Prince George’s County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Accolawn Rd., 16401-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Value Homes Corp., $106,299.

Cedar Blvd., 601-U.S. Bank to Phillip H. Bishop, $89,000.

Madrillon Way, 17118-Summerwood Corp. and U.S. Home Corp. to Jennifer Rosa Williams Hill and Christopher Wayne Hill, $384,990.

Port Town Rd., 14111-D.R. Horton Inc. to James and Candeth S. Gravette, $393,277.

Stroh Ct., 13812-NVR Inc. to Shimela Todd, $281,000.

Vintage Lane, 14024-D.R. Horton Inc. to Edgar Elsdon Dsouza and Justin R. Osborne, $425,505.


Adelphi Rd., 9282, No. 103-Stacy Ann Singdas to Asif Ali, $41,000.

Duncan Dr., 3001-Victoria Ganas and estate of Jean M. Ganas to Angela Ferguson, $272,000.

Keokee St., 1728-Raul A. Gonzalez Suarez and Maria Gonzalez to Guadalupe Gamez, $195,000.

Ray Ct., 6105-Miriam Morillo to Yanet Nunez, $185,000.

Riggs Rd., 9236-Alexis Novoa Santiago to Rahat and Duratussadaf R. Ali, $275,000.

Temple St., 7809-Kara D. Hoffman to Brian C. and Linda M. Beauregard, $325,000.

25th Ave., 7507-Vioris E. Henderson to Teresa D. Martinez, $195,000.


Bear Creek Terr., 12614-Neri P. and Patricia A. Mark to Sabita D. Persaud and Dave D. Lutchman, $545,000.

Castle Pines Dr., 12218-Kai Yiu Yeung and Pamela L. Piper Yeung to Lystra Nadine Antoine, $550,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11318, No. 11-R-Olukemi O. and Adeyemi Adetola to Aster Gebre and Tesfaye Gizaw Woldetsadik, $74,000.

Clementon Rd., 4611-Vicki Helen Lapelosa to Letitia Talbott Corp., $200,000.

Greenwood Rd., 4413-Jose M. and Olga Delgadillo to John L. and Veronica P. Orellana, $270,000.

Josephine Ave., 4507-Robert L. Scott and Samuel Christopher Yovan to Ashlyn Denielle and Brian Scott Baker, $313,608.

Olympia Ave., 4709-William Alexander Escobar Galdamez and Genaro Quijada to Edwin Ernesto Galdamez Pena, $210,000.

Silver Thorn Way, 7235-Ryland Group Inc. to Brenda Torries, $319,745.

Tonquil Pl., 4301-John C. Bouma Trust to Anthony E. and Zeehee Scott, $295,000.


Taussig Rd., 5412-Johnson & Mike Corp. to Yongqing and Ping Ye, $113,000.

54th Pl., 4403-Milvio J. Castillo to Julio C. Adames, $122,000.


Alexis Dr., 6512-Nona F. and Albert Fitchett to Andrew M. Kuchling and Barbara J. Mattson, $384,000.

Buckingham Dr., 12725-Anna P. Cohee Trust to Antony and Lysa Palliparambil, $300,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4925-NVR Inc. to Osamuyimen O. Igbinosa, $399,892.

Galaxy Lane, 11916-Timothy Paul Leavenworth Trudeau to Adam and Selena Kremer Caldwell, $229,900.

High Bridge Rd., 7203-Barbara J. Athey and estate of Edward S. Athey to Luis Wanderlinder and Fanny Zambrano, $209,900.

Kembridge Dr., 12720-Roy A. and Karen S. Pouliot to Ajet Doroci, $203,000.

Lavender Lane, 4226-U.S. Bank to Talisha Lee, $255,000.

London Lane, 14663-Compass Bank to Luyen Shawn Tran, $140,100.

Maycheck Lane, 12014-James D. Clavio Trust and Maria D. Clavio Trust to Christopher M. Grimshaw, $235,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 4618-Beverly Bennett and Valda Parchment to Federal National Mortgage Association, $304,000.

