Prince George’s County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bryan Point Rd., 2910-Ana Marie Enten to John C. and Barbara A. Lamme, $575,000.

Ginger Jar Ct., 1906-Steven and Carol Mauldin to Kia Jackson, $335,000.

Livingston Rd., 16810-HSBC Bank to Fatimah Ahmad, $164,900.


Amherst Rd., 2508-Karen and Westbrook Properties Corp. and Jun Yan to Ermite Jean Sanon and Myriam Loreston, $245,000.

Chillum Rd., 800-Carol R. Foxx and Vertinia D. Johnson to Jose D. Perdomo Sanchez and Nelsi Rubenia Alvares, $236,900.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 824-Richard Van Camp and Presidential Bank to Marie A. Ngo Mbog, $41,250.

Ruatan St., 1436-Cristobal Amaya and Ismeida Martinez to Juan Anival Ramos Aleman, $231,000.

18th Ave., 8219-Steven T. Evans to Geovani G. Carias Puerto and Ana N. Coreas, $342,000.

26th Ave., 9203-Home Direct Corp. to Carlos Umana and Dinora Ramirez, $242,000.


Cherry Hill Ct., 3419-Sharon M. Kelsey and estate of Lily Ann Hoolahan to Elizabeth Ramirez, $220,000.

Crossfield Dr., 12903-JPMorgan Chase to Eliasib and Yerusi Fajardo, $331,000.

Greenwood Rd., 4517-Jose and Rebecca Abalorio to Tin Phung, Huong Ngoc Tat and Vinh Gia Phung, $232,000.

Josephine Ave., 4315-William A. Humbert and estate of Mary Louise Humbert to Luigi De Franco, $286,000.

Old Baltimore Pike., 11512-Zoheir M. Al Radiedeh to Moises Arispe Cruz, $49,000.


Annapolis Rd., 5604-Anna Trust to Samson Singh, $146,000.

Varnum St., 5432-Sheila J. Tavares to Lucila Munoz Vivar, $116,000.

60th Ave., 5023-Federated Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Rosa Carolina Sanchez, $225,000.


Burkes Promise Dr., 4415-Reina H. Vasquez to Henry and Joanne Hobbs Dow, $375,000.

Gold Cup Lane, 8112-Daniel Dadzie Sr. and Ekow Yawson to Leenan Vincent Poteat, $212,000.

Gullivers Trail, 13805-HSBC Bank to Aleta Conner, $281,000.

Kembridge Dr., 12716-Aaron E. and Deborah G. Nelson to John Lesniewski, $229,119.

London Lane, 14535-Billy Okoye and Nikia Graster to Amit Trehan and Shikha Nagpal, $145,000.

Lynns Retreat Dr., 5206, No. 140-William M. Savage to Andrew Odeh, $196,000.

Maroon Lane, 3604-Deborah Holden to Zoltan A. Honeczy, $250,000.

Millstream Dr., 12205-Pauline B. Embrack and Elaine Ridgeway to Metro DC 2 Corp., $181,000.

Rockledge Dr., 12500-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Adeyemi Durojaiye, $220,000.

Sarah Lane, 12409-Olaf M. and Mary Jane Jerde to Juel Hansen Jr., $232,500.

Stonehaven Lane, 12306-Jack D. and Mary F. Jones to Alfonzo E. Gasaway II, $262,325.

10th St., 12820-Robin Kelly Fulco to Daniel and April Dawn Vernatter, $240,000.


Apple Green Lane, 3210-Dilan Investment Corp. to Sam and Kenya Guinn, $380,000.

Elenoir Ct., 3408-Wells Fargo Bank to Adaora N. Otiji, $165,000.

Mill Branch Rd., 2404-William A. and Mary I. Snyder to Keith L. and Adrienne Young Battle, $545,000.

November Ct., 2947-Jerome Mallory and Charmene Fields Johnson to Blandon Kurt and Blandon Eric Bulger, $160,000.

Pleasant Hill Lane, 845-Coy J. Taffe to Juan C. and Melanie Wilson Martinez, $229,900.


Benjamin Ring St., 15408-Kenneth Smith and Keisha M. Branch to Bruno Romeo Di Santillo and Rino Romeo Di Santillo, $178,200.

Elora Lane, 8120-Ian and Royette L. Stewart to Deidra S. Brown, $318,000.

Hampton Village Way, 8105-Marleny C. Rivera to Angela M. and Gregory F. Chisley, $326,000.

