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Prince George’s County

Livingston Rd., 16214-Denise L. Brooks to Amanda L. Jordan, $110,000.

Trunnel Lane, 1109-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sean Addison, $179,500.


Chillum Rd., 819-Jay Weiss to Anne C. De Roo, $200,000.

Hannon St., 2106-Comfort and John Ngu to Bonaventure Asongache, $147,350.

Merrimac Dr., 1605-Francisco Barahona Orellana to LT Properties Corp., $141,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 221-Julio Gonzalez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $77,200.

Quinn Spring Ct., 7606-Realty Properties Corp. to Theresa Thompson, $220,000.

Truxton Rd., 10409-Lauren K. Bivonia and Nicholas Matlach to Nellie Falconett, $230,000.

23rd Ave., 7608-Santos Martinez Garcia to Virginia Estela Munoz, Ciro Armando Pineda and Humberto Duarte, $230,000.

25th Ave., 7711-Charles R. and Juletta R. Smith Trust to Oscar Bustamante Huaman, Angelica Ortega De Bustamante and Yudy M. Vivanco, $120,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11230-Edna Umali to Elsabet Mengistu and Admassu Tassew, $80,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11384, No. 1-H-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tania Maya Hollomon, $59,000.

Howard Ave., 4907-Ram Rakshpal to Hector Y. Marroquin Palma, $245,000.

Oriole Dr., 13114-Deutsche Bank to Michael F. Lewis, $250,000.

Stonehall Dr., 3510-Blanca M. Estrada to Sitha Chheng, $172,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 711-Onewest Bank to Phillip Scott, $17,000.

60th Ave., 5033-James E. and Lynetta L. Bryant to Zhenyu Zhao, $100,000.


Belhurst Lane, 12808-Kimberly L. Kocur and estate of Faye G. Ford to Christine M. Hazell, $185,000.

Galaxy Lane, 11913-Deutsche Bank to Appraisal Continent Inc., $181,125.

Heatherstone Dr., 13802-Benton Harshbarger and estate of Glenda F. Harshbarger to Kenneth G. and Kristi N. Hibbert, $325,000.

Korvale Lane, 2513-Darnette and Dwayne Carey to SRP 2010-6 Corp., $189,900.

London Lane, 14629-Martha R. Hall and estate of Louise Hanbury to Quintin A. Smith, $169,000.

Mercer Dr., 3701-Mark S. Devan to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $327,762.

Quintette Lane, 12219-Mamadou Hady Diallo to William Emanuel Clyburn Sr., $280,000.

Sutters Lane, 12715-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Emerald C. Turpin, $325,000.

Wayberry Ct., 12203-Brandon D. and Elizabeth A. Jones to Sanovia McArthur and Jeffery Mark Peterson, $270,000.


Althea Lane, 1903-Willco Properties Corp. to Harry and Monica Freeman, $310,000.

Ardlyn Ct., 1901-James N. and Marie M. Londot to Philippa S. Stuart, $199,000.

Emory Ct., 15210-Citimortgage Inc. to Darien, Derron and Duane Parris, $197,500.

November Ct., 2917-Constance L. Ramseur to Sandra Gedeon and Arran Davis, $130,000.

Russet Dr., 17201-Alimamy Kanu to Sita Kanneh, $352,000.


Commander Howe Terr., 7016-PNC Bank to Jovan Descaries, $169,900.

Pocopson Creek Way, 15511-Jessica A. and Reginald K. Brooks to Antoine C. Robinson Sr. and Shonelle N. Woodridge, $183,500.

Tower Rd., 13708-GS Home Services Corp. to Andre Dion and Tasha Nicole Wright, $157,500.


40th Pl., 4301-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jennifer Ann Clark, $100,000.


Applegarth Pl., 5936-Jenkins & Associates Corp. to Foster Equity Homes Corp., $87,000.

Byers St., 4211-Stanley Derrick and Thomas L. Hurtt to Ayr Properties Corp., $25,000.

