Prince George’s County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Accokeek Landing Dr., 1308-Mary Barnette to Clyde McLemore, $420,000.

Chatsworth Dr., 816-Timothy Alan Bloczynski to Innovative Investment Solutions Corp., $225,000.

Huron St., 16724-Catherine M. Pendleton to Rebecca Smith, $215,000.

Old Cabin Pl., 16609-U.S. Bank and LVS Title Trust to Tommy L. Bond, $229,500.

Wendells Lane, 3406-NVR Inc. to Steford and Pamela Hillsman Johnson, $445,990.


Chillum Manor Rd., 6726-Marilyn Dawn Jones and Jacklyn Jones Benner to Sandra L. Hueria, $200,000.

Riggs Rd., 7983, No. 11-Federal National Mortgage Association to Carlos R. Brewster and Ana Iris Nolasco, $35,000.

Somerset Pl., 902-Jose Palencia to 101 Geneva Corp., $166,000.

23rd Ave., 7400-Jose O. Cruz and Carla S. Martinez to Ruben Garcia Archundia, $153,000.


Barbara Dr., 4607-Ysnique Jean and Rogesky Jean Louis to Shuai Yuan, $278,000.

Emack Rd., 11004-Nancy S. Bowers and Barbara S. Shuster to Michael V. Reilly, $299,900.

Harrison Rd., 3904-Hanh Rachefsky to Amanda Choo, $340,000.

Prince Georges Ave., 4931-Yelin Htwar to Aye Corp., $66,144.

Running Bear Ct., 11440-Charles David and Tamara Hanson Page to Ekemini Akpan, $230,000.


Emerson St., 6011-Lawrence Rosen to Jose S. Fuentes, $80,000.

Red Hawk Terr., 4665-Keisha M. Knight to PSB Properties Maryland Corp., $77,000.

55th Ave., 4100-Zeng Zhu Xu and Jim Jinhua Wang to PSS Homes Corp., $135,000.


Belle Meade Trace, 12901-Quentin L. and Sheena J. Freeman to Violetta F. Delee Mason and Kaiheem Mason, $450,000.

Conifer Lane, 3913-Mary J. Adams and estate of J. Earle Painter to Kathleen E. Tyler, $230,000.

Gradys Walk, 6309-Edward Neuschler to Aaron D. Knab and Gretchen Hasfurter, $380,000.

Kavanaugh Lane, 12618-Thomas P. and Joanne Baker to Michael T. Wolf and Pamela K. Roberson, $267,000.

Keswick Lane, 12705-Eillen S. and John E. McKenna to Andrew C. and Rebecca L. Taylor, $284,900.

Lavender Lane, 4221-William M. Savage to Nene Ahuruele Wilson Amadi, $205,000.

Marleigh Dr., 12512-Phillip and Valerie Durham to Aloys Guy Tsala Mbida and Mahamat Ganama, $489,900.

Maycheck Lane, 12207-Judith V. Schmidt to Evelyn Anthony, $253,000.

Morningside Lane, 3616-Elizabeth M. Herrera to Ryan L. Jones, $185,000.

Saber Lane, 12500-Irina Mironova and David Miles to Arthur Richard and Cynthia Peppin, $400,000.

Spindle Lane, 2806-George and Kay Marie Hollebon to Marcus W. Skelton, $235,000.

Thompson Rd., 12500-Catherine E. Doyer and estate of Lily Prentice to Marilyn Duley, $349,900.

Woodrow Lane, 4006-Charles and Mary Ann Schlagel to Desire Wells, $264,900.


Alameda Dr., 15957-Lin Gan and Maria A. Rodriguez to Jules, Tiffani and Ann Desoto, $315,000.

Eastlawn Ct., 16105-Teodoro Z. and Gloria E. Mancenido to Joven S. and Mary Grace Suarez, $390,000.

Elmcrest Lane, 3903-Jasmine Ebron to Tigisti T. Abraha, $195,000.

Palace Lane, 1607-Jason D. and Lorie M. Calderwood to Earnest and Shaunta T. Boyd, $295,000.

Russet Dr., 17110-Adejumoke Oyemade to Young Luong, $400,000.


Broxburn Lane, 16208-Timberlake McKendree Corp. to Jeffrey G. Lessner, Anne Oeneman and Shirley H. Lessner, $587,500.

