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Prince George’s County

Alhambra Ave., 1108-Angela M. Warshaw Prather to Monique Snow, $132,000.

Dale Lane, 1902-Tela Smith and Derrick Funderburk to Yesenia Rivera, $320,000.

Livingston Rd., 15500-Mehdi Sarbaz to Mark A. Davis, $249,900.

Maple Dr., 15609-Olive W. and John Fitzmaurice to Ali Hessari, $127,500.


Beechwood Rd., 2002-Brenda Pedroza and estate of Rogelio Pedroza to Santos A. Mayen, $219,900.

Greenspire Terr., 8222-Azeb Samuel Britton andSamuel Trust to Kokoye Araya and Feben Zenebe, $235,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1806, No. 302-Orsi Auriliano Mejia Gonzalez to Mohammad Sohail Arzoo, $50,000.

Riggs Rd., 7977, No. 7977-4-Wilber Arias to Mayra Y. and Carlos Antonio Zavala, $43,000.

25th Ave., 7110-Robert and Gloria M. Simmons to Evelyn Y. Guerra, $160,000.


Brandon Lane, 4807-Luis Albarracin Gironda to Ismael M. and Alexis V. Isip, $180,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11216-John K. Rego to Khalequzzaman Chowdhury and Aleya A. Zaman, $74,900.

Evans Trail Way, 3719-Frank R. Loys and estate of Ramiro H. Loys to Terri L. Hackett, $215,500.

Holly Tree Ct., 11905-Boniface and Veryl Ann Lansiquot to Federal National Mortgage Association, $184,000.

Marie St., 4608-Maria Crassas Makrodimitri and Konstantinos Makrodimitris to Alba Rosibel Santiago Ascencio and Edwin A. Reyes, $270,000.

Pitsea Dr., 11417-Ever M. Jimenez and Celia Mata to Alexander V. Soto Molina, $170,000.

Stanmore Dr., 7713-Kenneth C. Green to Lisa Lafond, $122,869.


Annapolis Rd., 15300-National Residential Nomineee Services to Phyllis Ann Geis, $180,100.

Beechtree Lane, 13003-Gary G. Allen to James E. and Kylie A. Anderson, $249,000.

Epponians Choice Dr., 5420, No. 10-Milton and Sandra Witherspoon to Altaf and Nusrat Khan, $250,000.

Idlewild Dr., 13330-Thomas J. Smith and estate of Charles William Smith to George H. and Elizabeth A. Butts, $280,000.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12800, No. 304-SK Homes at Delight I Corp. and Goodier Builders to Elisha F. Terry, $190,000.

Maroon Lane, 3617-U.S. Bank to Edwin Suchite Duarte, $223,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 4609-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Monique I. Hunter, $200,000.

Oat Farm Ct., 8102-William Manuel and Theresa Ann Pratt to Derek Chantry Gilbert, $408,500.

Old Fletchertown Rd., 13220-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher J. Underwood, $185,000.

Quadrille Lane, 12220-Susan Robison and estate of Dola B. Marsden to Jeannette Fuller, $359,000.

River Park Rd., 8005-Rickey J. and Vercilla A. Brown to Kaream Reid, $390,000.

Silver Maple Ct., 13110-Kenneth J. MacFadyen to Federal National Mortgage Association, $272,913.

Tanbark Lane, 3002-Judith E. Wolfe and estate of Doris Sunderland Cummins to Michael J. Dover, $239,900.

Ninth St., 13005-Prince George’s County, Md., to 6311 Chew Road Corp., $135,500.


Atwater Ct., 3406-Chadwich A. Nelson to Sandra C. and Albert A. Dorner, $420,000.

Everglade Lane, 15600-Marion S. Lewis Jr. to Joseph E. Laumann, $79,000.

Hindle Lane, 2243-Department of Housing and Urban Development to German E. Escobar, $250,000.

Norwegian Ct., 15514-Alicia D. Newell to Florence Poynter, $154,000.

Pinecroft Lane, 15903-Karren Y. Alexander to Carlos A. Baez, $197,000.

Russet Dr., 17118-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Ocean Holdings Corp., $300,882.


