodier Builders at the Delight IV Corp. and SK Homes at the Delight IV Corp. to Lucien B. and Tracey L. Romney, $305,100.

Pleasant View Dr., 14001-Anna and John Christie to Errol A. Graham, $300,000.

Rambling Lane, 12302-Frank J. and Joan L. Schembri to Jessica Ainsworth, $275,000.

Seward Rd., 6615-Esther A. Koomson to Asifa Aslam, $249,000.

Vista Gardens Dr., 10402-Arthur B. Simpson to Charmaine M. Thomas, $200,000.


Edgepark Ct., 16401-Ramon and Loly Monasterial to David and Janelle Ryan Colbert, $310,500.

Hindle Lane, 2227-Michael H. and Stephanie W. Wimbush to Richard M. Humes, $300,000.

Palm Lane, 1310-Anita Loraine and Jane Eric Thorne to Rodolfo A. Bonilla and Maria Bendana, $206,000.

Russet Dr., 17405-Brian K. and Carla E. Harris to Maurio Phoenix, $370,000.


Crestwood Ave. N., 11749-Edward G. Tinsley Trust to Orlando and Ave Lawson, $150,000.

Lenape Ct., 6904-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Robert Stafford, $335,000.


Allison St., 4010-Waterfall Victoria Reo 2011 01 Corp. to Ubaldo Morales, $52,000.


Applegarth Pl., 5918-Jessica M. Moniz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $98,500.

Clinglog St., 6606-Clinglog Trust and Aggie Myra Brockett to Gary E. McKethan and Hudson F. Primus, $20,000.

Ellis St., 3807-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Karen M. Jordan, $62,000.

Jansen Ave., 1124-Danell Yvonne Lewis Brown and Melvin Franklin Brown to Nathaniel Carey, $70,000.

Mountain Lake Pl., 6710-Terri Patterson to Sharonda Greene, $89,900.

Quo Ave., 1130-Snow Goose Homes Corp. to Paul and Gwendolyn E. Hicks, $189,000.

Santo Pl., 6312-NVR Inc. to Frederick E. Person, $308,545.

Walker Mill Rd., 6805-Ronald B. Edlavitch to Walker Mill Community Development Corp., $140,000.

69th Pl., 507-Acb Revocable Trust Corp. to Northeast Ventures Corp., $80,000.


Allendale Cir., 7646-Katherine Rodeffer and Gretchen Buchen to Sherriann G. Williams, $122,900.

Brightseat Rd., 3113-Reginald Wyatt and Gloria Johnson to Elsayed Yehea, $120,000.

Central Hills Lane, 927-Diane C. Williams to Rachel L. Deitz, $156,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2101-Sheri Spell to Oscar O. Gonzalez Contreras and Leslie Yasmin, $189,900.

Greeley Rd., 7000-Grace L. Brown and estate of John Hillyer to Oscar L. Jones Jr., $84,000.

Grouse Pl., 7513-Federal National Mortgage Association to Terkeisha Williams, $91,000.

Jurgensen Pl., 507-Centex Homes to Carla T. Walker, $281,700.

Markham Lane, 2506, No. 5-Mark Jones and Rodell Berry to Asif Ali, $61,500.

Sheriff Rd., 7928-Sheila E. Cherry to Moseley Corp., $66,500.

Willow Hill Dr., 7507-Everyday Homebuyers Corp. and Kristen L. Elder to Jacqueline T. and Stephanie N. Fitzgerald, $209,000.


Allerton Terr., 9624-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Victoria Handerson, $308,999.

Boniwood Turn W., 5245-Wayne A. McClinton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $110,415.

Craig Lane, 6719-Kevin T. Reilly to Barbara J. Hodges, $245,000.

Francesca Dr., 8705-RL BB Acq LII-Md Corp. to Antoinette T. Christian, $326,000.

Goldfield Ct., 7808-Sharon Kelsey to Anita M. Johnson, $170,000.

Junaluska Terr., 8807-Maureen and Chukwuemeka Ndolo to Abuchi Nwaugwu, $180,000.

Quiet Brook Lane, 9829-Mavis E. Johnson to Irvina Renee Bennett, $185,000.

Slocum Ct., 10412-Residential Value Corp. to John N. and Gail A. Blake, $219,900.

Stecoah Dr., 4603-Keith E. and Linda D. Johnson to Stephanie W. Harvin, $253,500.

Windbrook Pl., 3805-Jonathan Moltumyr to Mark Stout, $197,500.


Acredale Ct., 9004-Jaganmohan B.L. and Krishna K. Rao to Michael L. and Beth E. Matcham Shepherd, $306,000.

Erie St., 4809-Edmundo D. Gomez to Central Mortgage Co., $175,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 315-Stegus Corp. to Jeffrey and Kelly Kyburz, $143,000.

Saint Andrews Pl., 9015-Askale and Genet Kifle to Guohua and Wang Yanqing Shen, $261,000.

38th Ave., 8713-Andrew and Charlotte Spevak to Vinh T. and Lourdes G. Luong, $257,000.