Orchard Park Way, 7902-Cmmi Corp. to Clide Cork Jr., $383,000.

River Valley Way, 4749, No. 55-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Ramani Reddy, $122,000.

Stonybrook Dr., 2913-Kimberly Myers and estate of Howard C. Brossard III to Colony Restorations Corp., $190,000.

Westwind Ct., 7303-Rebecca Horner Bell and estate of Kenneth R. Horner to Duncan and Terri Casey McGrath, $325,000.

Woodgate Way, 4411-Willie L. Holmes to Reginald Matthews and Sopasia Chhon, $383,000.

Eighth St., 13004-Tiffany Hall to John Christopher Aiello, $164,000.


Advent Ct. S., 2713-Douglas M. and Steveline M. Parks to Amy and Daniel Boawn, $342,000.

Argentina Pl., 2901-Audrey Sutton and Mary Fern Blake to Kesete H. Beraki and Zewdi Gebreigziabher, $350,000.

Eastham Ct., 16322-Dijaria Henderson Greene to Steven D. Smith, $225,000.

Mitchellville Rd., 1807-Agatha M. and Agathe Lee to Maryland CVS Pharmacy Corp., $817,000.

Patriot Lane, 1106-Marsha D. Milburn to Federal National Mortgage Association, $266,089.

Perkins Lane, 15826-Lois F. Bennett to Nicole R. and James McCrae, $255,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15748-Michelle Joyner to Feyisayo Ayodele, $299,900.

Queen Anne Bridge Rd., 17100-David D. and Lisa M. Luria to Richard A. and Patricia A. Murphy, $338,000.


Brinton Way, 15302-Namon E. and Maria Jones to Tiffany Charmise Nowlin, $321,000.

Lavender Dream Lane, 16005-Charlette H. Fairchild to Willis and Carolyn Davis, $494,668.


Addison Rd., 6240-LNA Corp. to 6240 Addison Rd. Corp., $450,000.

Balboa Ave., 706-Axe Properties & Management Corp. to Ryan Levar White, $192,000.

Billings Ave., 1900-Axe Properties & Management Corp. to Benjamin Ellis, $185,000.

Canyon Dr., 7027-Ingris Palmer and Juan Charles to Gregory Carroll and Angela Perry, $135,000.

Cumberland St., 5105-Richard Shoucair to Rosa A. Ramos and Heriberto De Jesus Roble Cardoza, $191,000.

Drum Ave., 909-Rozina Knight to Carol McEwan, $150,000.

Emo St., 5023-Maxx Taylor Group Corp. to Jay C. Noh, $108,000.

Karen Blvd., 1321-Damara S. Jefferies to Federal National Mortgage Association, $183,745.

Malvern Way, 5606-Guillermo Munguia to Nasir Majeed and Fouzia Nasir, $156,000.

Nye St., 1304-Zanda Bryant to Umang Varma, $92,000.

Possum Ct., 361-Patricia Ann Hale Savoy to Kenneth Gatlin, $105,000.

Sharma St., 910-Sahr Bockai to Veronica L. McCrarey, $183,500.

Valley Park Rd., 6721-Geraldine E. and Mary D. Driver to Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister, $96,000.

Walbridge St., 6332-NVR Inc. to Stephanie M. Puryear, $306,055.

Willow Hill Dr., 7210-Dominic Francis Asare and Evans Amo Mensah to Blessing Ezidinma Murray, $172,500.

69th Pl., 200-Shawn Muhammad and Preslie Brackeen to Michaele D. Moffett, $140,500.


Bender Rd., 7703-Jesus Arturo Cruz Ramirez and Yaneth Guatemala to Kerrieka Clarke, $80,000.

Cedar St., 6509-Shelia O. and Brock C. Bowman to Ian G. and Ryan M. Alexander, $235,000.

Crest Ave., 3016-Donald C. Woloszyn to Federal National Mortgage Association, $245,000.

Greeley Rd., 7005-Lance Andrew J. Harvey to Neville G. Lelma, $122,000.

Inwood St., 6311-John H. Bowman to Monique S. Perkins and Michael A. Brown II, $275,000.