Morano Dr., 12501-Michael G. Logiudice to Lakaisha Y. Black, $243,500.


Lawrence St., 3902-Antonio V. Garay to Roxana I. Ramirez and Imelda R. Jimenez Colorado, $241,000.

Webster St., 3505-Brian K. Schmidt and Christina Gebhard to Benjamin Cerf Harris and Yona Sipos Randor, $275,000.


Arenas Ct., 2-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Paris K. Gasque, $317,423.

Arenas Ct., 22-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Johnny Babb, $280,934.

Booker Dr., 801-Omonike Scott and U.S. Bank to Amti Corp., $79,000.

Booker Terr., 1261-Winston North Group Corp. to Sherry R. Smith, $138,000.

Calder Dr., 7310-Five Star Homes Corp. to Chanelle Loreal Williams, $178,000.

Cindy Lane, 126-Mary Penn Beveney to Earl A. Garner, $145,000.

Heath St., 4609-Barbara J. Cooper and Claude G. Duvall to Federal National Mortgage Association, $268,771.

Kolb St., 5603-Forte Development Corp. to John Mshimba and Elizabeth Adeka, $158,000.

Mill Ave. E., 127-Arthur Hackney to Fohtong N. Akam, $198,000.

Prescott Ct., 5613-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Angela Robinson, $174,000.

68th Pl., 103-Wells Fargo Bank to Alfred Jerome Miller, $126,300.


Allendale Dr., 8150-Deutsche Bank to Housing Initiative Partnership Inc., $49,900.

Barlowe Rd., 7629-Larry D. and Tracie L. Thorne to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $121,389.

Cedarwood Ct., 1829-Cassaundra Roberts to Keona Crowder, $97,000.

Columbia Ave., 1600-Jachson R. Franco to Alexander W. Elassal, $235,000.

Columbia Park Rd., 6705-Mario A. Menjivar and Julio M. Calderon to Hector A. Mendoza, $120,500.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 550-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ashanti Brooks, $168,000.

Greenleaf Rd., 5619-Daniel R. and Jean L. Bobick to Michael Adam and Sara Lucine Clauser, $245,000.

Hawthorne St., 6896-Rocky McKoy to Jose J. Amaya Guevara and Jose V. Amaya Guevara, $55,000.

Manson Pl., 3117-Nathaniel R. Lytes Jr. to Jose R. and Ana E. Robles, $130,000.

Nalley Rd., 409-Charlie and Janette Smith to Debra and Paul E. White, $190,000.

Sterling St., 8808-Margaret Makinde to Bernadette Ndjine, $210,000.


Birchview Dr., 12117-Allen C. and Linda D. Wrenn to Stephanie A. Parson, $229,900.

Boniwood Turn W., 5286-Gladys B. and Jewett M. Harris to Larry J. and Linda M. Booker, $181,000.

Cameron Ct., 9012-Donna F. and Walter E. Allen to Pennymac Corp., $471,050.

Collins St., 3207-Cintron and Sanya Cade to Lashawn E. Wilkerson, $310,000.

Evelyn Lane, 8401-Richmond American Homes to Thomas Anthony and Camilla A. Jones, $519,162.

Foxbranch Ct., 7300-Wilmington Trust National Association to John W. Rogers III, $200,000.

Hellen Lee Dr., 6115-Fernando Marin to Moises Rodriguez, $145,000.

Joan Pl., 8405-Rafael Rodriguez and Sylvia M. Garcia Rodriguez to Julie M. Butler, $200,000.

Nathan Ct., 12409-Samuel Crawford to Tyrone Cooper, $399,900.

Rockwell Dr., 8403-Sherri Pierce to Domina Development Corp., $111,700.

Schultz Rd., 8520-KCC Corp. to Shenika and Joseph Myles, $209,900.

Simpson Lane, 9113-Shelley Venables and estate of Jean D. Myers to Yassob Ghahramani, $123,000.

Surratts Village Dr., 5925-Pharas L. Davis to Antwan X. Johnson, $155,000.


Berwyn Rd., 6021-Philip and Holly M. Dewolf to Liming and Yao Yao, $280,000.

Lackawanna St., 5111-Hamid R. Ossareh to Bragi Valgeirsson, $221,000.

Osage St., 4816-Robin J. and Desire Stapley to Brian Patrick O’Hanlon, Kathleen O’Hanlon and Jill O’Hanlon, $312,000.