Darlington St., 1209-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Trojan Development Corp., $94,200.

Evanston St., 6608-Helen G. White to Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. of Texas, $348,594.

Foster St., 7005-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dap Homes Corp., $97,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 5209-Wells Fargo Bank and American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. to Esther Y. Kim, $132,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 7403-Katherine I. Robinson to Carla Bynum, $197,000.

Lorring Pl., 7228-Budget Homes Investment Corp. to Pacific Avenue 2011 Corp., $50,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8853-U. S. Bank and Vericrest Financial Inc. to Frank Lindsay, $101,000.

Steve Dr., 7900-Department of Veterans Affairs to Caroline Sandleitner, $111,250.


Barrett Rd., 8218-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Marta A. Hernandez De Espinoza, $119,000.

Bock Rd., 8120-Richard Vasquez to Jeffrey D. and Tonya L. Chappell, $236,000.

Chalfont Ave., 13304-John P. Ratcliffe and estate of Noel P. Jenkins to Tobie U. Simms, $199,900.

Flam Ct., 7606-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Cecelia L. Anderson, $135,000.

Henson Bridge Terr., 3013-Gabriel and Jose Carme Gomez to June A. Harley, $104,900.

Lela Ct., 9105-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Cindi M. Martinez and Griselda M. Gomez, $150,000.

Parkton St., 12221-Michael Scott Cohen and Steven Andrew Trader to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., $145,255.

Queens Lane, 13414-Federal National Mortgage Association to Martin Arrington, $143,000.

Stirling St., 6808-Savi Properties Corp. to Solomon M. Asrat, $194,000.

Webster Lane, 7600-Marianne Greathouse to Devon and Ashley Krasley, $128,500.


Marguerita Ave., 9911-Federal National Mortgage Association to Realington 15 Corp., $137,500.


Hanover Pkwy., 6980, No. 101-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bryce D. and Samantha Carpenter, $50,500.

Lakecrest Dr., 7924, No. 7924-Carla Rose Kirksey to Yuanhong Wang, $127,000.

Ora Ct., 7702-Suria and Farida Yesmin to Jianhua Zhu and Lois Wang, $186,000.


Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 506-Redeemer Lutheran Church to Julio A. Perez, $45,000.

56th Ave., 5205-Juan Carlos and Neftali Granados to Sandra Caballero and Yanira Vasquez, $205,000.


Grant St., 9945-Judith Hodge to Maria L. Briggs, $220,000.

Kinmount Rd., 4208-Stephanie Majors to Dwayne D. Clark, $175,000.

Riverdale Rd., 6918-Charles L. Vassell to Chestnut Ridge Corp., $77,000.

Walkerton Dr., 8923-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Deana V. Goings, $134,000.

96th Pl., 7007-Terri L. Lewis to Aja M. Gooden, $206,000.


Berwick Lane N., 15214-U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Linda Sumpter, $314,990.

Briarley Pl., 14716-Bobby Lee Williams to Webster Jordan III, $265,000.

Chester Grove Rd., 3281, No. D-Maryland Community Development Administration to Ramani B. Reddy and Srinivasa Sanikommu, $72,100.

Dannet Pl., 1007-Deutsche Bank and Residential Funding Co. Corp. to Wilco Properties Corp., $171,287.

Dunloring Ct., 939-Adelaide Barra to Warren and Jennifer L. Palmer, $160,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1717-Richmond American Homes to Bridgette R. Thompson, $271,557.

Heritage Hills Dr., 1205-William A. and Jacqueline F. Brown to Joseph and Lorelie Erculiani, $595,000.

Kettering Pl., 11238-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Uri and Shulamit Zemach, $125,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9804-Jean E. Clark to Geoffrey R. Cox, $120,000.

New Acadia Lane, 14000, No. 304-Stephen J. and Jessie Clay to Federal National Mortgage Association, $210,250.

Prince Pl., 10202-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Algernon R. and Joyce E. Williams, $60,000.

Stan Fey Dr., 113-Barry T. and Tina L. Joseph to Lonnell and Bonita Graves Branch, $475,000.

Teakwood Dr., 9718-Amt Investments Corp. to Reginald D. Allen and Melanie M. Johnson, $255,900.

Whooping Ct., 1403-Josephine C. Garner to Keith A. Marshall, $369,900.


Arbory Way, 15315-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Amt1 Corp., $75,000.

Belle Ami Dr., 14805-William M. Sawyer and Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $246,548.

Concord Ave., 13919-Hae Cha Quince to Binh Thi Vu, $260,000.

Haines Ct., 7611-Jacqueline Willis to Brianna K. Everett, $150,000.

Mill Creek Ct., 7231-Najeem B. Adeyemo to Cecile P. Croll, $135,000.

Scotch Dr., 6925-Evelyn Ulloa and Otto Ponciano to Troy and Khanniqua Wheatley, $157,000.

William St., 14103D-Robert Eugene Bowman to Imran F. Shaikh, $80,000.


Dove Cir., 12155-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nimathi Pillay, $84,000.

