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Prince George’s County

Green Ginger Cir., 2103-Oscar K. and Camille D. Wright to Rufus Appiah Kubi, $289,950.

Rolling Tree Rd., 16402-John Michael Day and estate of Stanley Peter Day to Lesley W. Williams, $264,000.


Cherry Tree Ct., 10709-David W. and Paula L. Loines to Lavenya Diane Williams, $349,000.

Edwards Way, 9250, No. 514B-RGB Properties Corp. to Kiros Asmamaw, $48,000.

Laverne Dr., 8614-Edgar S. Delgado and Patricia Celso Sanchez to Marieclaire Tido and Aline V. Makeu-Takam, $315,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 220-Adama Folly Diallo to Elias Abebe, $29,800.

Quinn Spring Ct., 7605-Andre and Margaret M. Cottle to Christina W. and Edward F. Owens, and Catherine B. and James H. Bothe, $276,300.

Talbert Lane, 818-Annie W. and Theron E. Barr to Edwin A. Luna, $201,500.

18th Ave., 7401-Robert L. Carrier to Larry Bryant, $40,000.

24th Ave., 7408-Carlos Benavides and Cristella Maria Granados to Sandra Y. Arrinza Ventura and Maria D. Ventura, $160,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11364, No. 1-S-Johannes and Rosemarie De Goey to Juana Maria Vasquez Nolasco, $74,000.

Garrett Ave., 4801-Thomas L. and Vicki L. Fuqua to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $169,763.

Naples Ave., 5017-Tremayne Norris to Bopha Ratanak Tan, $145,000.

Romlon St., 4415-Chenapoh Wesseh and Jose Alvarenga to Morna A. Lainez, $43,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 311-Amanda Rodrigues to Adrian Knight, $17,600.

56th Ave., 4106-Juan A. and Juana Delrosario Santos to Domus Capital Corp., $110,000.


Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4947-NVR Inc. to Harry V.W. Freeman III and Myrva Charles, $395,910.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4953-NVR Inc. to Margaret Udahogora, $358,930.

Gabriel St., 6200-Richard D. and Margaret M. Carlson to Proctor H. Paskalides, $382,000.

Haversham Dr., 6000-Anthony and Jacqueline Perdue to Daniel and Michelle Calhoun, $585,000.

Korvale Lane, 2513-SRP 2010-6 Corp. and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Jason R. and Erica J. Turner, $210,000.

London Lane, 14540-Gwendolyn R. Washington to Yen F. and Hui Q. Wong, $162,000.

Mount Oak Ct., 14021-Darnell E. Self to Linda and Deoraj Singh, $175,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8294-Barry E. and Kathryn M. Turnrose to Tamara C. Staley, $335,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 12414-Virginia Marie Ferdensi and Edward Richard Radzwich Trust to Larry Thomas and Margaret Eileen Holak, $319,900.

Vicar Woods Lane, 13006-Frank E. Bowen to Lauren B., William A. and Yolanda W. Reynolds, $635,000.

11th St., 13213-Laura H.G. O’Sullivan and Deborah K. Curran to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $220,000.


Archway Ct., 16402-U.S. Bank to Matthew D. Trivane and Carroll E. Midgett Jr., $282,500.

Ebbynside Ct., 15517-Yewande M. Obasa to Arthel Tamakloe, $213,000.

Everglade Lane, 15612, No. 302-Eric A. Hugh Jr. to Jae Suk and Yunhi Lee, $105,000.

New Oak Lane, 3026-F. Sheron Nicholas to Patricia M. Heard, $160,000.

Partell Ct., 16011-Earlisha Covington to Yusuf M. Barrett, $235,000.

Pleasant Hill Lane, 934-Department of Veterans Affairs to Lee and Julian Tran, $130,000.


Chadsey Lane, 15715-Anago Demetrius and Crystal Collins to Mujahid A. Ramzziddin, $293,000.

Moores Rd., 7630-Danyelle M. Kensey and estate of Lois L. Holley to David Ramdeen, $175,000.

Summer Dream Ct., 16204-Gregory A. Tate to Jerome Hopkins, $454,000.