Quebec St., 4911-Maira M. Cortez and Jackie Miller to Residential Value Corp., $243,000.

51st Pl., 9611-Deborah Ann and Joseph Denny Scesa to James Andrew and Joel A. Hogg, $209,000.

52nd Ave., 9717-Reia M. and Hamdel R. Tobias to Brian D. Maxfield, $220,000.


Donnell Pl., 7147, No. D-Tamiko M. Yancey to Moronke A. Obaro and Abisoye A. Idris, $35,000.

Dottie Kelly Ct., 3500-Value Homes Corp. to Neil Khaund, $230,000.

Keystone Manor Pl., 3710-Baltimore Investors Corp. to Ricky G. Elum Jr., $218,000.

Leona St., 7301-REO Corp. to Ivy N. and Maurice D. Day, $260,000.

Surrey Square Lane, 6029-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Chloi Treadwell, $168,000.


Bernard Dr., 8310-Metro Area Management Corp. to Helen L. Campbell, $225,600.

Bricker Dr., 402-D.R. Horton Inc. to Michael Jenkins, $351,745.

Comet Dr., 8123-Eric B. and Nadine G. Munson to Kenneth Allen, $255,000.

Fort Foote Rd., 9215-Preferred Resource Corp. to Jenny L. Canales Saravia, $265,000.

Jolly Dr., 8713-Angela C. Hubbard to Stars Home Corp., $135,000.

Lanham Lane, 7713-Naomi C. Cooley to 4H Properties Corp., $160,000.

Middlefield Terr., 6818-Richard Edward Barnes and Marilyn D. Ester Barnes to Aquanette Brown, $205,000.

Old Fort Rd., 9820-Magdalena Soto to Rose D. Terry, $180,000.

Parkton St., 12304-Richard Vasquez to Umer Jaleel and Michelle D. Spence, $295,000.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1452, No. 147-Angel Livas to Itika Lynne Johnson, $110,000.

Rolling Green Way, 10100-Ross Adam Dickey and Ruth Elizabeth Webb to Shantell Taylor and William C. Jones, $357,101.

Tarboro Pl., 7200-Eduardo Simpson to Lonnie J. and Marilyn Davis, $219,000.

Woodbourne Ave., 7707-Willco Properties Corp. to Katrina C. Morse, $249,950.


Brett Pl., 8009-Mary Elizabeth Tuma to Irma A. Quispe Neira, $276,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8487, No. 8487-T-2-Kamal S. Ghaffarian to Peter Mullings, $57,500.

Hanover Pkwy., 6946, No. 6946-201-Dong H. and Chris Donghyun Kim to Iruka Maduchukwu, $95,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6600-Desmond F. Mayes to Thomas Winkler, $139,000.

Village Park Dr., 6749-Michele G. and Garland L. Crosby to Errick King, $265,000.


Elberton Ct., 5609-AMT Homes Corp. to Omar L. Veras, $238,000.

Jefferson St., 4213-Heather M. Roymans to Ryan H. Winkelvoss and Maiya K. Dacey, $369,500.

60th Ave., 5102-Pedro Sternberg to George H. and Jennifer S. Flores, $197,500.


Dellwood Ave., 7931-Erica Romero to Neftali Argueta and Lucia Yolanda Artiga De Argueta, $225,000.

Ellerbie Ct., 5629-Fay A. Austin to Nidia Zavala Galdamez and Ismael Mendoza Ayala, $122,000.

Franklin Ave., 9600-Mark and Debra Lucas Leahy to Reva A. and Herbert E. Harry, $150,000.

Sheridan St., 9409-Jose L. Osorio to Jaime M. Arevalo, $239,000.

Tuckerman St., 9514-Residential Value Corp. to Cristobal Amaya, $250,000.

Wilhelm Dr., 7550-Alton E. and Altino Brooks to Felipe and Gladys Flores, $213,500.

Seventh St., 1508-Kemet Rakiatu to Rene W. Morcoso Portillo and Gladis J. Guevara Ruiz, $177,000.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 9114-Unique Affordable Homes Corp. to Sharon D. Clark, $196,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15211-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Cheryl Clark Simms, $350,990.

Cable Hollow Way, 47, No. 45-4-Gilser A. Nash to R&T Management Corp., $85,000.

Campus Way S., 10725-Famotex Corp. to Cedric L. and Dominic Jackson, $218,000.