Gwynn Park Ct., 13403-Gregory Brian Hamlet to Alphonso and Marita McCree, $310,000.

Woodreed Dr., 3916-Milton A. and Donna S. Smith to Isaac T. and Shelby P. Jackson, $360,000.


40th Ave., 3808-Brigitte M. Young to Kristine M. Prendergast, $200,000.

43rd Ave., 3403-Carol A. McDevitt and estate of William Albert McDevitt Sr. to Jeff J. Gu, Ling Liu and Equity Trust Co., $116,000.


Arenas Ct., 14-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill to Antoinette L. O’Bryant, $299,961.

Drylog St., 6124-6124 Drylog Corp. to Ronald Singleton Sr., $216,500.

Falkland Pl., 5803-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Meselech Tefera and Tigest T. Gelana, $72,000.

Jansen Ave., 1005-Torrance D. Lewis to Donald Horn, $51,000.

Kayak Ave., 1002-Julio C. Pena and Mirna S. Trinidad to LNV Corp., $200,000.

Nova Ave., 714-Nova Ave Co. to Ebony Rhue, $159,900.

Quarry Ave., 706-Eva B. Costen Cage and George I. Costen to Michael A. Butler, $177,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 390-Bryan Delasalle Short and Beverly V. Farrall to Nathaniel Joy, $110,000.

Walbridge St., 6328-NVR Inc. to Qiao Zhang and Feng Dong, $274,164.


Barlowe Pl., 2020-Ignatius and Rose Justin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $183,000.

Bender Rd., 7721-Doris W. Coles to Federal National Mortgage Association, $171,000.

Cheverly Ave., 2720-Nelson and Patricia J. Waller to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $232,000.

Columbia Ave., 2208-Vladimir Rivera to Edward A. Bailey, $226,600.

Greymont St., 7726-Jasmyrna Kampman to 7726 Grevmont St. Corp., $62,000.

Markham Lane, 2523-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Morgan and Cecila Buchanan, $159,000.

Old Landover Rd., 6407-Federal National Mortgage Association to First Choice Home Buyers Corp., $151,000.

Swan Terr., 7645-New Spring Corp. to Kiera M. Grier, $189,900.

Village Green Dr., 1811, No. X-131-Bank of America to Benjamin Ndi, $55,000.


Banleigh Lane, 9126-Joan Kennedy to Mark Lee and Angelique T. Roberts, $295,000.

Boniwood Turn E., 5542-Grenda Green to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $213,719.

Broken Lance Ct., 12214-Sandra Key and Chandler Furman Peaks to Eddie L. Swanson Jr., $440,000.

Cosca Park Dr., 11661-Zena Williams to Federal National Mortgage Association, $294,785.

Evelyn Lane, 8405-Richmond American Homes to Adrian H. Renee, $476,675.

Friendship Rd., 7304-Dale P. Hicks to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $248,148.

Inez Pl., 10415-Bennie and Jean Atkinson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $477,717.

Mumford St., 6903-Linda M. Braden to Deborah J. Aranmolate, $280,000.

Piscataway Rd., 10850-James E. and Vicki L. Bridger to Landfall Inc., $725,000.

Quiet Brook Lane, 9767-Community Development Administration to Latoya M. Cooper, $186,000.

Roulade Pl., 11609-Denise D. Botts and estate of Robert Botts Sr. to Dossie L. Roberts, $217,000.

Sonar Rd., 8102-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Ruth H. Benitez Amaya, Jose Arcadio Benitez and Berta D. Benitez, $225,000.


Baylor Ave., 7319-Gary A. Donley to Donna J. Forbes and Robert C. Pizzano, $399,990.

Knox Rd., 4210-Thomas Kearns and Manucher Bahrami to Cameran and Manucher Bahrami, $185,000.

Mangum Rd., 5030T-Patrocinia and Israel Velasquez to Diogenes Hernandez, $190,000.

50th Pl., 9017-Lee E. Harper to Orion Van Hart, $214,900.

51st Pl., 9703-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Juan R. Perez, $219,900.

57th Ave., 8402-Paul Dartlin Alsmeyer to Michael A. Carlisle and Allison K. Holmes, $282,000.


Breton Dr., 2213-Snow Goose Homes Corp. to Monique L. Thompkins, $175,000.