38th Pl., 4502-Cynthia Flegler to Madison Homes Corp., $127,500.


Alton St., 3915-Evette Ginn to Suntrust Mortgage Inc., $307,460.

Bugler St., 5723-Galilee Community Development Corp. to Jermaine Otis Gresholm and Loleta Hall, $132,000.

Canyon Dr., 7022-John Lesniewski to Clayce Beard, $209,000.

Central Ave., 6908-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Cosme Arias Fuentes and Maria Centellas De Arias, $50,000.

Crown St., 5801-J&B. Properties Inc. to Latika Wesley, $136,000.

Edgewick Ave., 1408-William Blakely to Department of Veterans Affairs, $74,910.

Hackford Ct., 5411-Tia M. Watson and estate of Deborah C. Chisholm to Equity Trust Co. and Reginald Riley, $83,000.

Mentor Ave., 924-Department of Veterans Affairs to JC Restoration Corp., $79,000.

Thomasson Ct., 113-Gtis Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Howard Robertson, $255,990.

Walker Mill Dr., 7421-Jocelyn A. Hoholick and estate of Mary Ella Keene to Rosetta Spivey, $109,000.

69th St., 507-Rebuild America Inc. to Wallace L. and Dorothy Page Proctor, $9,900.


Spinnaker St., 9805-Devin D. and Tiffany L. Lewis to Augustine Oni, $295,000.


Columbia Ave., 1604-Vivian Gibson to Jackson R. Franco, $34,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2108-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to GT Investment Associates Corp., $120,000.

Gibbs Way, 8303-Centex Homes to Alvin C. Collins III, $315,355.

Gibbs Way, 8328-Centex Homes to Darren T. Gibson, $305,950.

Hawthorne St., 7205-Delmy F. Rodriguez to Claudia M. and Henry A. Mejia, $114,900.

Kent Village Pl., 2438-Jerrice A. Blunt to LNV Corp., $235,893.

Manor Terr., 112-Candice Marie Harris to Courtney Haggins, $170,000.

Nalley Ct., 7704-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Takisha Hayes, $80,000.

Tremont Ave., 2909-Patrick C. Heneghan to Christopher Lyle Evans and Jeanne Marie Judd, $283,000.

Village Green Dr., 1715, No. Z-34-Esther Baffoe and Howard Thomas to Equity Holdings International Corp., $38,000.


Acacia Ct., 7409-Robert K. Thomas to James and Marilyn McEachin, $275,000.

Atom Rd., 9601-Wells Fargo Bank to Marketpro South Inc., $150,000.

Brolass Rd., 12218-HSBC Bank to Marcus N. Edelen Jr., $179,900.

Cloverleaf Ave., 5709-Printus Dates Jr. to Maximus Real Estate Corp., $125,000.

Fishing Creek Way, 7722-Joslyn R. Pemberton to Phillip Monroe, $198,500.

Glen View Dr., 9608-Federal National Mortgage Association to William S. Davis, $170,000.

Huckleberry Ct., 7104-Loretta Robinson to Monica S. Harrington Young, $197,000.

Livingston Rd., 13600-Mary E. Winter to Snow Goose Home Corp., $55,000.

Patagonia Ct., 5710-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Prosper Osei Wusu, $85,000.

Sand Cherry Way, 6721-Lawrence and Gail C. Olliverrie to Kenneth B. and Andrea C. McGill, $460,000.

Simmons Lane, 6416-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to C.W. Scott Builders Inc., $120,000.

Woodyard Rd., 8132-Eva M. Ross Knox to Hazel Ann Daniel, $150,000.


Edgewood Rd., 5017-PNC Bank to Chong Chen, $218,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 8803-Olivia Cordero to Yunfeng Zhang and Hongmei Yao, $219,000.

38th Ave., 8805-Samuel Nduh Mbuh to Hongyan Wu and Li Song, $260,000.


Addison Rd. S., 1765, No. 1765-Altie Alexander Archer to Federal National Mortgage Association, $106,875.