Coffren Pl., 713-Roger P. Mason Jr. to Peter M. Tomdio, $640,000.

Fittleworth Terr., 1911-Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas C. and Annette B. Jackson, $484,959.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 264, No. 195-Deanna M. Cox to Jonathan D. Jeter, $100,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10632-Agwa Okwen and David Sandler to Ebony R. Jarrett, $175,000.

Meadowhill Rd., 3802-Francia and Noel Aurellano to Bisi D. Dada, $260,300.

Peconic Pl., 900-Advesa Care Corp. to Kenneth A. and Traci M. Embrack, $305,900.

Prospect Dr., 115-Gary V. and Karen W. Ward to Brian Kirkell, $559,000.

Ronald Beall Rd., 12424-Abdul Kamara and Doreen Bernard to James M. Alexander and Shawaun Bailey, $265,000.

Symondsbury Way, 15528-Mark and Victoria Roscoe to Carlyle L. Smith, $440,000.

Vandiver Ct., 13506-Betty Wingfield to Shirley J. Williams, $266,000.

Westphalia Rd., 10410-Sonia F. Wiggins to Wennifer D. Wiggins, $311,000.


Chestnut Ct., 14021-Sanya M. Forbes to GMAC Mortgage Corp., $333,691.

Erica Lane, 7707-Hunter and Peggy Robinson to Zelalem Fisseha, $201,000.

Laureland Pl., 15001-Rickie and Barbara J. Carlyle to Corey and Paul Carlos Lancaster, $189,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8126-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kashina A. Brown, $190,000.

Main St., 709-Jane Krasnow to Main Street Townhouses Corp., $448,000.

Marton St., 1020-Robert P. Mueller Jr. to Jose R. Rodriguez and Martha I. Granados Salmeron, $180,000.

Montrose Ave., 1111-Ronald M. Jacobs to Elida Rivera and Ruben A. Garcia, $314,900.

Spruce Hill Dr., 8414-Tina E. Baynes to Marvin Garcia Calderon, $195,000.

Winterfield Terr., 7300-Nathan E. Bovelle to Federal National Mortgage Association, $335,553.


Bristolwood Ct., 10301-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Patti Ann Chaplin and Carl Williams, $255,500.

Graystone Lane, 8718-Fran Crull to Suzanne N. and Bradley R. Sexton, $305,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11523, No. 11523-CPP Laurelwood Corp. to Tyler J. Ward, $144,000.


32nd St., 3811-E&B Homes Corp. to Robert Clark and Abby Greenwell, $257,500.


Arehart Dr., 7700, No. 1203-Dolvanett M. Thompson to Terrance Russell, $33,000.

Eldridge St., 6718-Warren and Rikki Esters Keye to Metro DC 2 Corp., $120,000.

Ingalls Ave., 3713-Christian A. Dina E. Cruz Velazquez to Josue E. Galicia Alas, $184,900.

Lamont Dr., 5801-U.S. Bank to KCE Inc., $149,900.

Meadow Trail Lane, 4014-Akbar Niknam to Jeanette Snider, $205,000.

73rd Ave., 4302-Swan Properties Inc. and Quang Pham to Brittany Clyatt, $217,000.

85th Ave., 6105-Jeffrey D. Price and Elizabeth Niehaus to Shirley Elaine Brown, $220,000.

87th Ave., 6201-KCE Inc. to Icela Romero, Mario Acevedo and Sonia Romero, $251,000.


Carson Ave., 821-Charles E. and Sarah M. Jackson to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $235,000.

Crawford St., 702-Padilla & Associates Corp. to Melinda Andrade Martinez and Patricia E. Andradez, $199,900.

Dudley Ave., 6917-Mario R. Padilla to Yuvionis U. Guzman Pereira, $125,000.

Grenada Ave., 6810-Patrick M. Bell to Jose Victor Amado, $195,000.

Knoll Dr., 1900-Brenda H. Ross to Francisco Fernandez, $195,000.

Neptune Ave., 817-J.C. and Olivia F. McClurkin to 817 Neptune Holdings Corp., $56,842.

Rosecroft Village Cir. E., 2413-Florian M. and Jane M. Zeender to Shan A. and Tong Chun Zhang, $155,000.

Virginia Ct., 5405-New Spring Corp. to Derell C. Quick, $250,040.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 536, No. 6737-Rosa Hilda Guzman and Maria Del Carmen Vasquez to Kadhim Al Waeli, $78,000.