Kent Town Dr., 6923-Duane A. Sewell to Zenat Development Corp., $62,000.

Nalley Rd., 202-Carolyn Alita Yeager to Skyline Property Corp., $110,168.

Pacer Dr., 500-Gwendolyn F. Gray to Aster K. Gebrekidan, $160,000.

Sherwood Ct., 1502-Secured Improvements Corp. to Jaisun McCormick, $195,000.

Vermont Ct., 6724-SE Building Corp. to Elizabeth Esparza Lopez, $132,000.

63rd Pl., 3103-Gabriel A. Diaz to Daniel J. and Elizabeth L. McKenzie, $300,000.


Benjamin Ct., 3206-Mark E. and Tracye S. Busbee to Debra Johnson, $360,000.

Dennison Dr., 6205-Brandon Turner to Shanqueilla R. and Theodore J. Brown, $350,000.

Helmsley Dr., 8702-Richmond American Homes to Lakaiha Davis, $414,449.

Marwood Dr., 7709-BankUnited and Green River Capital Corp. to RNP Home Improvement Corp., $160,000.

Pamela Lane, 6900-Department of Veterans Affairs to Latasha Verna Burnwell, $190,000.

Reno Ct., 8610-Bank of America to Eric T. Walton Sr., $171,000.

Shannan Dr., 8800-Edith R. Dean to Linda Southern, $199,900.

Wooden Bridge Lane, 10013-Eddie Swanson Jr. to Michael A. Karikari, $295,000.


Hartwick Rd., 4330, No. 218-Melvin L. and M. Schneider to Wenchang Zhang, $160,000.

Huron St., 5112-Colleen R. Cahill and Dennis D. Landis Jr. to Christopher B. and Hilary L. Sazama, $355,000.

Quebec Pl., 6111-Jeremy J. and Wendy M. Peichel to Jason Andrew Smith, $252,000.

Wofford Lane, 9209-Francis G. Tracy to Jose Domingo Arreaga and Jacquelin Y. Giron Arreaga, $320,000.

56th Ave., 8907-Theresa Uzor and Theresa Uwandi to Federal National Mortgage Association, $258,000.


Beltz Dr., 7109-Eugenio and Silvia De La Cruz to AAA Homes Corp., $112,350.

Dennis Ct., 1708-Juelithia G. and Donna L. Zellars to Percy Tremain White, $258,000.

Donnell Pl., 7310, No. B4-Kenya McCoy to Federal National Mortgage Association, $116,967.

East Ave., 2910-Federal National Mortgage Association to Swan Properties Inc., $93,000.

Flag Harbor Dr., 7417-Alison Panton to Misi Akintunde, $165,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1840-Lenier Arlette Davis and Midfirst Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $187,100.

Gateway Blvd., 6910-DAP Homes Corp. to Clayton R. Smith, $189,600.

Hil Mar Dr., 6310, No. 9-7-Renaldo Spivey to Federal National Mortgage Association, $204,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 6612-Shanika Knight to Willie E. McNeill, $150,000.

Marbury Ct., 7003-Victoria Bracey to Dajah Blackwell, $124,000.

Migliori Ct., 7030-Robert Dorsey and GMAC Mortgage Corp. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $286,455.

Prince Ranier Pl., 3201-Housing Initiative Partnership Inc. to Janel S. Faulk, $168,300.

Ritchie Rd., 2004-REO Corp. to Lenward Tarpley, $139,555.

Tulip Ave., 1622-Jasmine Q. Cagle to Christopher A. Gaither and Jennifer P. Hill Gaither, $150,000.


Allentown Rd., 8615-Jorge F. Abdon and Gabriela Park to Jemal Pinkney, $255,000.

Bella Vista Terr., 8411-Fritz Ernest and Sheila B. Esteban to Rodolfo A. Aguilar, $190,000.

Candle Light Cir., 12204-Donald E. and Rebecca L. Snyder to Ebony Johnson, $634,000.

Dania Dr., 1801-Dortheia M. Brown to Maria P. Bustinza, $112,000.