Boundary Dr., 8001-Linda Wilkinson and Alan Freeman to Therese N. Hinton, $224,900.

Earl Dr., 7211-Carmen N. and Joseph G. Sellick to Albert McMillan, $198,000.

Gateway Blvd., 6910-Viola E. Laird to Dap Homes Corp., $825,000.

Kingswood Dr., 3701-Gavin and August Pitt to Antonio G. Craig, $125,000.

Maple Rock Way, 6113-Debbie A. Howard to Nickia Tibbs, $149,900.

Ramblewood Dr., 2305-LNV Corp. and Kent Twitchell to Charo Mariaca Ledezma, $85,100.

Ritchie Rd., 2411-Joyce Haywood and Tiffany Ruth Carr to Stars Home Corp., $127,000.

Senator Ave., 2517-Deborah Renee Morrow and estate of Earl S. Grove to Michael Charles Glenn, $179,900.

Stoney Meadows Dr., 5405-Aaron K. Blyther and Marissa R. Austin to Dream Home Design Corp., $90,000.

Weber Dr., 2205-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Aaron H. Rogers, $85,000.


Bellefield Ct., 2523-Marnie C. and Anthony R. James to Levoi D. Perry, $152,000.

Caltor Lane, 9818-Mona L. Jones to Federal National Mortgage Association, $414,000.

Charred Oak Dr., 3813-Residential Credit Solutions Inc. to Veronica M. Harris, $160,900.

Fort Foote Terr. W., 8714-Lyndon H. and Monica Desilva to SB Homes Corp., $104,500.

Henson Bridge Terr., 2939-Terra E. Faucett to Fatima M. Al-Amin, $200,000.

Kerby Pkwy., 108-Luxor Investments Corp. to Fiorella M. Arias, $238,000.

Klovstad Dr., 7707-Jack Bannister to Michael W. and Debra L. Patrick, $162,000.

Major King Lane, 307-Wayne Richardson to Laura L. Specians, $350,000.

Old Ironside Ct., 11200-Jacqueline E. Swindell to Willie Raines Jr., $320,000.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1570, No. 223-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Heiders Investments Inc., $80,100.

Southfield Rd., 6802-Wayne R. Mattocks to Betty J. Johnson, $168,000.

Testway Ave., 2609-Angela A. McCann to Realington 14 Corp., $136,000.


Dubarry St., 9808-Patrick Nganga to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $133,904.


Canning Terr., 8256-Robinette A. Ford to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $168,090.

Hanover Pkwy., 7800, No. 259-Gary R. and Nancy C. Thomas to Brenda D. Williams, $95,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 8114, No. 8114-Edward and Lorena Garrido to Federal National Mortgage Association, $161,496.

Winterwood Pl., 7901-Federal National Mortgage Association to Orlando O. Copeland, $202,202.


Longfellow St., 4403-Jerold B. Murphy to Shayla O. Romney, $275,000.

39th Ave., 5718-Bernice Linza Fero to Michael A. and Natalie K. Colville, $269,000.

59th Ave., 5012-Michael and Julie R. Rudder to Shiying Fan and Yongqing Ye, $121,000.


Cipriano Rd., 6206-Rosamond MacCormack to Federal National Mortgage Association, $428,559.

Cordona St., 5517-Lauro Tapia to Agustin Ramirez, $145,000.

Elbrook Ct., 7502-James Ayton and Janice Elaine Thurman to Edward M. Simeon, $239,950.

Good Luck Rd., 9715-James John and Sandra W. Smith to Trenton Williams Corp., $140,000.

Keewatin Rd., 8810-Daryl Shropshire and estate of George Shropshire to Pantheon Properties Corp., $111,150.

Lyle St., 6904-Armj Properties Inc. to Nancy A. Lopez, $240,000.

Palamar Turn, 7057-Nicole Annette Williams to Antonio Mari and Odaris M. Ruiz, $173,000.

Shepherd Lane, 5907-Rosa and Roberto Antonio Ramirez to Charles A. Wood, $205,000.

Woodstream Pl., 9900-Joyce B. Smith to Tanzania Coles, $229,500.