Brandywine Heights Rd., 14420-Mary A. Robinson and James R. Swann to Lydia J., John C. and Jesse C. Duncan, $235,000.

Floral Park Rd., 3205-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Thomas L. and Sara E. McCullough, $224,900.

Kennett Square Way, 15407-Aquarius A. and Terry G. Bellamy to Beneficial Financial I Inc., $442,500.

McKay Dr., 5908-Maryland Community Development Administration to Stonetrust II Corp., $100,800.


Upshur St., 3707-Louise N. Leftwich to Jose G. Urias Moreno, $13,000.

41st Ave., 4538-National Transfer Services Corp. and WHR Group Inc. to Rebecca Emily and Benjamin Knowlton, $301,500.


Addison Rd., 5945-Jeffrey R. and Kamilah M. Bunn to Moseley Corp., $69,750.

Aquamarine Ct., 6959-Laura H.G. O’Sullivan and Deborah K. Curran to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $180,000.

Bishop Dr., 7001-Evergreen Design & Build Corp. to Lorna J. Green, $214,900.

Clovis Ave., 816-Federal National Mortgage Association to Axe Properties & Management Corp., $90,168.

Deanwood Dr., 4705-Dwayne E. Wright to Federal National Mortgage Association, $157,500.

Fable St., 4905-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Juman Rouzimaimaiti, $71,000.

Gray St., 119-Gtis Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Peter Eugene Edwards, $250,999.

L St., 6411-Kevin H. Causbey to Maryland Community Development Administration, $319,500.

Onyx Ct., 7020-Anstienette Sharpe to Catrice M. Prailow, $150,000.

Sharma St., 907-Bobby and Sharon McNair Robinson to Reesha M. Forney, $150,000.

Torque St., 4323-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel A. Huertas, $59,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 6419-Angela Robinson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $287,305.


Angora Dr., 10107-La Donica and David Small to Qiana Johnson, $150,000.


Gibbs Way, 8307-Centex Homes to Jocelyn Smith, $170,775.

Gibbs Way, 8334-Centex Homes to Grupo Jose Pinto-MD Corp., $328,355.

Hawthorne St., 6515-Diana C. Theologou to BDD Holdings 2 Corp., $73,600.

Markham Lane, 2502, No. 5-Alicia Celestine Stanford to Federal National Mortgage Association, $217,000.

Normandy Rd., 7709-Robert M. Jackson and estate of John W. Jackson to Victor L. Aldana, $90,000.

Ray Leonard Rd., 2009-William Stoddard Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $80,000.

Tremont Ave., 3206-Mildred E. Nightengale and Carole H. Turner to LPP Mortgage Corp., $230,000.

Village Green Dr., 1846, No. E-119-Gloria J. Belton to Reginald L. Forbes, $60,900.

63rd Ave., 2817-Axe Properties & Management Corp. to Imoh E. Akpan and Kaiulani N. Ivory, $296,501.


Boniwood Turn E., 5809-Pamela D. Brown to Gary R. McGowan, $130,000.

Brandywine Rd., 10100-John E. Goddard to Prince George’s County Md., $8,200.

Brandywine Rd., 10201-Richard Paul Goddard to Prince George’s County, Md., $4,300.

Caldran Dr., 9304-SD Homes Corp. to Mekeshia D. Bates, $279,000.

Dewdrop Way, 7123-Natasha Mouton to Trenton Williams Corp., $120,570.

Jervis St., 12915-Charles E. and Joyce D. Turner to Navorro Roderick Bowman, $369,000.

Milligan Rd., 7203-Thomas L. Murphy Jr. and Linda A. Brooks to Dream Properties Corp., $85,000.

Sweeney Dr., 8514-NVR Inc. to Theodore C. Simms II and Lateefah Z. Thompson, $601,139.

White Ave., 10112-James Wesley Dadisman II to Home Direct Corp., $75,000.


Duke St., 3408-Jason J. and Vimala Wycliffe to Leena Nirmal and Arun Chawla, $240,000.

Harvard Rd., 4808-Joshua J. Owens to David R. Lee, $344,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 10119-David K. Moyer to Carleveva J. Williams, $290,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1417-Dorothy G. White to Mary B. Moore, Ruth M. and Roy D. Alvarez, $158,000.

