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Prince George’s County

Barney Dr., 17811-Rosetta M. Evans to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $273,000.


Cherokee St., 2414-Julio Hernandez and Jaime Chenoweth to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $192,000.

Curry Pl., 8313-Rabi Ullah to Rosanna Henriquez Burgos, $300,000.

Laverne Dr., 8610-Citibank and Wells Fargo Bank to Ryn Jarmer and Ellen Landis, $290,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1824, No. 402-Cynthia May Steer to Assemien Alexis Kodjo, $53,000.

New Riggs Rd., 8105-Metro DC One Corp. to Jose M. and Carmelina Q. Dominguez, $140,000.

Rutland Pl., 10415-Barbara L. Wyvill to Generation Mortgage Co., $175,000.

18th Ave., 7300, No. 18-Jackson O. Flores and Melbi M. Sanchez to Hui Cong Chen and Hao Chang, $50,000.

24th Ave., 7204-Mauricio Antonio and Alba Luz Matamoros to Santiago Chicas Lovo, $145,000.


Beltsville Dr., 11997-Umar and Mariatu Kamara to Peter and Gwendolyn Thomas Regis, $136,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11336, No. II-H-Rochelle R. Smith to Howard E. Tate, $28,313.

Fallston Ave., 3101-Argalia M. and Manuela V. Preston to Wa Chau, $173,000.

Montgomery Rd., 11012-Jose I. and Dina Rios Marquina to Jose De La Cruz Ramirez Avila and Estela Aracely Ramirez Nunez, $315,000.


Decatur St., 5515-John C. and Patsy A. Parker to Federal National Mortgage Association, $90,000.

52nd St., 3900-Federal National Mortgage Association to Weichen Wang, $148,168.


Balsam Pl., 2704-Federal National Mortgage Association to Teshica M. Johnson, $258,000.

Claxton Pl., 3903-Sharon Bowman and estate of Virginia Liston to Traci Humes, $239,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4952-NVR Inc. to Natasha M. and Roberta Antionette Morgan, $378,000.

Enterprise Rd., 4201-Patricia Hammnersla Bradfield to Joseph J. Alexander and Kristin G. Coad, $330,000.

Gresham Ct., 13513-Clyde L. Montgomery to Lisa and Titus Early, $255,000.

Killian Lane, 12606-Donald W. Schroeder to Christopher Arthur and Lauren Avila Spano, $255,000.

Lavender Lane, 4210-Maxine Gordon Williams to Chaz R. Crawford, $250,000.

Meiers Endeavor Dr., 5400-Corey and Toya Pierce to Robert and Sonya Braddock, $375,000.

Morlock Lane, 3415-Mbre Ventures Corp. to Michael Bell, $295,000.

Primrose Ct., 13708-Lloyd H. Cravener Jr. and Kelly Hax to Aaron Childs, $355,900.

Swirl Lane, 12512-HSBC Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to James and Natalie Krueger, $275,000.

Yarland Lane, 13323-Terry A. and Sally E. Vander Leest to Carolyn O. Baker, $253,500.


Ann Arbor Lane, 2605-Mark S. Devan to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $188,250.

Eagles Nest Dr., 2900-U.S. Bank to Anthony L. Davis, $210,000.

Estonia Dr., 3406-Tyrone S. Umrani to Ruben Calizo, $180,500.

Neman Dr., 15402-Francis Michael Dezego Jr. to Mark J. Page, $170,000.

Palai Turn, 15801-Olivia Martinez and Claudia Martinez De Tadeo to Riki Alkoby, $172,000.

Pickford Lane, 1505-Richard Allan Kitchen Jr. to Mauricio and Heidi M. Rivas, $265,000.


Chaddsford Lake Dr., 15529-Marc Anthony Shepherd to Carmen M. Carpenter, $275,000.

Lusbys Turn, 7902-Faye T. Hall to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $156,500.

Springfield Rd. S., 13800-Household Finance Corp. III to Tiber & Nile Investments Corp., $150,000.


Banner St., 4500-Andrew Champion to Federal National Mortgage Association, $200,000.

Windom Rd., 3702-Jose Ramon Rodriguez and Javier Szuchman to Delmy Garcia Borjas and Jose A. Zelaya, $240,000.


