Prince George’s County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Huron St., 16716-Mark A. Davis to Carl A. and Evelyn L. Hunt, $215,000.

Mattawoman Way, 600-Latonya Renee and Julian I. Blair to Sean W. and Theresa E. Booker, $455,000.

Vintage Lane, 14002-D.R. Horton Inc. to Karl Jeffrey Sommer, $436,510.


Chillum Manor Rd., 1124-Lagrande Walter Howell to Jorge H. Romero, $245,000.

Laverne Dr., 8610-Ryan Jarmer and Ellen Landis to David Mark and Lindsay Elizabeth Batts, $310,000.

Silver Lake Ct., 3011-Thuan Huuand Tro Thing Truong to Naveen Sundar and Sabina Sunder Pallepamu, $378,000.

23rd Ave., 7204-Walter and Walter Carl Summer to Carlos A. Murillo and Rosa Y. Delgado Huertas, $215,000.


Aquasco Rd., 22910-Chicane Cycle Inc. to Devin P. and Lucia T. Vaulina, $125,000.


Elmwood Rd., 4309-Thomas L. and Rosalind M. Kilroy to Genesis Garcia, Leonel Reyes and Erika L. Flores, $329,700.

Paca Dr., 12906-Besrick D. and Sharon M. Darby to Holly Maged Cruz and Steven E. Gritz, $180,000.

Romlon St., 4427, No. 304-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Samantha C. Hernandez, $50,500.


Annapolis Rd., 5635-Camron Ranje to Teresa A. Momoh, $71,000.

Newton St., 5203, No. 104-Mamie Gertrude Washington to L. Tanya N. Brown, $25,000.

52nd St., 3900-Wei C. Wang to Jaclyn Leffel, $260,000.


Alexis Dr., 6606-Gen Sen and Dorothy C. Chu to Kevin W. Klucher and Alison Gannon, $370,000.

Caswell Lane, 12505-Reginald McNeely and Bernard J. Ferguson to Abraham Leno and Kumba A. Ngateh, $250,000.

Goodloes Promise Dr., 12705-Adeleye and Mosunmola O. Fatokimi to Musukula Osei and Kosnatu George, $456,000.

Idlewild Dr., 13429-Marilyn J. Cowin Gonzalez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $225,536.

Kenway Lane, 2608-David and Jennifer Holehouse to Alexander Rodriguez Diaz, $325,000.

Lakeford Lane, 5501-Leslie J. and Evelyn N. Vinson to Greater Capitol Homes Corp., $252,000.

London Lane, 14729-Hilda A. Arhin to Yen Wong and Hui Fangwong, $140,000.

Marthas Choice Cir., 13012-James H. and Maureen O. Hynes to Eric B. Simms, $415,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 4723-Veronica W. Ogunsula to Federal National Mortgage Association, $235,000.

Ross St., 8707-Mary T. Draugelis to Osaze R. and Hadiza A. Murray, $327,000.

Sedgwick Lane, 3102-Donnamarie M. Morrison to Matthew D. and Makenzie F. Akers, $290,000.

Teak Lane, 3006-Joseph P. and Stephanie Ruyter to Sarah C. Testerman and Brett O’Neill, $253,000.

Westport Dr., 11221-HSBC Bank to Halil Kuqica, $131,099.

11th St., 13322-John A. and Lisa A. Rowland to Leon Gomez, $107,500.


Atrium Ct., 2507-James R. and Janis L. Cook to Christopher Fultz, $429,000.

Everglade Lane, 15618, No. 304-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Parveen and Anju Ahuja, $104,475.

Nemo Ct., 2607-Charles and Terry Perry to Mirian B. Perez, $155,000.

Paisley Lane, 15908-James V. and Jean M. Brent to Jose A. Morataya Larreynaga, $260,000.

Prince of Wales Ct., 2277-Harlan W. Tucker to Win S. Aye, Myat T. Aung and Collins P. Sein, $165,500.


Grayden Lane, 8028-Kajsa and Marilyn S. Reyes to David L. Walton and Maggie P. Ubom, $295,000.

Little Wynn Ct., 14603-Talisa Lee to Martha C. and Victor D. Kamara, $225,000.