Avis Dr., 600-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ramani Reddy, $160,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15206-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Nayoka Gayles, $322,990.

Berwick Lane N., 15225-NVR Inc. to Julio Santos Jr., $349,520.

Berwick Lane N., 15233-NVR Inc. to Sabrina Walker, $370,540.

Campus Way S., 10061, No. 94-Charles C. Anakweze to Cuiying Ma, $102,000.

Campus Way S., 10487-Lydia A. Cutrer to CitiMortgage Inc., $250,609.

Copper Beech Dr., 15709-Jagjit S. and Baljit Ahuja to Robin Hicks Chalmers and Michael C. Bell, $494,000.

Endicott Pl., 3811-Pennymac Corp. to Janelle Taylor, $248,000.

Gary Lane, 9227-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yony E. and Benjamin Adalberto Rodriguez, $141,900.

Homestead Dr., 11515-Saidu Fofanah and Ibrahim S. Kamara to Federal National Mortgage Association, $507,331.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9704-Joyce A. Carr to Federal National Mortgage Association, $199,945.

North Grove, 2906-George L. Phillips and Marcia G. Allen to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $257,000.

Prince Pl., 10232, No. 16-104-U.S. Bank to Amjad Mahmood, $42,069.

Seth Ct., 3600-Yvette Kwin and Bertin Ngue Yebga to Leonard A. Ndouga, $240,000.

Wood Branch Ct., 1020, No. 412-Abiola and Olufunke O. Adetunji to Jarvis D. and Jelanie R. Sanaa Hagewood, $185,000.


Arbory Ct. S., 7630-Barbara Clark and Deborah Woodard to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $80,000.

Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 7803-James M. and Shiley F. Athey to Barbara G. Strang, $125,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7221-Adrian T. Irby to Eugene R. and Glenda Petty, $266,000.

Greencastle Rd., 4909-Anna Cruz to Phang Ngo and Xe Nguyen, $250,000.

Laurelton Dr., 15313-Joel E. Mendoza and Angelica Larios to Fatima C. Herrera, $104,000.

Shore Ct. S., 14309-Kimberly Wade to Dan and Ri Shu Zheng, $119,000.

Vista Dr., 14029-Folasade Duro Emanuel and Adesina Adebivi to Glennon Investment Corp., $65,000.


Balsamwood Terr., 11717-Charles A. and Patricia M. Fusco to James and Tamiko Gomez, $320,000.

Creekview Dr., 9315-Victor T. King to James Battle IV and Hillary Keating, $256,750.

Imperial Dr., 8330-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Sean Cooney, $84,000.

Snowden Oaks Pl., 8415-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Nicole Carter, $195,000.


Donoghue Dr., 8301-Carlos Reyes Bravo to PSB Investments Corp., $130,000.

Good Luck Rd., 7313-Pedro Franco and Jose R. Lemus to Suk P. and Dilu Rai, $185,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7517, No. 1919-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yodit Lulseged, $26,000.

Thornwood Rd., 3729-Adelino T. Sosa and Virginia Hernandez to Jorge F. Abdon, $60,000.

68th Pl., 4405-Aaa Homes Corp. and Hadi Mehrsefat to Narciso Galves and Ana M.C. Galvez, $193,000.

74th Ave., 4207-Ismael Ferman and Irene Carranza to Gdmd Holdings Group Corp., $99,000.


Huron Dr. N., 134-Marcos Andrade to Pedro Aleman, $159,000.

Snowflower Blvd., 4714-David A. Roy Sr. to Dena M. Briscoe, $125,000.

Wentworth Dr., 1107-Hector O. Coreas to Phoenix Property Developers Corp., $60,500.


Madison St., 6011-Joseph O. and Catherine A. Afrifa to Spar Corp., $71,500.

50th Ave., 5301-Yenis Canas Rosa and Dendry Aguilar to Yassob Ghahramani, $105,000.

63rd Ave., 5821-Swan Properties Inc. to Esteban T. and Elizabeth C. Silva, $205,000.

67th Ave., 5407-Debra Price to John J. Joppy Jr., $75,000.