Edgewater Terr., 10016-Jose and Gloria Ayala to Jose Argueta and Santos D. Membreno, $360,000.

Fort Foote Terr. E., 8812-National Federal Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Yanira Lopez, $195,000.

Henson Valley Way, 2703-Marion L. Kendrick to Federal National Mortgage Association, $323,445.

Lindesfarn Terr., 2810-Diana M. Cerda to Shelton Mackey, $160,000.

Old Fort Rd., 13303-Kondaur Capital Corp. to John Goldring Jr. and Marlo Y. Wade, $429,000.

Rose Marie Dr., 8305-Manuel and Reina I. Soto to Federal National Mortgage Association, $297,977.

Tarboro Pl., 7204-101 Geneva Corp. to Rhea Swinson, $225,000.

Vernon Dr., 8011-Raymond Junious and Gloria J. Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $160,000.

Waterfront St., Null, No. 35-F-Potomac Overlook III Corp. to John R. and Dawn C. Thompson, $705,060.

Windemere Ct., 1106, No. 15-Jon A. Siogren to Young Joo Kim, $115,000.


Glenn Dale Rd., 6318-Federal National Mortgage Association to Victor L. Garrido and Paola N. Loarca, $239,000.


Lake Park Dr., 6602-Veronica A. Dunn to A. Anik Corp., $110,000.

Mandan Terr., 8143-Donald K. Hundley to Brenda Bello and Raul Jesus Ausencio, $215,000.


Edmonston Rd., 5021-Gaudencio Vivar and Cruz Guzman to Alejo Javier and Maria Leticia Martinez, $155,000.

Nicholson St., 4216-William Leo Love to Stephanie Maureen Snyder and Jessica Willow Sucherman, $282,000.

Oliver St., 4416-Oliver II Corp. to Michael D. Klein Jr. and Jamie M. Bean, $345,000.

56th Ave., 5033-Blanche R. Clements to Mariya Jessica Merritt Navazio, $169,999.


Brightlea Ct., 9003-Lawrence and Forkwar Mbah to Felix A. Fon, $160,000.

Glenreed Ct. E., 3301-Pantheon LB Corp. to Lauria A.J. Thomas and Timothy Thomas, $199,999.

Hardwood Dr., 6313-Homefree USA to Vladimir A. and Patricia D. Martinez, $250,000.

Heidelburg Rd., 6919-Gilbert W. Shongo and Blandine F. Uchudi to Ethel Uwaje and Stanley Ekeocha, $175,000.

Lanham Station Rd., 5612-Federal National Mortgage Association to B & B Inc., $109,000.

Nightingale Ct., 7005-Hsuch Tan Liao and Shao Jung Yang to Federal National Mortgage Association, $298,000.

Sunrise Dr., 7117-Kristoff and Kimberly Taylor Davies to Walter Calderon Lopez, $220,000.

Westview Lane, 6503-Juanita K. and Kevin P. McCall to Thuan Dang, $186,000.

91st Pl., 9106-Lisa M. Porter to Martir and Emilia Aguilar, $230,000.


Belton St., 11016-Willco Properties Corp. to Maurice Cox, $334,950.

Cameron Grove Blvd., 1-Household Finance Corp. III to Loretta Young, $137,500.

Campus Way S., 10124, No. 304-1B-Angella J. Cole to Household Finance Corp. III, $139,038.

Carriage House Lane, 907-Malcolm Brown to Steven A. McIntyre and Fatima Coy, $160,000.

Dauntly St., 215-Wilbert D. Adams Jr. and Tonja J. Robinson to Eunice L. Ellison, $195,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1630-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Verna L. Workman, $271,190.

Fernwood Dr., 1706-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Monique N. Young, $294,330.

Fittleworth Terr., 1907-Beazer Homes Corp. to Katrina Maria and Trent Rawls, $439,770.

Lavall Dr., 9303-Andrew Jackson Sutton to Akindele J. and Rasidat F. Akinyemi, $220,000.

Mount Lubentia Way, 11102-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Calvert J. and Jeanette P. Hawkins, $274,900.