Crestwick Pl., 2818-Dwayne J. and Cheryl H. Butler to Charles Martin, $100,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1772-BHM Investments Group to Charmony N. Wright, $159,999.

Hil Mar Dr., 5827-Washington Investment Asset Fund Inc. to Benjamin C. Gray, $175,000.

Inland Dr., 1302-Diane and Terrence McFadgen to Sheila Springs, $121,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2510-Gladys Beatrice Farrell to Moshe Haim Shimon, $105,000.

Marbury Dr., 2110-Carol Decesaris to Cheryl Robinson, $205,000.

Phelps Ave., 2700-GP3 Investments Corp. to Barbara Jean Barnes, $170,000.

Wildrose Ct., 6907-Dana M. Bo0one and Bernard E. Woodzro to Nathaniel Joy, $120,000.


Bluffwood Lane, 8913-Paul E. Investments & Development Inc. to Loan Huong Nguyen, $340,000.

Captains View Lane, 11001-Seraphia Roberts to Tohmai Smith, $255,999.

Country Creek Ct., 2609-NRL Federal Credit Union to Prosper Osei Wusu, $170,000.

Hadrian Lane, 504-Star Home Corp. to Elizabeth Abebe, $400,000.

Jaywick Ct., 3006-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Willco Properties Corp., $199,900.

Klovstad Dr., 7809-Bruce G. Skinnard and April Lucille Miolla to Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister, $89,000.

Murray Hill Dr., 8130-Atlantic Investments Corp. to Shelley R. Folk, $245,000.

Riverview Lane, 8303-Jonathan Boyd to Tania and Juan Machado, $299,555.

Thornknoll Dr., 2202-Generation Mortgage Co. to Reni R. and Ximena Claros, $330,000.

Winnsboro Dr., 7805-Joanne B. and Moses Andrew Simmons to Tiffany T. Freeman, $219,000.


Lake Glen Dr., 7514-Sharon Simpson to Paul and Gilian Waskey, $445,000.


Chartwell Pl., 7802-Glaytonia Adams to Federal National Mortgage Association, $340,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7706, No. 51-Jane Marlow to Maisha T. Mello Jefferis, $70,000.

Mandan Rd., 8009, No. 489-Sharon C. and Thelonious W. Carroll to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $99,900.


Crittenden St., 4011-Merrijeanne Mitchell Mulligan to Thomas and Amanda Sheffer, $214,000.

Gallatin St., 5919-Hector Saravia to Toriano J. and Karla Y. Carter, $223,000.

39th Ave., 5707-Naomi L. House and Sana Khan to Heather M. Roymans and Jonathan E. Alexander, $385,000.


Brays St., 6416-Curtis P. Edwards and Mary K. Quaynor to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $395,764.

Echols Ave., 7925-Marco A. Fernandez to Andrea R. Grant, $132,600.

Finns Lane, 7505-Miguel A. Ramirez and Yanira D. Reyes Alvarez to Rosa D. Peraza, $115,000.

Kimbark Ave., 9202-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Edith Bailey, $168,000.

Pin Oak Lane, 2818-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Jing Deng, $115,800.

Storch Cir., 6916-Joseph E. and Tatonya Holman to Priscilla A. Adjei, $200,000.

Wellington St., 9613-David J. and Elaine M. Juszynski to Daisy Garcia, $259,900.

Woodstream Turn, 6903-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Keith and Jessenia Marston, $183,000.


Altair Lane, 3303-Rita McNair and estate of Gail Weathers to Beatrice Rouse, $325,000.

Beech Orchard Lane, 2605-Eric J. Anderson to Jermaine and Roshell Drayton, $575,000.

Broadleaf Dr., 10517-Wai Chun Chan to Latoya Boyd, $255,000.

Campus Way S., 10122, No. 303-1A-Gary V. Moore Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $120,000.

Citrus Lane, 2809-Maimouna Bah to Mata Diarra, $321,500.

Garden Gate Lane, 108-Beverly and Orville Brown to Derrick B. Smith Sr., $533,000.

Homestead Dr., 11202-Deutsche Bank to Shaun Jackson, $310,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9811-Joseph F. McCleary III and Haibin Ji to Federal National Mortgage Association, $239,114.

New Orchard Dr., 9502-Saundra Henderson and estate of Mary M. Link to Ruth Marville Roper, $180,000.

Prince Pl., 10125, No. 102-11B-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Candice M. Crump, $45,000.