34th St., 4511-Eleanor B. and John Rufus Hampton to Francis D. Snodgrass, $122,400.

42nd Ave., 3712-Ruben Garcia to Jonathan J. and Jonathan James Pacella, $215,000.


Arenas Ct., 12-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Randall White and Jasmine Smith, $293,008.

Arenas Ct., 24-Gtis-Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Colin E. Congo, $294,107.

Booker Dr., 840-Alexis Adams and estate of Sylvia J. Adams to Bennett A. Chinn III, $75,000.

Canyon Dr., 7029-Wright House Corp. to Casandra S. Kelly, $212,500.

Cranmer Way, 5106-Nicole Honesty to Eric Cobbs, $112,000.

Karen Blvd., 1311-Federal National Mortgage Association to James Gant Jr., $95,000.

Larchmont Ave., 418-Jerome E. Manning and Aisha D. Sanders to Federal National Mortgage Association, $291,145.

Leroy Gorham Dr., 5013-Bennett Team Properties Corp. to Carlos D. Russell, $153,500.

Pistachio Lane, 4602-Charles E. Powell to Anthony V. and Shameena Proctor, $140,000.

Walbridge St., 6322-NVR Inc. to Evan P. and Angela Z. McCollough, $283,670.


Cheverly Ave., 2405-Brian J. Routhier and Weyman A. Lockwood to Matthew Bolcar, $326,000.

Columbia Ave., 1918-Carlos Romeo Diaz and Susana O. Garces De Diaz to Federal National Mortgage Association, $319,490.

Consideration Lane, 1101-Rhonda Laverne and Dennis Cunningham to Federal National Mortgage Association, $396,000.

Greenleaf Rd., 5808-Patrick J. and Elizabeth C. O’Leary to Kiija T. Manty Miller and Brent E. Miller, $350,000.

Manson St., 8103-Eugene E. and Stacy White to TKB Properties Corp., $97,500.

Normandy Rd., 7624-Arash Jamaleddin to Ruben R. Gonzalez, $135,000.

Suiter Way, 7833-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Wilnor and Missie H. Louis, $199,000.

Village Green Dr., 1754, No. B-55-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Colette Magne, $39,000.


Armor Dr., 6006-Lawrence S. and Deborah P. Oliver to Federal National Mortgage Association, $301,000.

Blackwater Rd., 3708-Philip R. Bush to Ronald Guy Giscombe, $135,000.

Branchwood Pl., 7111-Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to Dominique N. Cooper, $100,000.

Cedar Chase Dr., 8511-NVR Inc. to Darrick J. and Katherine E. Lowe, $475,110.

Colorado St., 11104-Sheldon Gordon to Wilhelmina L. Taylor, $345,000.

Deborah St., 8721-Oscar O. and Bernice C. Anderson to Solomon A. Demena and Emebet T. Wakijra, $190,000.

Evelyn Lane, 8402-Richmond American Homes to Nicole M. Buie Hatcher, $418,670.

Friendship Rd., 7000-Antoinette C. Hudson to Tameka Moore, $200,000.

Kittama Dr., 8301-Brian I. and Phyllis E. Palmer to Antoine C. and Alecia V. Sims, $470,000.

Parkview Lane, 6108-Dervin Gray to Federal National Mortgage Association, $268,000.

Rodgers Dr., 5019-Apple Federal Credit Union to Victoria L. Lewis Lynch, $210,000.

Serenade Cir., 7609-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nakeisha Lewis, $171,000.

Slippery Elm Ct., 10803-Sherry N. White and James Q. Royal to Garrett Bernard Williams Jr., $400,000.


Fox St., 5012-Norman W. Crossley and Tamar Sanikidze to William J. Sankey and Cen Chen, $300,000.

Limestone Pl., 9323-Olga J. Nelson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $250,000.

Pontiac St., 4719-Glenn Joseph and Patricia Lee Gulden to Richard Alexander Dipietro, $326,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1514-Eva M. Stehle to Qian Graves, $150,000.

51st Pl., 9702-Virginia L. Monteiro to Dikokok Kofele Luma, $180,000.