Parkcrest Ct., 1-Denvia B. Johnson Bailey and Benjamin J. Woolery to Tamara Bagley Smith, $255,000.

Risa Rd., 703-Malcolm R. and Dianne Allen Robinson to Stephon A. and Nicola K. Blalock, $240,000.

Stoney Ridge Rd., 9418-Constance C. Wheeler to Joseph Aboagye, $275,000.

Tewkesbury Pl., 15325-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Helen B. Drar and Daniel G. Delelegn, $363,990.

Tewkesbury Pl., 15333-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Olubunmi Arulefela, $340,990.

Walcott Lane, 1701-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Edward Chisholm III, $350,120.

Westerdale Dr., 9503-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Inc. to Brenda O. Fletcher, $319,990.


Cambridge Cir., 14517-Jose Rodrigez and Javier Szuchman to Alice Dominic and Joseph Shonga, $273,000.

Cherrywood Dr., 15020-Wanda M. Neiman and Wanda M. Evans to Ersilia Lappa, $161,000.

Dorset Rd., 15615-Kathryn Y. McCoy to Eskinder Afework, $75,000.

Killbarron Dr., 7602-AB II Corp. to Bhupinder Singh and Sukhjinder Kuar Mudhar, $560,000.

Park Hall Dr., 6401-William Rivera to Abner L. Galdamez, $272,000.

Yardarm Way, 14105, No. 1103-Jeanne Sonnabend to Patricia Azocar, $70,500.


Briarwood Dr., 14017-Hansa D. Patel Trust to Arun Kansagra, $275,000.

Duckettown Rd., 11601-SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to Kagey L. Pearson and Keisha Y.L. Pearson, $436,900.

Point Lane N., 13106-Henry H. and Betty M. Rowe to Alfred K. Otumfuo and Patricia A. Perprem, $291,000.


22nd Ave., 4609-Thomas W. Tate to Kathryn R. Watson, $275,000.


Emerson Rd., 7716-Shreejana Ranjitkar to Prakash Barua, $110,000.

Kaslo St., 6405-P & O Realty Corp. to Faustina Bautista Alvarez and Cirilo Andrade Sorto, $248,000.

Parkwood St., 6509-Stars Home Corp. to Manuel Mejia, $240,000.

Quentin St., 8211-U.S. Bank to Steve Lin and Jennifer Zhong, $180,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7505, No. 2037-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mandana Mirghahari, $35,000.

56th Ave., 3907-Gloria H. Altamirano to Pinehills Propeties Corp., $92,500.

66th Ave., 4834-Talbot Consulting Corp. to Carla Morales, $220,850.

72nd Ave., 5115-Teeshawn Burrell to Paul C. Schwobel, $107,500.


Navahoe Dr., 8321-Amni Inc. and Aparna M. Gupta to Esayas Wureta and Woine Hagos, $230,000.


Cowslip Ct., 4805-Todd A. and Yvette H. Canton to Amber Henderson, $119,500.

Dumfries St., 1106-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Walter Dionicio Mejia, $120,000.

Huron Dr. N., 130-Federal National Mortgage Association to Shayiti Maimaitiyimin, $85,000.

White Oak Dr., 904-Cleveland Properties Corp. to Santos G. Machado and Fatima A. Lazo, $200,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 569, No. 6768-Temesgen F. Tessema and Elsabeth M. Yehwalashet to Zebib Aynu, $40,000.


Ingraham St., 6715-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose E. Flores, $158,100.

Longfellow St., 6015-AMT2 Corp. to Dawnta A. Napper, $135,000.

Queensbury Rd., 4713-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Amjad Mahmood, $142,094.

67th Ave., 5406-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Rosa Medina Paiz, $109,900.


Darel St., 5910-Cynthia A. Carbine and estate of James T. Carbine Jr. to Karen and James Fleming, $229,500.

Leeds Dr., 3704-Mike Casey Associates to Doreen R. Seals, $249,000.

Oakland Way, 5101-Marion P. Washington to Latoya D. Livingston, $186,000.

Skyline Dr., 4104-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Michael A. Pinckney, $234,950.