Ridgely St., 302-Marietta C. Bush to Lily B. Che, $235,000.

Sholton St., 12811-Ronald A. and Catherine E. Blount to Nelson C. Anyanwu, $260,000.

Town Center Cir., 8961-Dean C. Bowens to Federal National Mortgage Association, $224,149.

Westerdale Dr., 9507-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Chivonne R. Everette, $371,318.


Arbory Way N., 7635, No. 112-Patrocionio Arias to Hector E. Barrera, Karina I. Barrera and Maria H. Lazo De Villatora, $85,000.

Carroll Ave., 917-Sodre Ninrodi to Jose E. Diaz and Morena Gallardo De Diaz, $169,000.

Compton Ave., 512-James F. and Barbara A. Maher to Jeffrey A. and Kari D. Rea, $375,000.

Gorman Ave., 319-Nicholas A. and Marjorie A. Rabickow to Syed Amin Haq and Rabia Amin, $161,000.

Kalmia Dr., 15123-Vijay N. and Yoginiben V. Patel to Denise Osborne, $185,000.

Lindendale Dr., 8511-David J. and Salvatrice Murphy to Luz M. Mejia and Juan F. Ramos, $209,000.

Malcolm Dr., 16117-Virginia Goddard and Mary G. Plisko to Robert E. Martin, $339,900.

Sandy St., 6312-James H. and Esther M. Kane to David C. and Saramuni Kilpatrick, $309,900.

Vista Dr., 14039, No. 74-Deutsche Bank to John and Elizabeth Gordon McNeil, $70,500.


Amblewood Dr., 12110-John S. Wileczek to Juan Francisco Anaya, $270,000.

Farm Pond Rd., 9832-Ebenezer O. Akinpetide to Cheryl A. and Concepcion Bernhard, $422,900.

Kiama Rd., 8614-Nadine McLeod to Verne Valdemar Watley, $281,000.

Palmer Pl., 9302, No. 7-Edward J. Keane and Phyllis S. Atkins to Yue Teng and Chengjiu Hu, $165,000.


Upshur St., 3214-Syleatha Cambosos to Lee Brent McQueen, $165,000.

34th St., 4121-PIC Properties Corp. to Sara and Steven P. Cardello, $383,900.


Beall St., 4111-Upper Seale Home Buyers Corp. to Emma Amaya and Geronimo Flores, $226,000.

Fremont St., 8403-EH1000 Corp. to Michael A. and Elizabeth R. Perry, $279,900.

Macbeth St., 5411-5411 Macbeth Holdings Corp. to SE Bulldog Corp., $79,200.

85th Ave., 5440, No. 2-Mary A. Kombe to Margaret Makinde, $30,000.

86th Ave., 6228-Ramon A. Lara and Carlos J. Lara Abreu to Raul Martinez Sanchez and Yesenia E. Velasquez Iraheta, $170,000.


Birchwood Dr., 1606-Dural Battle to Federal National Mortgage Association, $170,000.

Clayton Dr., 1807-Daric Michael Grant to Department of Veterans Affairs, $157,500.

Deep Gorge Ct., 1538-Federal National Mortgage Association to Salimah Moorebey, $158,000.

Elkhart St., 1108-Gloria A. Wallace to Joseph P. and Melina R. Jaca, $165,000.

Iroquois Way, 113-Gwendolyn J. and Ernest Edward Bland to Equity Trust Co. and Ching Ye Yvonne Lee Roth Ira, $101,000.

Marcy Ave., 1001-Tiffani R. Alexander to Federal National Mortgage Association, $161,910.

Portabello Ct., 1216-Carl J. Hampton to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $262,300.

Quade St., 826-John D. Parsons to Jas Holdings Corp., $100,000.

Stratwood Ave., 1106-Gail and Kirk McLean to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $177,361.

Wheeler Rd., 5014-Joan Barbara Welch Whitmore to Luis A. Rodriguez, $100,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 555, No. 6754B-Citibank to Heath Bourne, $30,300.


Rosalie Lane, 6435-Martin N. Sorto and Sissi Hernandez to Carolina Dixon, $220,000.

60th Ave., 6603-Deutsche Bank to Maria Isabel Avila Ardon, $126,000.

63rd Pl., 6404-Prem and Vinod Khurana to Hugo A. Moreno Pastora and Ana J. Portillo De Moreno, $210,000.