50th Pl., 9000-Janet E. Dye and estate of Thomas Oliver Kirkman to Mohamed F. Beshir, $180,000.


Charredwood Dr., 2931-John W. Moses to Federal National Mortgage Association, $110,000.

Donnell Pl., 7248-Wells Fargo Bank and Onewest Bank to Gamez Enterprises Corp., $32,500.

Helena Pl., 7002-Mark S. Devan to Federal National Mortgage Association, $283,146.

Lubbock Rd., 5509-Cassandra M. and Edwin Crawford to Federal National Mortgage Association, $210,374.

Marlboro Pike., 7400-New York Community Bank and Frank Kolbes to Marlboro Leasing Co., $169,000.

Newglen Ave., 2603-Hayvella Ricks Charleston to Federal National Mortgage Association, $160,000.

Regency Pkwy., 3415-Taylor Group Investments Corp. to David M. Williams Jr., $154,900.

Ryder Ave., 2604-Wells Fargo Bank to David Loring, $66,150.

Tulip Ave., 1661-Margaret P. Bean to Nadira Mungne and Joseph Liggins, $105,000.


Barrett Rd. E., 7905-Charles B. and Christopher Burton to James Martin, $15,000.

Grasmere Ct., 8732, No. 8732-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Najia Bagheri and Ghulam Afzali, $76,000.

Harrison Ave., 13204-Nicholas Arbello and Jessica Melgar to Marlene A. Patterson, $170,000.

Livingston Rd., 12800-Arash Jamaleddin to Angela M. Deramos, $250,000.

Lorelei Dr., 1606-Kimberly M. Harris to James Gordon, $125,000.

Round Table Dr., 305-Mark S. Devan to Department of Veterans Affairs, $237,070.

Tuckaway Terr., 913-Tiber & Nile Investment Corp. to Robby and Nicole Haugh, $305,000.

Windemere Ct., 1190, No. 1190-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Srinivasa Sanikommu, $63,200.


Green Ct., 12007-Karen A. Hermann and Adam A. and Ruth H. Pulaski Trust to Deemer Realty Investments Corp., $190,000.

Marguerita Ave., 9911-Realington 15 Corp. to Kelly Ann Wilkicki, $270,000.

Ransom Dr., 12421-Mark Joseph and Anne A. Bartels to Michael C. Witthoeft and Hong Xie, $319,900.


Greenbelt Rd., 8471, No. 8471-201-Keya M. Conley to John F. and Keith D. Moore, $60,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7732, No. 242-Asif Chaudry and Amna Asif to William R. Vicks III, $99,900.

Lake Park Dr., 6610, No. 1-Vonetta Rector to Federal National Mortgage Association, $255,223.


Elberton Ct., 5617-Javier Coreas and Cleotilde L. Vigil to Carlos Aranguren, $65,000.

Kenilworth Ave., 5024-Paul Randolph Jones to Cecile E. Epoupa and Pierre Gwet, $134,000.

Longfellow St., 4556-Pulte Home Corp. to Lela M. Landro, $343,772.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 712-Maryland Community Development Administration to Viola Gonzalez, $79,500.

54th Pl., 5009-Cecilia R. Shellman and Catherine C. Clark to Stanley and Shaun Smith, $122,000.


Brae Brooke Dr., 8676-Laura H.G. O’Sullivan and Deborah K. Curran to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $120,000.

Erland Way, 6202-Mabinty Daramy to Bassiru Y. Koroma, $296,000.

Hayes St., 3329-Valerie A. Jones and estate of Cleo C. Matney to Alex D. Hall, $119,900.

Nashville Rd., 6937-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Ramas Trust, $189,000.

Ruxton Dr., 5531-Daniel Lucero and Irma Martinez to American Investments Corp., $160,000.

Walkerton Dr., 9001-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rosario Soto Jones, $160,500.

Woodstream Turn, 6901-Federal National Mortgage Association to Howard Gibson and Diedre Robinson, $185,000.


Ardmore Rd., 9022-Lolita Spiller to Diana Phuong H. and Ricardo Magalhaes, $95,000.

Blaz Ct., 2121-Jennifer Walker Gregory to Sara Childress, $145,000.