53rd Ave., 9702-Stephanie J. Tang to Sofia Holmes, Amon Holmes and Constante Barot, $285,000.


Boones Lane, 2804-Deutsche Bank to Hilda I. Herrarte, $119,900.

Corona St., 8509-Chantrell Shaw to Reginald W. Tymus Sr., $100,000.

Gould Dr., 1604-Renita Bonner and Denita Hubbard to Karlene Gallimore, $227,500.

Hil Mar Cir. N., 6117-Carl Eric Baucorn to Jennifer S. Hill, $189,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 6912-New Spring Corp. to Lindsay M. Meade, $204,900.

Leona St., 7410-Crystal Dorsey and estate of Rosa E. Harsha to Eric Harmon, $121,000.

Millvale Ave., 2516-Mary Grant and estate of Clyde Francis Kehler to Donald C. Schroth, $85,100.

Phelps Ave., 2603-Estate of Donald R. Munro and Pamela Munro Yousko to Alba C. Quintero Gonzales, $165,000.

Tulip Ave., 1613-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Long Vu, $86,100.


Bion Dr., 12017-Alpha Roberts to Marcilyn Patterson, $500,000.

Broad Creek Dr., 613-Philbert and Charmaigne Burrell to David and Martina McAndrew, $165,000.

Fort Foote Rd., 9557-Bank of New York Mellon to Smith and Zegarra Corp., $149,900.

Lee Rd., 1704-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Romaine Williams, $228,000.

Mill Crossing Dr., 2802-Elisa M. Alignay to Albert W. Kirk III, $252,000.

Pebble Ct., 9205-Mahmoud Atashsobh to Carlos Cruz, $290,000.

River Forest Lane, 104-Samuel J. Deblasis and estate of Gertrude Gallagher Deblasis to Michelle Rene and David Johnson, $400,000.

Rosier Rd., 620-J. Russell Boyce and George M. Smith to John P. Pineda and Tania Trinh, $477,000.

Taurus Dr., 400-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Olivier Beza Soto and Elvi Albarracin Fernandez, $194,900.

Washington Lane, 1400-Victor and Darin Kuklis to Elvis Chase, $190,000.


Dubarry St., 9808-Jose Rodriguez and Javier Szuchman to James Justin Hill, $279,900.


Hanover Pkwy., 6932, No. 6932-301-Nantiepe Kolani to Monica Jarvis, $59,000.

Mandan Rd., 7927, No. 647-Blanca Edith Zelaya to Lola M. Gray, $130,000.


Chesapeake Rd., 5317-Lavonne P. and Blapoh Freeman to Felipe Leonardo and Maria Candelario De Leonardo, $160,000.

Emerson St., 5309-Yaquin Li and Zengzhu Xu to Angela Arevalo Castillo and Luis Mauricio Ramos, $210,000.


Belva Pl., 5501-Federal National Mortgage Association to Fallon L. Collins, $159,000.

Finns Lane, 7503-Monacco Exclusive Renovations Corp. to Audrey Clarke, $230,000.

Hilton Hill Dr., 8925-Letitia F. Toomer to Carlos Alberto Guevara, $225,000.

Orbit Lane, 9009-Terrill L. and Lynette Johnson Garrison to Hanna Asfaw Meskelu and Senait Retta, $273,000.

Spring Ave., 8911-Virginia L. and Melvin L. Bowles to Juan A. Rivera, $270,000.

Vandenberg Ct., 7404-William M. and Kathy V. Hua to Hawanatu B. and Saheed B. Jalloh, $380,000.


Abbottswood Ct., 11424, No. 52-6-Department of Veterans Affairs to Mukund Agashe and Pradeep Ganguly, $61,000.

Baldpate Ct., 1307-Avery B. and Kellie K. Goss to Jennifer Young, $267,900.

Campus Way S., 10113, No. 68-Faosat M. Noflu to Tu Thanh Ha and Thanh Quoc Nguyen, $115,000.

Hawkweed Ct., 11603-Raymond M. Daniels to Sean Cook, $380,000.

Joyceton Terr., 113-Tribeca Lending Corp. to Maduka J. and Kene Emelife, $200,000.

Lake Forest Dr., 2404-Richmond American Homes to Tiawain Nicole and Djante Jernal Rodgers, $460,000.