Mustang Dr., 6010-Residential Value Corp. to Danielle Givens, $235,000.


Davis Blvd., 6201-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Triva M. and James N. Tate, $224,900.

Gunston Lane, 5509-U.S. Bank to Arnold B. Richmond Jr., $325,000.

Ladd Rd., 6013-Gemese L. Freeman and Blanche Tyndle to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $275,523.

Lori St., 4304-Benjamin T. and Marilyn E. Mitchell to Latoya N. Rhodes, $155,000.

Ridgecrest Dr., 4413-Arleen M. Monahan and Cathleen C. Johnson to Jennie Lee Booker, $190,000.


Brentley Rd., 4905-Richard F. and Mary L. Wack to John G. Montford Jr. and Nicole B. Ellsworth, $259,900.

Colebrooke Dr., 2515, No. 2515-Melissa Nabinett to Indu Aggarwal, $43,100.

Dawn Lane, 2234-Udiy Corp. to Ricardo D. Douglas, $145,000.

Fielding Lane, 5051-James Leon Barrow to 5051 Fielding Lane Corp., $116,900.

Summerhill Rd., 6508-Asters L. and Linda A. Young to Tiber Investments Corp., $153,000.

23rd Pl., 4339-Barbara S. Thomas and Christine Burger to Barbara E. Goss, $85,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 405-RCC OIP Corp. to Joshua T. Lubben and Randi Y. Zung, $190,000.

Pineway, 6810-James E. and Mary E. Fischer to Seth P. Benson Flannery and Rebekah L. Benson Flannery, $430,000.

Windsor Lane, 7211-Robert Warren Cooper to David R. and John H. Baldwin, $390,000.

32nd Ave., 5817-Round Hill Realty Corp. to Corbin T. Jones and Stephanie Hobbs, $310,000.

41st Ave., 6118-Michael C. Campbell to Alex T. Ogbamichael and Michael G. Gebreyesus, $339,500.


Ashby Farm Ct., 12201-Steven L. and Corrie L. Dinolfo to Jonathan L. and Tapika C. Bryant, $389,000.

Bishopmill Dr., 4502-Kathy Huckert Furini to Joan C. Jackson, $110,000.

Dunkirk Dr., 12604-Kenneth and Shantelle Wright to Shaunilla Harrod, $315,000.

Farnsworth Lane, 14100-Eric A. Hamilton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $177,060.

Grandview Ct., 13100-Kimberly D. Hudler to Wilma Steverson, $220,000.

Johensu Dr., 6315-Haverford at Equestrian Corp. to Robert and Mary J. Blair, $465,000.

Locris Dr., 7810-Department of Housing and Urban Development to REO Corp., $155,555.

Midstock Lane, 12904-Walter and Lisa Thompson to Akeem Amodou, $210,000.

Pepin Dr., 6509-Paul Kevin Dickinson to PSB Investments Corp., $115,000.

Rhodenda Pl., 10912-Patricia A. Watkins to Jon Wesley Mack, Michael J. Garrett Jr. and Jon W. Mack Garrett, $289,000.

Thrush Pl., 12605-Stephon R. Lynch to Richard W. Boger, $235,000.

Van Brady Rd., 11519-Linda M. and Douglas W. Powell to Benjamin G. Ashe Sr., $462,000.

Wyld Dr., 10409-Charles E. and Audrey Plummer Mayo to Brandon W. Jones, $360,000.


Bay Berry Terr., 1708-Shawnda N. White to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $231,750.

Broadleaf St., 10002-David Tucker to Trashaun Saunders, $180,000.

Catalba Ct., 1700-William Thomas to Wanda M. Hughes, $241,000.

Hallandale Terr., 12012-McCormick 102 Corp. to Amit Trehan, $154,000.

Kitchener Ct., 10791-Perry A. and Veronica Jackson to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $386,000.

Pinecone Ct., 1709-Anjanette M. Kichline and Alfred E. Manzoni Jr. to Denvia B. Johnson, $252,000.

Spencer Ct., 10430-Stefane Sydnor Walthour to Shikha Nagpal and Amit Trehan, $206,000.

Tulson Lane, 2110-D.R. Horton Inc. to Solomon A. and April M. Tackie, $369,715.

Woodwalk Terr., 12307-Maurice D. Garland to Malissa M. Dagraca and Solomon Comissiong, $299,201.