Snowhill Estates Lane, 9208-Robert E. Johnson to Ryan and Cherrelle Harris, $405,000.


31st St., 4114-James Glavas to Gregory J. and Meredyth A. Hindsley, $270,000.


Barton Rd., 7000-Raymond P. and Anna K. Hogan to Santiago Sanchez Tapia, $129,000.

Lanham Dr. W., 5004-Calvert Hills Builders Corp. to Deanna R. Echanique and Robert C. Gandy, $140,000.

Spirea Ct., 3806-Jane and John Yohan Lee to Charluna Ndileba, $189,000.

56th Ave., 3803-Federal National Mortgage Association to 3803 Farhill Corp., $85,775.

86th Ave., 6204-Elias E. Ascencio to RVS Holding & Investments Co., $80,000.


Deal Dr., 5316-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert Heard and William H. Parker Jr., $40,000.

Marcy Ave., 1001, No. A-204-Dru Parries to Ortal Dahan, $45,500.

Owens Rd., 2203-Rimer Ovando to Shervell Markell and Kristen S. Stevenson, $254,000.

Snowflower Blvd., 4810-Erin Dionne Andrews to Amir Alemzadeh and Atoussa Farough, $139,125.

Waterfront St., -Potomac Overlook Corp. to Sultan A. Alsulami, $825,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 518, No. 6719-Warren Ogden and estate of Anna G. Ogden to Messay Bezabih, $47,000.


Kenilworth Ave., 6401-Bank of New York Mellon and Homeward Residential Inc. to Harminder K. and Jagtar S. Sandhu, $179,900.


Dianna Rd., 3708-Ramont A. Becton Sr. to Lyfe Fonville, $157,500.

Keir Ct., 4907-Ayanna E.M. Dunn and estate of William Astor Kirk Sr. to Delmi Henriquez Aleman and Nelson Henriquez, $146,000.

Maple Rd., 4127-Federal National Mortgage Association to K2NC Corp., $64,000.

Suitland Rd., 6528-Selene RMOF II REO Acquisition Corp. to Thomas Sathyanathan, $80,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6556-Myron E. Bloodsaw to Federal National Mortgage Association, $210,735.

Carriage Dr., 4211-Revive Home Investments Corp. to Jeremiah Murphy, $215,900.

Fisher Dr., 5417-Janet P. and Sandra P. McNeely to Megan Rovnak and Candice Thompson, $55,000.

Holly Tree Rd., 4108-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Housing Initiative Partnership Inc., $150,000.

Lime St., 2801-Reginald and Debbie Cross to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $148,854.

Tarquin Ave., 7104-PNC Bank to Daveena D. Dews, $250,000.

Yorkville Rd., 5105-B.G. Real Estate Corp. to Terence S. Poole, $215,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 210-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Prosper Osei-Wusu, $68,500.

Chillum Rd., 1001-Myran A. Hunter to Rajender Kumar Gattu, $45,000.

Nicholson St., 3917-Federal National Mortgage Association to Diane Douglas, $200,100.

Sargent Rd., 5420-Mary Henry to Joseph Panceles Perez, $265,000.


Ailesbury Ct., 13206-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $221,275.

Bishopmill Cir., 4505-One West Bank to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $111,000.

Cheryl Dr., 11401-Memuna Kourouma to Glenn E. Royall and Nicole L. Ward, $225,000.

Cranford Dr., 11109-HSBC Bank to Realington Seven Corp., $115,500.

Florin Way, 9046-Dennis E. Stephen to Shelise Blakeney, $89,900.

Halloway Cir., 3811-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $161,600.

Lord Sterling Pl., 13520-Jeffrey B. Fisher and Doreen A. Strothman to Federal National Mortgage Association, $185,242.

Midland Turn, 9322-Nick Conte Jr. Builders Inc. and Contehomes Inc. to Bilaal Pyett, $333,000.

Osborne Rd. S., 6207-Patrick A. and Dawn J. Mitchell to Linda Jean Gordon, $260,000.

Reverend Boucher Pl., 14019-Levar and Sharene Young to Dickson A. Boadi, $171,500.

Stonewood Ct., 9913-Regina L. and Lynda Bohannon to Betty McWilliams, $162,000.

Trumbull Dr., 13009-Linda Jefferson to Latasha J. Dorsey, $140,000.

Village Dr. W., 17006-Clarissa S. Perry to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $152,250.


Dawn Whistle Way, 13801-Oluranti Efunwoye to Davis O. Eduok, $579,000.

Hall Station Dr., 902-NVR Inc. to Omowunmi Alade, $288,920.

Hall Station Dr., 947-Jackie Alston to Kenneth A.S. Shaw, $345,000.

Jorrick Ct., 15004-Leatriz D. and Anthony B. Covington to Monica Nwosu, $338,000.

Manor Lake Terr., 10601-Federal National Mortgage Association to Osamuede E. and Martina I. Igodan, $286,000.

Woodbridge Ct., 12715-Leslie E. and Adrian S. Caster to Darrell Westbrook and Karen Woodward, $283,250.