Brooks Dr., 2607-Charles E. Pace Sr. to Bryan O. Munford and April L. Jackson, $207,500.

Elmendorf Dr., 6015-Cherie Wah Ni Tahe Brackett to Apache Katakowpit and Alexandria Martin, $205,000.

Houston St., 2303-Shawn D. and Linda B. Samuels to Federal National Mortgage Association, $155,902.

Lanier Ave., 5615-Eugenia Renee Westbrook to Andrea L. Taylor, $176,000.

Milledge Blvd., 4200-Mabel Villasenor to Anthony Bryan Farrar, $190,250.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3859, No. 3859-Brenda A. Touhey to Barbara A. Harris, $48,000.


Akron St., 4525-Vanessa C. and Sammy Robinson to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $280,000.

Dalton St., 4504-Triad Investments Corp. to Ntaka M. Wellington, $259,000.

Fairlawn St., 2601-Albert F. Olson and estate of Wilma A. Olson to Dewayne Dixon, $195,000.

Stratford Rd., 6603-Diane M. Ham to Big T. Properties Corp., $155,000.

21st Ave., 4106-Elizabeth Barnes to Blake A. Ross, $178,000.

25th Pl., 3512-Bennett Team Properties Corp. to Antoinette Y. Moon, $230,000.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 203-RCC Plaza Lofts to Ralph E. Amos Jr., $270,000.

Chillum Rd., 1213-Ermias B. Negash and Prim Tamrat to Juan and Yolanda Perez, $250,000.

Russell Ave., 4824-Doris L. Ogle and Delorice Stull to Maria E. Parada and Maria E. Amaya De Parada, $138,000.

20th Pl., 6201-Ronald and Deborah Woody to Emmanuel Gonzalez, $267,500.


Assyria St., 11603-Charles Douglas Crawford to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $185,000.

Beaver Knoll Dr., 10400-Deutsche Bank to Connie Carrell, $270,500.

Brookhaven Lane, 10304-Lorraine Johnson to Alphonso W. and Donna S. Stukes, $355,000.

Christian St., 14100-Robin J. and Kim W. Thompson to Dwayne Grant, $400,000.

Fareham Lane, 13802-Patrick L. Noumbissi to Patrice McLeod, $155,000.

Governor Sprigg Pl., 14607-U.S. Bank to Desirae Nelson, $182,000.

Halloway Cir., 3702-Opril and Wilton Williams to Elliott Hayward Jr., $229,000.

King Frederick Way, 13832, No. 902-Margo Banks to Joyce A. Barrett, $105,900.

Lord Dunbore Pl., 13462-Federal National Mortgage Association to Angela K. Contee Borders, $83,000.

Mary Digges Pl., 10901-Renee Dyson to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $356,003.

New Kent Dr., 4720-John J. Horne Jr. to John Carl and Regina Joyce Morris, $326,000.

Rhodenda Ave., 11100-Craig and Yovonne Stewart to Florence Barnett and William B. Leak Jr., $270,000.

Sybaris Dr., 7206-Community Development Administration to Tony Reddix, $145,000.

Torbay Pl., 4901-Tyra Butler and Chung Oh to Sylvester Sims Jr., $155,000.

Wheeling Ave., 12312-Deutsche Bank to James T. Tawney III, $212,000.

Yearling Ct., 4109-Toll MD V to Jeanette and Matthew P. Stair, $383,751.


Brookeville Landing Ct., 11721-Li Zheng to Anna Zhen, $377,200.

Dunrobin Dr., 2509-Valdez D. and Kesha Mumford to Folasade Akala, $415,000.

Jennings Mill Dr., 511-Michael L. and Alesia J. Steinberger to Nicole S. Bryan, $330,000.

Peachtree Lane, 1711-Robert and Cleora W. Sharkey to William and Joyce Leapart, $379,990.

Saint Josephs Dr., 2214-D.R. Horton Inc. to Arthur A. Russell, $404,635.

Tulson Lane, 2106-D.R. Horton Inc. to Paul A. and Ruth O. Olumese, $374,320.

Tulson Lane, 2206-D.R. Horton Inc. to Robert J. and Timiko C. Collins, $387,550.

Woodridge Ct., 3403-Cheryl Wilmer to Federal National Mortgage Association, $431,358.