Woodcrest Ct., 4707-Federal National Mortgage Association to James I. Culp, $162,001.


Afton St., 2231-Jasmine M. Tillery and PNC Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $234,021.

Birch Lane, 6709-CSC Enterprises Corp. to Tara Edwards, $195,000.

Chadwick Terr., 2031-Lonnie Stewart to Federal National Mortgage Association, $188,000.

Hagan Rd., 5108-Van Johnson and Mary A. Davis to Khary A. Scott, $110,000.

Joan Lane, 5503-Department of Housing and Urban Development to John F. Wilson, $156,000.

Lansing Dr., 5309-Deborah L. Cottoms and Curtis H. Crayton to Donna Marie Morrison, $228,000.

Middleton Lane, 6301-Deutsche Bank to DAP Homes Corp., $135,799.

Portal Ave., 3805-PSB Investments Corp. to Frances C. Page, $229,000.

Westchester Dr., 7212-Federal National Mortgage Association to Melvin M. Murrill, $143,250.


Chansory Lane, 7015-Patricia A. and Henry F. Long to Brendan and Amy Wilson, $849,000.

Dekalb Ct., 1706-Rhodora E. and Miriam Banzuela Erice to Kimya B. and Allister Alexander, $180,000.

Longfellow St., 1809-Susana Moran to Federal National Mortgage Association, $315,000.

Rittenhouse St., 2025-Tyrone Noble to Federal National Mortgage Association, $193,233.

Windsor Lane, 7228-EVG-College Heights Corp. to Kara Dion Hoffman, $722,630.

23rd Ave., 6308-Leticia Salazar and estate of Luis Salazar to Edwin Zambrano Mendoza, $170,000.

36th Ave., 5600-Reese W. Radcliffe and estate of Myrtle E. Johnson to Reese W. and Terri L. Radcliffe, $112,800.


Bridle Ridge Rd., 4304-James M. and Amalia B. Andreano to Zenobia King Brown, $464,000.

Eton Dr., 3200-Calvin T. and Phyllis A. Parker to Elizabeth R. White, $230,000.

Grainger Terr., 6500-Caruso Builder Corp. to Sabrina Ferguson and Eddie W. Ward Jr., $678,001.

Hollow Tree Lane, 8200-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Scott T. and Jacquelyn R. Bassett, $670,000.

Marlton Ave. N., 12001-Lisa A. Montgomery and estate of Cheryl Montgomery Harris to Maricel De Guzman, $200,000.

Mount Calvert Rd., 15410-Wayne C. Brown and Andrea H. Colevas to Daniel R. and Beverly S. Zook, $235,000.

Paragon Ct., 8509-Dionne M. Camp to Daniel Wilson, $127,763.

Ranch Rd., 4046-Toll MD V Corp. to Ronald E. and Onica T. Kitchens, $475,877.

Rhodenda Pl., 10813-Brennitta and David Welcher to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $256,378.

Stonewood Ct., 9813-Twana E. Davis to Linda J. Brandon, $249,000.

Tanyard Rd., 15900-Pravin M. and Manjula P. Dalsania to Teresa A. Harris, $368,000.

Waco Dr., 10816-Douglas A. Davis to Emilio Vargas and Maria V. Reyes Sorto, $325,000.

Yearling Ct., 4111-Toll MD V Corp. to Rodney McKinley, $347,405.


Dawn Whistle Way, 13808-Maurice D. and Tiffany C. Garland to Michael Duane and Tyra B. Harris, $690,000.

Grayvine Lane, 3407-Janet Fornalik and estate of Andrew Emil Fornalik to Taylor Group Investments Corp., $155,000.

Jennings Lane, 15107-Wilbur V. Crozier III and Erika Y. Faulk to Ocean Holdings Corp., $285,000.

Lazy Day Lane, 10608-Machelle Robinson to Asia Field, $260,000.

Saint Josephs Dr., 2215-D.R. Horton Inc. to Helena F. Lawrence, $415,407.

Waesche Dr., 11426-Edward M. Yee to Aleshia N. Brame, $345,000.