Carmody Hills Dr., 319-Jenni Brown to Jerry S. Friedman, $60,000.

Chapel Oaks Dr., 1310-Marietta C. Beynum and Marcus A. Jones to Armj Properties Inc., $45,000.

Curled Oaks Pl., 1107-Renzo Bertot and Habib Kuncar Saal to Samuel Louis Moore, $142,000.

Foote St., 6300-Mar Del Sur Trading Corp. to Betty Ann and Demarco Donnell Boone, $199,000.

Heath St., 5105-Preferred Business Xchange Corp. to S&N. Investments Corp., $60,000.

Larchmont Ave., 733-Kenya L. Jackson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $110,000.

Mountain Lake Pl., 6703-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Atlantic Capital Services, $100,000.

Torque St., 4110-Cosandra Long to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $190,000.


Angora Dr., 10000-Eric Littlejohn and Denise Rachael Lowe to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $265,000.


Amador Dr., 3213-Amt Investments Corp. to Isidore N. Tabe, $220,000.

Columbia Pl., 2201-James Fuller to Raymond and Barbara Crosson, $145,000.

Consideration Lane, 1009-Sylvia King to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $201,232.

Gibbs Way, 8311-Centex Homes to Yeneisha S. Johnson, $317,595.

Greeley Rd., 7408-Donnell A. and Donnita M. Holliday to Janet S. Lucas and Irwin T. Saunders, $82,000.

Hawthorne St., 7308-Seannetta C. Burgess to Teresa A. McCrimmon, $212,000.

Laurel Ave., 3122-Malcolm Friar to Mary E. Shine, $337,000.

Marblewood Ave., 1604-Nelson Quintanilla and Mary Majano to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $100,000.

Ray Leonard Rd., 1914-Prince George’s County Md., to Ashley Oak Partners Corp., $42,235.

Vermont Ave., 1901-Bank of New York Mellon to Vericrest Financial Inc. and GT Investment Associates Corp., $115,000.


Boniwood Turn W., 5347-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Cristina Daley, $151,000.

Brooke Jane Dr., 6108-Residential Value Corp. to Michael E. Brenyo Jr., $180,000.

Fox Park Rd., 9124-Glenda Jackson to Khurram H. Butt, $246,500.

Gredinger Dr., 6311-Realty Properties Corp. to David Mason Jr. and Laquita Johnon, $239,000.

Huckleberry Ct., 7214-Onewest Bank to Patricia Stevens, $168,940.

Sarakal Rd., 7811-Mai D. Pointer Green and David A. Green to Brian A. Cooper, $128,200.

Sweeney Dr., 8515-Ak Cedar Chase Corp. to NVR Inc., $114,000.

Terence Dr., 5812-Karin Cordova to Taitai Corp., $120,000.


Edgewood Rd., 5207-Magic Group Corp. to Ahna De Triana, $245,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 5904, No. 5904-Deborah Anderson and Johnette E. Anderson Kioko to Chenhong and Tracy Zhang, $126,900.

47th Pl., 9609-Federal National Mortgage Association to College Park City University Partnership, $209,000.


Apothecary St., 3714-Mark D. Meyer to Residential Value Corp., $90,500.

Darkwood Ct., 6715-Jacqueline Dent to Household Finance Corp. III, $371,875.

Flag Harbor Dr., 7401-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $120,248.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 5763-366 Nansemond Corp. to Dwaynya C. Goodson, $162,500.

Kipling Pkwy., 6414-Gruppo Fortuna Corp. to Angela M. Washington, $186,700.

Nimitz Dr., 7205-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Metro Area Management, $102,000.

Regency Pkwy., 3501-Natasha Davis to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $283,735.

Ritchie Rd., 2500-Mary J. Thomas to Abbeygale R. Wright, $159,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 1503-1503 Shady Glen Corp. to Loretta J. Vincent, $235,000.

Stoney Meadows Dr., 5522-Ana M. Henriquez to Jose S. Orellana, $140,000.