Addison Rd., 5202-Laurie L. Michael to TMP Property Acquisition Corp., $12,000.

Booker Dr., 909-Dorothy M. Suber to Federal National Mortgage Association, $67,000.

Cabin Branch Rd., 113-Vincent B. and Deborah A. Turner to Flavia M. Mwombela, $128,000.

Cedar Heights Dr., 1025-Juana Rodriguez to Latoya McLean, $145,000.

Clark St., 4110-Marc L. and Pierrette L. Michel to Household Finance Corp. III, $272,500.

Early Oaks Lane, 1418-Jose Montecinos and Grisel Ventura to Elvia A. Espana, $115,000.

Farmingdale Ave., 1311-Long Ngo to Maria Portillo, $122,000.

Gray St., 109-Gtis Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Tarita Bennett, $276,281.

Karen Blvd., 1301-James Z. Johnson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $65,250.

Mentor Ave., 731-Rebuild America Inc. to Wallace L. and Dorothy Page Proctor, $12,500.

Quarter Ave., 1619-Residential Value Corp. to Septimus Tony Cummings, $167,500.

Sunbury Ct., 5602-Candace C. Atkins to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $85,500.

Urn St., 4119-Haseena A. Henry to Cynthia Basnight, $65,000.

61st Ave., 702-Brandell F. Harrod to Federal National Mortgage Association, $214,929.


Marlboro Woods Dr., 10308-William D. and Julia Beth Dockery to Pia N. Clark, $310,000.


Belleview Ave., 2305-William M. Savage to Integrity Professional Contracting Corp., $136,000.

Congress Pl., 8922-Baltimore Investors Corp. to Taiwo O. Olukoga, $163,000.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 700-Stefanie M. Inabinet and Carlita R. Fields to Shannon C. Redd, $177,500.

Gibbs Way, 8317-Centex Homes to Deneyse A. Kirkpatrick and Cornelio J. Guibunda, $320,250.

Grouse Pl., 7500-Joan T. Randall to Dilan Investment Corp., $75,000.

Jurgensen Pl., 500-Centex Homes to Tewodros Weldeamlak and Medhanit Tesfaye, $288,000.

Mahogany Dr., 7260-Matthew G. Weathersbee to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $190,000.

Montrose Rd., 6133-Benjamin and Lashone Butler to Axe Properties & Management Corp., $130,000.

Sterling St., 8817-Indymac Venture Corp. to Koroma Realty Investment Corp., $106,400.

Vermont Ct., 6707-Federal National Mortgage Association to Axe Properties & Management Corp., $61,168.

64th Ave., 3711-Johnny Lee and Teresa A. Dubose to Lary Obi, $185,000.


Brandywine Rd., 9308-Elijah Jenkins to Andre W. Johnson II, $150,000.

Chado Rd., 3705-Arthur B. and Lisbeth N. Willson to David Robert Simmonds, $210,000.

Dragoo Pl., 10707-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Department of Veterans Affairs, $184,192.

Fulford St., 6713-Residential Value Corp. to Tyneise J. Wilson, $208,000.

Hillantrae Dr., 12402-Triesha and Dyesha McCants to Lawrence K. and Bertha M. Twisdale, $335,000.

Keystone Ave., 11321-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Residential Value Corp., $130,000.

North Dr., 8606-Shawn Bounds to Robert L. Jones Jr., $295,000.

San Juan Dr., 5411-Eular Horton to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $357,300.

Sellner Lane, 5914-Sharon Jackson to Ericka D. Holmes and Jamel A. Monroe Jr., $315,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 9523-Margaret Grace Proctor and John Welton Proctor Trust to Veronica Antoinette Harley, Terence Anthony Harley and Julie Tarita Middleton, $50,000.

Trent St., 5317-Realington Four Corp. and Bojan Peovski to Janet Marrow, $225,000.


Chestnut Hill Rd., 5910-Jillian Massie Callaway to Andrew Shawhan, $279,990.

Keota Terr., 5119-James H. Harrell and estate of Doris Hughes to Jeffrey S. Chrabaszcz, $185,000.

Potomac Ave., 8320-Edward Maxwell Daugherty Jr. and Joseph P. Zambrana to Joseph D. and Christopher M. Williams, $250,000.