Campus Way S., 10114, No. 102-8C-Barbara Womble Wilson to Dennis Amor, $37,000.

Drumsheugh Lane, 11325-Mary A. Mendez to Camille A. John and Marcus S. Jenkins, $349,900.

Firethorn Ct., 140, No. 14-4-Esther N. Kuria to Donald L. and Tahirih E. Wilson, $80,000.

Gadsen Ct., 14021-Kevin A. Trigg to Sana Joseph, $382,500.

Hobart St., 9106-Timothy Lawson to Jose L. Villatoro, $165,000.

Joyceton Way, 3-Sharon Nickelberry to Elias Okehie Okoro, $165,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9805-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ramani Reddy, $75,100.

New Acadia Lane, 14000, No. 105-Carl S. Reeder Jr. and Carl S. Reeder Sr. Trust. to Charles Edward Hughes, $89,900.

Redhead Ct., 1503-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Teresa A.A. Thomas, $340,000.

Town Center Cir., 8931-Olufolake O. and Temidayo O. Fabayo to Sharae L. Hayden, $113,000.

Wren Ct., 309-Christopher James and Valerie Anita Cephas to Lamonte M. and Jenny M. Creavalle, $199,900.


Arbory Way, 15419-Elizabeth A. Wells to Federal National Mortgage Association, $202,016.

Birdcherry Lane, 7304-Donald W. and Jean E. Buss to James M. and Joan M. Hall, $297,000.

Carissa Lane, 7802-Karoline E. Black to Jianguo Yu, $160,500.

Haynes Rd., 15716-Paula M. Perlman to Corina V. and Miriam Y. Rojas, $204,000.

Lexington Ave., 7614-Derek E. and Lachelle Harris Fulford to Federal National Mortgage Association, $214,220.

Nichols Dr., 928-Diana C. Theologou to BDD Holding 2 Corp., $121,500.

Yardarm Way, 14109-Francis Young and Bank or America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $278,900.


Contee Rd., 8514-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Elijah James Lisoyi, $178,700.

Ivory Fashion Ct., 12105-Uriel Cruz Garcia and Leticia Garcia De Cruz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $229,000.

Pheasant Run Ct., 9813-Monique Cooper and Ozay Thomas to National Residential Nominee Services iInc. $340,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 3107-Federal National Mortgage Association to P&O Realty Corp., $132,000.

34th St., 3702-Banana DC Enterprises Corp. to Elvia M. Mora Perez, $215,500.


Frederick Rd., 7729-Oliver A. Herrera and Dorelys Garcia to Kelliher Road Corp., $91,840.

Longfellow St., 8307-HSBC Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to William Wright and Appollonia Louise Linkens, $135,000.

Quentin St., 8103-Eh 8103 Corp. to Louise Adesso III and Catherine E. Kilmer, $260,000.


Barrymore Dr., 510-Orville S. and Natasha Devonish to Federal National Mortgage Association, $248,735.

Deep Gorge Ct., 1508-1508 Deep Gorge Court Real Property Trust and Quinae Rashawn Allen to Carrie N. Dubose, $142,141.

Furness Ave., 6916-William M. Savage to Akrami Real Estate Inc., $84,000.

Modoc Lane, 606-Ignacia Rosario to the Town of Forest Heights, $200,000.

Potomac Psge., 155-NHL Residential Development Inc. to Sergey Petrovich Adamenko and Milana Lee Dunlop, $314,900.

Shawnee Dr., 5702-James R. and Elizabeth Hamill Hart to Josh McLemore, $148,000.

Wheeler Rd., 4818-Monacco Exclusive Renovation Corp. to Chukwuma and Charity Iheagwara, $235,000.


Patterson St., 5613-John Duffany and estate of Ruth N. Duffany to Mario A. Guatemala and Maria I. Rivera, $90,000.

Sheridan St., 4902-Aaron Posner and Erin Weaver to Anthony Eric Howard and Arianne Balsom, $405,000.

66th Ave., 5906-JPMorgan Chase Bank to HomeFree-USA, $163,100.


Crab Apple Ct., 4118-Department of Veterans Affairs to Maroa Gikuuri, $88,500.