Allentown Rd., 7916-Tito Antezana to Jose M. Rodriguez Tobias, $190,000.

Bentwood Dr., 508-SAS Holdings Corp. to Dexter Pagara and Margie Hurd, $157,000.

Caltor Lane, 9911-Danilo G. Canlas Sr. to Antonio C. and Aurora V. Rivera, $152,000.

Colleen Ct., 1009-Stephanie H. Hurley to Opal Investment Inc., $280,000.

Flintlock Lane, 10903-Shelnellia Denise Hall and Darlene Hines to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $193,500.

Friar Rd., 9201-Luxor Investments Corp. to Karine N. and Marcus D. Reese Shaw, $255,000.

Henson Valley Way, 2610-Doris E. Calhoun to Sylena Slaughter, $190,000.

Kilbourne Dr., 3905-Chad Evans Davis to Value Homes Corp., $115,600.

Livingston Rd., 10110-Redshift Corp. to Peter Schulleri and Rosa Maria Deras, $190,540.

Middlefield Rd., 6608-Layiwola and Elizabeth Odusami to Milton Brown, $160,000.

Old Piscataway Rd., 1404-Nathaniel L. and Diane P. Johnson to Mirza Khawar Walayat, $69,999.

Prestwick Dr., 12617-Michael R. and Martha R. Kenney to Alex Dyer, $255,000.

Star Dr. N., 11626-Aaron L. and Christina Brown Acosta to Elaine Taylor, $315,000.

Turner St., 8114-Bi Investment Group Corp. to Michele Thompson, $237,000.


Glennberry Ct., 6002-K&P Glendale Corp. to Tyrone West and Kia Phillips, $549,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8431, No. 8431-T-2-Aldrick Dodds to Eva L. Rodriguez, $49,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7816, No. 376-Rosemary Zaccaguino to Andrew J. Hickson Jr., $95,000.

Mandan Rd., 7927, No. 653-Kristena Howard to Valdez Mumford, $51,000.


Emerson St., 5104-Gsaa Home Equity Trust 2006-20 to Abbie L. Fosburgh, $126,000.

Longfellow St., 4550-Pulte Home Corp. to Ian C. Herron and Gary P. Hardaway, $379,607.

40th Pl., 5706-Maria D. and Nelson A. Flores to Rong Wen, $90,000.


Annapolis Rd., 10106-Hang Nguyen and Linh Quoc Tran to Khalid I. Gill, $237,500.

Belva Pl., 5517-Sherri Haller and estate of Jack Rumble to Federal National Mortgage Association, $237,778.

Cipriano Rd., 6410-FV Reo I Corp. to Pablo Arevalo, $180,000.

Dahlgreen Ct., 6409-Norbert Payne Emmanuel and Anita Payne to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $233,500.

Erland Way, 6209-National Institues of Health Federal Credit Union to Jonas N. Njinkeng and Cidonne Kejang, $324,900.

Grant Dr., 7921-Emma P. Essex and Barbara Ricks Thompson to Damani Y. Cook, $129,900.

Kinmount Rd., 4207-Joy W. Hope Samuels to Uzoamaka Victoria Okorie, $215,000.

Martins Lane, 6205-Mary E. Cortez to Muntaha Tahar, $185,000.

Palamar Turn, 7059-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $119,000.

Storch Turn, 10432-Peguy Vanessa Kamdem to Avery L. Bowden, $196,000.

Wyatt Dr., 9412-Lilian M. Moscoso to Leonel A. Sandoval, $230,000.


Avis Dr., 805-Deutsche Bank and Residential Funding Co. Corp. to Exemplary Inc., $150,122.

Berwick Lane N., 15210-US Home Corp. and Lennar to David Michael Wheeler Jr., $338,490.

Berwick Lane N., 15227-NVR Inc. to Jennie Decuire, $347,880.

Beth Ave., 9204-Agnes E. and Paul Joseph Miller to Anthony F. and Donna W. Long, $135,100.