New Acadia Lane, 13310, No. 203-Johnnie W. Green and Norva R. Jackson to Barbara J. Hayes, $87,000.

Prince Pl., 10119, No. 2-Carlos Bledsoe to Sameer and Sapna Rohatgi, $31,000.

Queen Anne Rd., 17771-Dovwick Corp. to Kevin P. and Rhonda J. Grenier, $368,000.

Thundercloud Ct., 10200-Evelyn R. and Fred D. Anthony to Stephanie Walker, $340,000.

Watkins Park Dr., 5-Isiaka A. and Olushola A. Ajape to Karen Randall and Joanne M. Johnson, $81,036.


Brown Branch Rd., 13802-Kai Easton to Huong Nguyen, $305,000.

Chestnut Ct., 14026-Valley National Bank to Dan Lin, $150,000.

Gales St., 16203-Teddy G. Tan to Virginia A. Frost, $350,000.

Kalmia Dr., 15015-Vernon M. Robinson to Guixian Xu, $145,000.

Main St., 709-Thomas P. Brown Inc. and Karen Simmons to Main Street Townhouses Corp., $450,000.

Marton St., 1037-William Ridgeway to Denise M. Kneller, $195,000.

Talbott Ave., 885-Habtewold Woldehoyannes Yehevis and Tigist Wodetsadik to Terry D. Hebron, $209,900.

Yardarm Way, 14111, No. 1207-Helen J. Hassan to Victor W. Yang, $82,500.


Claxton Dr., 12820, No. 3E-William L. Thomas to C. R & S. C. Nagaria Corp., $87,000.

Imperial Dr., 8223, No. 2D-Peggy S. Garrett to Scott W. Rhine, $101,500.

Oak Stream Dr., 8404-Caron Carroll to Adrienne Heyward Bey, $302,500.


Shepherd St., 3104-Benjamin R. and Marion Kate Hebdon to Stuart F. Martin and Andrea E. Knowles, $315,000.

34th St., 3717-34th Street Corp. to Katherine C. Johnson, $360,000.


Fairborn Terr., 6453-William O. Guzman Reyes to Jaime Douglas Amaya Hernandez, $210,000.

Longbranch Dr., 7314-Coretta Ross to Lai Thlengliani, $215,000.

Randolph St., 5600-Ascension H. Victorino to Saul A. Rubio, $160,000.

84th Ave., 5709-Alice M. McKnight to Dwayne Robinson, $171,000.


New Hampshire Ave., 9205, No. B3-Benito and Gemma Mendoza to Clifton and Mitchell Gilbert, $33,525.


Birchwood Dr., 1306-Hannon Wallace and Viola V. Davis to Cesar A.G. Lopez, $142,000.

Circle Dr. E., 7321-Federal National Mortgage Association to Domina Development Corp., $125,700.

Deal Dr., 5213-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ruby Andrea Cay, $60,500.

Dunwoody Ave., 1405-AMT Investments Corp. to Cesar O. Argueta, $239,900.

Hampton Dr., 601-Washington Louis Jones Jr. and Shankara Jones McNair to Isolina C. Marquez Roquez, $65,000.

Livingston Rd., 7103-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vilma and Jennifer Ortiz, $135,000.

Panorama Dr., 200-Rose Grover Otto to Eileen Cheng, $216,000.

Shelby Dr., 823-Robert E. Williams to Santos F. Salvador and Reina I. Velasquez, $182,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 542, No. 6743-Jamese Blumenschein to Heath Bourne, $55,000.


Eastpine Dr., 5722-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Gustavo Adolfo Bonilla and Ana Marina Manzano, $225,000.

Powhatan St., 6308-Wilson F. and Gladhies F. Cayao to Zaimi I. Flores Barboza, $143,000.

58th Pl., 6300-Abbie Morris and Joseph Louis Thompson to Herman A. Diaz and Ana A. Cruz, $221,000.

63rd Pl., 6114-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and Buonassissi Henning & Lash Co. to Yuchen C. Chang, $146,000.


Barto Ave., 5104-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Reginald A. Miles Sr., $200,000.