35th Ave., 8614-Yetunde and Adedotun Adeleke to William Sammon, $207,000.

52nd Ave., 9750-Jose E. Lemus Hernandez and Rosa A. Lemus to Polaris Star Assets Corp., $14,000.


Donnell Pl., 7103, No. C5-Randolph Jackson to Victor B. Bouldin Sr., $40,150.

Forestville Rd., 3809-George Mark Kulesza and Josephine M. Teri Trust to Robin Clubb Ingle, $107,500.

Insey St., 6500-Howard N. Bierman and Jacob Geesing to Daniel E. Wilson, $90,000.

Lansdale St., 7218-Osei Wusu Prosper to Binta Saidu, $196,300.

Princess Stephanie Ct., 3312-Maureen A. Parks to Minghui Hu and Xin Qi, $120,000.

Ritchie Rd., 1919-Karen Bryant to Bayview Loan Servicing Corp., $273,009.

Rock Quarry Terr., 5631-Burak and Marcela S. Sahin to Kimberly C. Holland, $180,000.

Starboard Dr., 7111-Aminata Kante to Kenneth Austin Jr., $209,000.

Tulip Ave., 1706-Carolina Betancur to Amt2 Corp., $65,000.


Bellefield Ave., 7505-Federal National Mortgage Association to Wing Lam, $141,000.

Browns Lane, 2013-Collin Andre Nestor to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $207,000.

Cedar Rd., 411-Horatio and Tomeka Nunn to Amalia P. Dixon, $301,000.

Devon Hills Dr., 8708-Transit Employees Federal Credit Union to Lynx Investment Corp., $85,000.

Fort Foote Rd., 8651-Saga Maryland II Corp. to Robert Anthony McReynolds, $276,000.

Grasmere Ct., 8752, No. 8752-Congressional Federal Credit Union to Re&T Management Corp., $82,500.

Jolly Lane, 8719-Jose and Julio Sorto to Maria E. Arriaza and Marina Hernandez, $135,000.

Kingsway Rd., 3007-Stephanie Saxon to Capital Investments Corp., $160,000.

Lujean Lane, 4513-Charles W. and Gwendolyn B. Worthy to Deshon Martin and Tisha Butler, $249,900.

Nancy Lane, 8909-D.R. Horton Inc. to Aviece Castro Lester, $364,990.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1342, No. 72-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vilma Flores Acero, $77,000.

Scarborough Dr., 2703-Frank and Fermalyn Lopez to Willie J. Stover III, $174,900.

Taylor Ct., 13400-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Giai Nguyen and Lan Le, $156,000.

Whitwell Ct., 6430-Luxor Investments Corp. to Paula N. Luckett, $157,000.


Candlewood Pl., 7901-Leslie J. Keidel to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $265,000.

Greenhill Rd., 124-Zelda A. Orr and Valerie A. Henderson to Daniel J. Gomez, $254,900.

Lakecrest Dr., 7714, No. 7714-David Hughley to Sally Curtin, $114,900.

Springcrest Dr., 6604-Ramatu and Alie Bangura to Jerome K. Obiagba, $240,000.


Gallatin St., 5704-Darryl Lee and Lavette G. Phillips to Federal National Mortgage Association, $103,125.

Oglethorpe St., 4301-Gary S. Baker to Steven H. Roach and Elizabeth R. Kidwell, $400,000.

52nd Ave., 5015-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Zheng Zhu Xu, $79,900.


Barker Pl., 5313-Florence and James Robert Lewis to Andre Hawkins, $204,300.

Belva St., 5518-Lula M. Battle to Nayely Villa, $167,500.

Cordona St., 5516-Amjad Mahmood to Elia Mendez, $200,000.

Duchaine Dr., 5502-Angelica M. Villagran to Residential Value Corp., $121,000.

Fowler Lane, 9202-Miatoka R. Halton to Zurisadai Martinez Martinez, $158,000.

Haddon Dr., 5606-Patrice A. Silvestri and estate of Shirley P. Quintero to Ericka D. and Byron A. Pastor, $190,000.

Lowmoor Ct., 10405-Lazon and Belinda I. Allen to Karim R. Khalil and Dyana Aziz, $320,000.