Campus Way S., 10100, No. 103-4A-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael P. and Sia T. Senior, $56,500.

Dennis Magruder Dr., 403-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tarico J. Sweat, $320,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1618-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Shoshana Tania Riley, $329,200.

Green Wing Terr., 15006-Shaconya L. Wiggins to Chijioke Okorie Onwuchekwa and Grace M. Harrison, $232,000.

Jefferson St., 4409-HSBC Bank to JMD Real Estate Corp., $65,399.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9712-Dominick R. and Charles E. Transou to Amt2 Corp., $73,500.

Mount Lubentia Way, 11102-Marcus A. Hughes and Michelle T. Washington to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $205,400.

Payton Dr., 13015-Kenneth William Branch to Thelma A. and Julian S. Foster, $220,000.

Prince Pl., 10245, No. 29-T-5-Olakunle Fagbohunka to Paulson Obiniyi, $74,300.


Belle Ami Dr., 14805-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Cuong Quoc Le, $115,000.

Caledon Ct., 7308-Castle Peak 2012-1 Loan Trust Mortgage to Jeffrey Rodeffer and Wenona Lemke, $427,000.

Cherrywood Dr., 15001-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kay Harkjoo Lee, $80,000.

Dorset Rd., 16033-Marie M. Grenan to Luis M. and Blanca F. Dominguez, $167,000.

Haynes Rd., 15743-Tracey C. McIntire to Arun, Dharmisha and Arunkumar Patel, $161,000.

Mews Ct., 15641-Terri L. Prayer to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $271,080.

Shore Ct. S., 14320-Melsor Valencia to Kimberlie Keiana Ginyard, $216,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7527-Kichelle L. Coleman to Fahim Hussain, $120,000.


Briarcroft Lane, 8720-Emil Joseph and Peter Francis Hatfalvi to Francisco A. Flores, Elias A. Flores Carlos and Maria Lilian Claros De Flores, $255,000.

Crystal Rock Lane, 8718-Sherill Peters to Federal National Mortgage Association, $348,000.

Ispahan Loop, 9240-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kara Scott, $187,500.


Bunker Hill Rd., 2904-Christopher John and Carol Underwood to 2904 Bunker Hill Road Corp., $425,000.


Emerson Rd., 7721-Fiorella Cassinelli and Silvia P. Sternberg to Angelica M. Diaz and Maria V. Claros, $200,000.

Greenvale Pkwy., 7108-Rigo H. Barrientos to Oseas D. Roque, $115,000.

Marywood St., 7201-Jose Luis and Elda Espinal to Jacqueline M. Budgen and Jose L. Castillo, $90,000.

Parkwood St., 6904-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg and Conway Corp. to Marcos Chaj Velasquez and Blanca F. Gutierrez Garcia, $110,000.

Shepherd St., 6900-Valerie Counhian and estate of Herbert E. Counihan to Jun Yan & Karen Westbrook Properties Corp., $60,000.

Varnum St., 6917-Federal National Mortgage Association to Yesenia Beatriz Cruz, $138,000.

70th Ave., 3808-Soibett Enterprises Corp. to David Herrera Osorio, $218,000.

74th Ave., 4302-Swan Properties Inc. to Ronald and Vickie Garcon, $215,000.


Danby Ave., 5506-Federal National Mortgage Association to Realington 18 Corp., $121,500.

Hampton Dr., 623-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Linda Tynes, $38,000.

Iverson St., 1813-Jefferey and Loraine Hamilton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $446,700.

Stratwood Ave., 1200-Leonides M. Saporteza to Rimer Ovando, $140,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 557, No. 6756-Vivian Claypoole to Michael A. Teagle, $22,500.


Norman Ave., 6001-Madeline F. and Charles L. Lay to Rudi R. Turcios, $185,000.

Quintana St., 5419-Vum Zakam Suanh and Zam Lamh Dim to Lian Pau, $115,500.

60th Ave., 5911-Nelson B. Villalta to Luis Diaz, $150,000.