Dowell Lane, 4631-Housing Initiative Partnership Inc. to Dena R. Thweatt, $129,690.

Hill Way, 5517-Areig Holdings Corp. to Kecia L. Barnes, $251,500.

Lakewood St., 2019-Anthony Dozier to Maurice W. Jackson Jr., $215,000.


Fairview Ave., 1001-Unique Affordable Homes Corp. to Tamirat A. Tefera and Alemtsehay A. Gizan, $235,000.


Anvil Lane, 2394-Staar Properties Corp. to Shernell Benjamin, $165,000.

Delmar Ave., 4309-James Raymond and Prue W. Lyles to Bessie R. Dickens and Sylvia Newman, $246,000.

Gaither St., 1910-Adrienne P. Shaw to Federal National Mortgage Association, $347,913.

Huntley Square Dr., 3303, No. T2-Maryland Community Development Administration to Mervin Bean, $14,000.

Joel Lane, 5404-5404 Joel Lane Corp. to Tracey Felicia Abney, $240,000.

24th Ave., 3425-Judy Ann Mintyre to Federal National Mortgage Association, $310,564.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 201-RCC Plaza Lofts Corp. to Selina Asante and Emmanuel Poku, $257,000.

Oakridge Rd., 6907-David K. Thulman and Katherine D. Andrews to Ozge Guzelsu, $560,000.

Roanoke St., 1902-Domingo A. Holguin and Nolberto Hernandez Taveras to Muhammad Ali and Sohaila Samadyar, $255,000.

Woodberry St., 2017-Cristian Beriguete and Lourdes V. Paulino to Bich Van Thi Nguyen and Hoa Van Nguyen, $185,000.

34th Ave., 6001-Gary E. and Christopher R. Horne to Kezia L. Porcita and Andrew T. McLaughlin, $248,000.


Amberfield Ct., 13800-Glorioso Santiago Jr. to Seyed Kafimoussavi, $160,380.

Ashford Dr., 4812-Curtis R. and Rochelle Bagby to Raymon E. and Melanie R. Crawford, $250,000.

Barnwell Pl., 12903-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jasmine McCall, $150,000.

Bronco Ct., 11600-Angela T. Hawkins to HB Realty Corp., $333,000.

Chariot Way, 4238-Sean and Chakea Holland to Bernard S. Foster Jr., $355,000.

Colonel Dent Ct., 4710, No. 345-Metro Area Management Corp. to Michael Lowery, $145,625.

Florin Way, 9038-Hogar Community Reinvestment Corp. to Kheli A. Sharpe, $125,000.

Grandview Ct., 13141-Brandon Exum to Laurencetta Sanders, $202,000.

Nacy Lee Lane, 5401-Romaine Y. Stover to Kenneth E. Egbuna, $193,000.

Perrywood Rd., 7106-Jacqueline R. Brown to Carlo D. Anderson and Vernique M. Cason, $350,000.

Roblee Dr., 5314-PSB Properties Maryland Corp. to Edmond J. Rodgers Sr., $235,000.

Victoria Dr., 9400-Danny L. and Sheila A. Rowe to Niumnar Perea, $280,000.

Yearling Ct., 4105-Toll MD V Co. to Robert L. and Jeanelle M. Walker, $365,559.


Beacon Ridge Dr., 10518, No. 14-302-Denean Brighthaupt to Randall Matthew, $52,500.

Brooke Grove Rd., 2316-Otis and Courtney Griffin to John E., Zelda S. and Blair Robinson, $408,000.

Jennings Mill Dr., 402-Timothy K. Lindsey to Natasha H. and Helen R. Williams, $385,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 914-Doris S. Ashby and Alvornia Ashby to Michelle Strange, $223,000.

Saint Josephs Dr., 2211-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ernest Kwegyir Afful, $330,615.

Tulson Lane, 2104-D.R. Horton Inc. to Colville C. Cappel and Colleen A. Wilson Cappel, $363,665.

Tulson Lane, 2200-D.R. Horton Inc. to Theodosia M. Edwards, $352,120.

Willow Oaks Ct., 1703-Brian and Stephanie G. Austin to Todd A. and Sharon E. Lowder, $275,000.