Naval Ave., 6127-Justin and Pamela Race to Jose Luis Herrera Hernandez, $205,000.

Santa Cruz St., 9913-Julia A. Schildt Dieffenbach and estate of Daniel Dieffenbach to Marvin G. Ortez Moreno, $189,000.

93rd Pl., 6306-Chester B. Walker to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $191,700.


Berwick Lane N., 15202-US Home Corp. and Lennar to Cynthia L. King, $324,990.

Berwick Lane N., 15224-NVR Inc. to Keone and Eileen Thomas, $336,360.

Berwick Lane N., 15231-NVR Inc. to Nia M. Jackson, $315,355.

Broadleaf Dr., 10517-Karen V. Joynes to Wai Chun Chan, $149,078.

Campus Way S., 10124, No. 204-1B-Estate of Susan Dunnigan and Karin Dunnigan to Hook Eu, $30,000.

Chesterton Dr., 12323-Federal National Mortgage Association to Antonio M. Smart, $109,000.

Dunloring Pl., 11407-HSBC Bank to Jonathan Hart, $185,000.

Galeshead Dr., 2812-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Regina Hogan, $330,000.

Harry S Truman Dr., 420, No. 279-Richard Kofoworola to Porter L. and Karen L. Lawson, $115,000.

Manchester Rd., 14101-Deutsche Bank to Raymond A. and Irene L. Anderson, $295,000.

New Orchard Dr., 10303-Leroy H. and Darlene M. Graham to Christopher M. Olsen, $142,000.

Prince Pl., 10119, No. 302-2C-Brian T. McQueen to Sapna Rohatgi, $29,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1402-Marcus W. and Dawn M. Doakes to Jerald Gregory, $230,000.

White House Rd., 10906-Geraldine E. Griffin to Frederick and Astrid Walker, $257,500.


Bowsprit Lane, 14306-Deidre Burley to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $271,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7113-William J. and Andrew Roberts to Jury and Carlota Meneses, $300,000.

Deer Creek Ct., 15817-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Chara Singleton, $142,000.

Fairlawn Ave., 706-Federal National Mortgage Association to Elmarine Elphage, $265,000.

Kaybro St., 6216-Gerald Kuhn and John Bosley to Ernest Alan and M.C. Kostrick, $329,500.

Sandy Spring Rd., 7112-Paul Giannini to Matthew Ashley and Kia Washington, $255,000.

Vista Dr., 14004, No. 6-Yvonne Ojie to Juan M. Barnes, $58,000.


Apache Tears Cir., 12234-Anthony E. Kargbo to Kevin and Shelia Thorpe, $199,900.

Claxton Dr., 12960-Katrina and Roderick Crawford to David Crum, $87,000.

Dove Cir., 12179-Smithrose Investments Corp. to Gloria James, $199,000.


Allison St., 7420-Cerise E. Turner to Ning Cui and Yanfang Wang, $95,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5532, No. 1726-Andre Gunraj to Rajender Kumar Gatfu, $34,000.

Quincy St., 6908-Golden Star Corp. to Jose E. Garces Rodriguez and Jennifer Rodriguez, $220,000.

Standish Dr., 6809-Margaret J.B. Waller to Federal National Mortgage Association, $114,624.

56th St., 3512-Nicole H. Curtis to Lawrence Edward Joy, $117,600.

72nd Ave., 4608-Federal National Mortgage Association to Juan Bonilla and Iris Cortez, $137,500.

86th Ave., 6224-Erick S. and Nelson O. Salmeron to Robert Santiago Trejo, $134,000.


Carson Ave., 802-Regina Y. Speed Bost and estate of Margaret Speed to Michael E. Speed and Ralph S. Banks Jr., $78,650.

Huron Dr. N., 130-Gerald F. Miles Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $234,757.

Rosecroft Ct., 2302-Kce Inc. to Alfred Sylvester Cole, $162,000.

Virginia Ct., 5404-Daniel R. Bendt and estate of Loretta Henry to Capital Investments Corp., $145,000.


Cleveland Ave., 5907-Charlene M. and Michael F. Hoffman to Aaron J. Franklin, $280,000.

Patterson St., 5320-JMD Real Estate Corp. to Neimon Group Corp., $135,000.