Applegate Lane, 4226-Carolyn F. Pyatt to Edward Arnold Brandon, $169,900.

John St., 4416-Wanda M. Francis to Stephanie Berry, $204,000.

Norfolk Ct., 4803-Johnnie M. Smith to Bernadette Greenhow, $185,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4106-Webster and Gwendolyn L. Jordan to James Shareyf Doddy Ali, $100,000.

Talmadge Cir., 4339-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Department of Veterans Affairs, $229,138.


Anvil Lane, 2235-Yvonne H. Gant to Tejpal and Sumit Dogra, $75,000.

Bellbrook St., 2711-Nunzio J. Bonaccorsy to Joseph E. Taylor Jr., $121,000.

Colebrooke Dr., 2800-Estate of Florence M. De Fabio and Hugh C. De Fabio to Shelly Dunbar Webley, $156,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3331, No. 3331-B-2-Federal National Mortgage Association to Stephanie and William Patterson, $49,000.

Joan Lane, 5715-Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County to Lawan D. Poole, $172,000.

Ludlow Dr., 5408-Value Homes Corp. to Sheila J. Dancy, $250,500.

Portal Ave., 3805-Evette Belle Boykin to PSB Investments Corp., $108,600.

24th Ave., 4200-6709 Staton Road Corp. to Edward A. and Letha M. Bonds, $164,900.

26th Ave., 3801, No. 10-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Jason D. Terry, $37,500.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 303-RCC Oip Corp. to David W. Hill and Janelle M. Collins Hill, $197,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 503-RCC Oip Corp. to Munit Emlaelu, $180,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 802-RCC Oip Corp. to David L. Caskey and Mary Beth Engler, $176,000.

Chillum Rd., 1001, No. 317-Jaye E. Seay to Maulik Bhaskar Patel, $50,000.

Nicholson St., 3921-Frances Christine Evans to Matthew W. Barr, $210,000.

23rd Ave., 6637-Norman I. Gerber to Imelda Demaria Sagastume De Duarte, $122,500.

44th Ave., 6603-Benjamin and Ruth C. Neustifter to Sid Ahmed Boukabara, $162,000.


Brooktrail Ct., 16236-Walter and Iamanadette Green to Jenice Diane Proctor, $140,000.

Captain Marbury Lane, 13600-Ayoka Campbell to Triple L Construction Corp., $136,500.

Colonel Brooke Ct., 4808-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sean Earley and Jamie Nelson, $92,000.

Florin Way, 9025-Cpi Corp. to Pamela T. Chloe, $142,000.

Governor Sprigg Pl., 14640-101 Geneva Corp. to Nathanael Peterson, $179,000.

Largo Rd., 4801-Renee Denise Reid to Baltimore Home Alliance Corp., $61,000.

Lord Loudoun Ct., 4488, No. 16-8-Granados Tire Properties Corp. to Olga A. Colato, $72,000.

Marlton Center Dr., 12619-Deborah Y. Jovner to Shani N. Jackson, $163,000.

Marwood Blvd. N., 5622-Murli and Darshan Prasad to Mohammed Mokaddem, $238,000.

Old Colony Dr., 12422-Lanell Best to Provident Funding Associates Corp., $125,000.

Pine Meadows Lane, 10203-Nelson Dejesus Torres to Issac L. Wright, $248,000.

Terrytown Ct., 4014-Willie Mae Trust to Darren M. Hunter and Charlotte M. Hall, $218,000.

Williamsburg Dr., 9921-Federal National Mortgage Association to Cohba Corp., $149,000.


Fairlakes Pl., 1200-Timothy M. Ott to Andre Paris and Rhesha Danielle Lewis Plummer, $310,000.

Kingsford Ct., 12204-Karyn D. and Jeffery B. Brooks to LNV Corp., $145,200.

Oxbridge Way, 9912-Josephine B. and Oluwole Fasanmi to Susan K. Jarrett and Larry David Greene, $407,400.

Peartree Lane, 1405-Christopher J. Mayerle to Brian K. Woodard and Chessa D. Huff, $320,000.