Fairhill Dr., 2410-Akrami Real Estate Inc. to Sheri Tanai Walder, $219,900.

Leon St., 5615-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Daryl L. and Joan Crowder, $360,000.

Pickett Dr., 6806-Diane M. Zirkie and estate of Waverly M. Miller to Angela Coombs, $55,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3807, No. 3807-Shirlene Jones to Federal National Mortgage Association, $157,337.

Suitland Rd., 5807-Bank of New York Mellon and Vericrest Financial Inc. to ABC Remodeling Corp., $94,900.


Beechwood Dr., 6566, No. 62-Nicol L. Hill to Anthony T. Atkins, $71,000.

Carriage Dr., 4202-Federal National Mortgage Association to Realington Seven Corp., $127,500.

Gaither St., 2603-Jose M. Flores Ortega and Jimy A. Guerra to Federal National Mortgage Association, $256,318.

Iverson St., 2003-U.S. Bank and Vericrest Financial Inc. to 5 Star Homes Inc., $120,555.

Lime St., 2707-Mohamed Sadiqui and FamilyInvestment Group Corp. to Armani A. Foster, $181,900.

Morton Pl., 6505-Carlos Chevez and Maria Zuniga to Isabelle Marie Logossou, $137,200.

Saint Clair Dr., 3018-Hal C. Rich III and Donna Avery to Akrami Real Estate Inc., $50,000.

Stamp Rd., 4735-Byron Kittrell to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $124,000.

25th Ave., 3418-McCrae Properties Corp. to Jose E. Alvarez Henriquez and Mayra N. Arias Sosa, $214,900.

28th Pkwy., 3128-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tawanna Cooper, $90,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 702-RCC Oip Corp. to Douglas Rosado, $176,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 218-Timika L. Waldron to Ruth Obaseki, $55,000.

Legation Rd., 1305-Jose L. and Pascual Hernandez to Douglas R. Hernandez Martinez and Jose O. Ayala, $189,000.

Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 514-Antonio M. Holley and Shakirah A. Hill to Lori L. Alford and Brenda L. Russell, $44,000.

33rd Ave., 5803-Pedro Sternberg to Nathan P. Doherty, $240,000.


Carlene Dr., 13719-Sol P. and Cecilia Tripp to Lenard O. Nyangwara, $316,000.

Chickory Ct., 10602-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Pawan K. and Anuradha Gupta, $260,199.

Exmoore Ct., 4503-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Zanda Bryant, $525,000.

Governor Lee Pl., 14309-Rashida Gofney to Jahbari N. Smith, $161,000.

Halloway Cir., 3835-Aiping Mu to Arneen Dozier, $228,000.

Kayak Dr., 12304-Brian S. and Cheryl A. Michaud to Krystal and Catherine Brenneman, $169,900.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13857-Jermaine C. Lassiter to Matthew O. Oyelami, $150,000.

Marwood Blvd. S., 5701-Blanche Patsy Catherine Rosa Trust to Raymond and Marva S. Rogers, $230,000.

Old Colony Dr., 12419-Kwabuaa Nimo to Sergei A. Goumilevski, $119,000.

Phillips Dr., 10900-Orchard Properties Corp. to Sergio O. Martell Pacheco, $182,500.

Sturdee Dr., 12308-Jerry E. Keating to Yolandas L. Langhorne, $170,000.

Wheeling Ave., 12123-Clearvue Opportunity XVII Corp. to Francis Curtis Jr., $194,000.


Beacon Ridge Dr., 10410, No. 9-202-Andrea A. Noel to Crystal Michelle West, $60,000.

Greenspire Way, 10014-Aurora Loan Services Corp. to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $223,850.

Hall Station Dr., 906, No. 906-200-NVR Inc. to Karla Scott, $319,990.

Lake Arbor Way, 10805-Donna Hammond to Willco Properties Corp., $179,287.

Saint Michaels Dr., 823-Michael D. and Vera L. Thompson to Dilan Investments Corp., $116,500.

Westridge Dr., 10400, No. 5-101-Deutsche Bank to Dominick R. Transou, $60,000.

Woodvale Lane, 2303-Henry and Theresa E. Ellis to Paul and Cynthia Vernier, $375,000.