Somerset Rd., 4905-Alex Dias and Madison Homes Corp. to Tehani Collazo, $310,000.

62nd Pl., 6117-Manuel Vargas Balmes to Ximena C. Morales, $126,000.

67th Ave., 5406-Regel L. Turner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $65,000.


Allies Rd., 4411-Georgie Solomon to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $128,000.

Davis Blvd., 6122-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Residential Value Corp., $65,000.

Milledge Blvd., 4232-Heather M. Thompson to Edward J. Talbert, $210,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3823, No. 3823-Bank of America to Zelmarine Gilmore, $30,000.

Suitland Rd., 6600-Sean L. Whitehead and estate of Pamela Karen Whitehead to Gloria Snead, $199,000.


Anvil Lane, 2206-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Odemns Raymond, $95,500.

Beechwood Dr., 6508-Troy M. Samuels to Immanuel Isaiah Ramsey, $120,000.

Claridge Rd., 6210-Takeela P. Saunders and estate of Thelma C. Mayo to Michael Isaac Perry Jr., $175,000.

Faith Crossing Ct., 4804-Maxwells Grant Corp. to Richard E. and Cheryl Lonon, $415,000.

Good Hope Ave., 3107, No. N-602-Residential Funding Co. Corp. to Edvin Mauricio Aristondo, $12,000.

Joan Lane, 5606-Louise and Dewey T. Aycock to Sohail Sheikh, $73,600.

Lorraine Dr., 5105-Realington Realty Corp. to Lawrence Tamakloe and Christabel Z. Quist, $225,000.

Old Branch Ave., 4813-Maria A. Gonzalez to PSB Investments Corp., $148,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 5607-Roberto Santiago to Dorothy Davis and Michael Burris, $162,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 302-RCC Oip Corp. to Samuel F. Perdue, $192,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 411-RCC Oip Corp. to Zewerede Emlaelu, $185,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 607-RCC Oip Corp. to Rochelle Hartley, $145,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 715-RCC Oip Corp. to Fisher B. Edward, $130,000.

Balfour Dr., 6413-July Investments Corp. to Rigoberto and Ana Castillo, $145,000.

Nicholson St., 1401-Jasmina Pineda and Luis E. Pantaleon to Pablo and Martha A. Palacios, $162,750.

Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 727-Dagnachew Z. Gebrehiwot and Asseged M. Belay to Ephrem S. Tadesse, $51,900.

33rd Pl., 5821-Patricia A. and Joseph William Rowley to Rolando Quinonez, $90,000.


Bethwood Ct., 3700-Eugene T. and Janet M. Lauer to Milton and Lisseth E. Munoz, $454,900.

Captain Covington Pl., 4618-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tamara Rountree, $177,000.

Clirieden Lane, 4821-Laura Clarke to Davida Crockett, $148,900.

Dorval Ave., 9708-Wells Fargo Bank to Marlon Benjamin, $239,900.

Farnsworth Lane, 14000, No. 3407-Nancy Gonzales to Juliana Acee, $79,000.

Governor Sprigg Pl., 14632-Celestine and Constance Eze to Abigail Y. Parker, $150,000.

Hallam Dr., 6609-U.S. Bank to Belford and Danet Phillips, $180,000.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13809-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Greater Washington Real Estate Investors, $96,000.

Marlton Center Dr., 13208-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brycandis Boatwright, $173,000.

Muirfield Dr., 9806-Sharon Burkhardt to Barbara M. Clowe, $229,000.

Osborne Rd. S., 6321-Kondaur Capital Corp. to Kimmel Homes Corp., $225,000.

Tallinn Ct., 7802-Louis and Michelle Oliver to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $249,305.

Walter Herrera Way, 5610-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ervin J. and Sheila Glasgow, $474,990.


Connor Ct., 2004, No. 707-Thelma Pinkard to Sandra D. Postell, $120,000.

Dhow Ct., 2200-Bankunited and Green River Capital Corp. to Jean Anicet, $500,000.

Johnson Grove Lane, 807-Gregory and Norman Huiswood to Michael Roach Jr., $305,000.

Peachtree Ct., 1314-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Erik W. Reed and Porsha Y. Childs, $275,000.

Woodshade Ct., 2031-HSBC Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Roderick M. Jennings, $254,000.