63rd Ave., 6000-Helen T. and Edward S. Allinson Jr. to Christopher S. Miller, $85,227.

67th Ave., 5710-Federal National Mortgage Association annie Mae and BWW Law Group Corp. to P&Q Realty Corp., $105,000.


Auth Way, 5516-James Darrin Cunningham to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $126,000.

Lanier Ave., 5406-Derex Griffin to Kristen D. Jackson, $205,000.

Randall Rd., 3303-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Morazan Corp., $125,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4126-Tisha R. Willams to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $87,000.

Weltham St., 3418-Arthur J. Home Jr. to Francis Realty Corp., $90,000.


Anvil Lane, 2312-Anthony and Lisa D. Philpot to Kevin S. Towles, $106,700.

Brinkley Rd., 3120, No. 204-Barbara A. Harrison to Valencia Richardson, $20,000.

Dunlap St., 3624-Fortress Investors I Corp. to Phillip Bishop, $66,700.

Glen Oak Dr., 6429-Realty Properties Corp. to Daryl S. and Shaunta M. Williams, $240,000.

Iverson St., 2009-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Francisca E. Lango, $113,000.

Kenwood St., 5500-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. and Selene Finance Inc. to Deon Hankins, $165,000.

Lyons St., 4205-Sheinah Prudent to Katrena Edwards, $119,000.

Shopton Dr., 4902-Wells Fargo Bank to DNJH Corp., $121,299.

25th Pl., 3308-Franklin G. Senger III and Edward J. Wilhelm to Nourou Wabi, $158,000.

28th Pkwy., 3405-Alex Home Group Corp. to Kim C. Ferrell, $190,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 307-RCC Oip Corp. to Hoyoung, Myungja and Jean Lee, $143,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 510-RCC Oip Corp. to HPB Investments Corp., $167,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 713-RCC Oip Corp. to Hao Yu, $110,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 811-RCC Oip Corp. to Samuel and Bobbi Snowden, $191,000.

Hayden Rd., 2002-Solomon and Alfred Phillip Whitmore to LT Properties Corp., $140,000.

Madison St., 3309-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Firas Safar and Nameer Khadhoori, $95,500.

Rosedale Dr., 5900-Nghiem Vuong to Minh Kha Sanders, $170,000.

24th Ave., 6605-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Magdalena Hodgson, $150,000.


Aquinas Ave., 7003-Anye C. Niba to Loretta Anne Mobley, $136,000.

Buck Ct., 14000-Gus and Maria Y. Anderson to Latasha Comer and Joseph Butler, $369,900.

Castle Dr., 9415-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ling Zha, $80,000.

Cranford Dr., 11109-Realington Seven Corp. to Deon Facey, $235,000.

Fairhaven Ave., 9105-Ella J. Stroud to Rosalie V. Buck, $152,000.

Florin Way, 9045-Sean Erby and Citimortgage Inc. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $300,027.

Graystone Dr., 10010-Hampton Rembert III to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $252,239.

Lord Loudoun Ct., 4488, No. 16-8-Tamarah N. Hay and Carl E. Holness to Granados Tire Properties Corp., $38,500.

Marwood Blvd. N., 5626-Wells Fargo Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Vivian B. and John A. Swann, $216,000.

Old Colony Dr., 12435-Homer S. Pointer to Aisha Wilson, $157,950.

Roblee Dr., 5107-Jane M. and John J. Crouse to William L. and Cathy L. Eiland, $229,900.

Thomas Sim Lee Terr., 5428-Ayanna Dawn Hampton to Capri D. Thornton, $190,733.

Woods View St., 12919-Triangle Homes Corp. to Lakeisha L. Alston, $268,000.


Hall Station Dr., 900-Cenhall Corp. to NVR Inc., $550,000.

Kingsview St., 12404-Bernard J. Ferguson to Wilmington Trust Co., $208,678.

Oxbridge Way, 9915-Ethelberth N. Dike to Julius and Angela Hill, $416,000.