Prince George’s County

These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit .


Airport Lane, 1415-Jaron Ross Andrews and Jolene Eve Trujillo to Herbert L. Portillo Jimenez and Karina V. Orellana Lopez, $230,000.

Blackburn St., 15611-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Elizabeth Hoggson, $136,199.

Catzell Ct., 13810-NVR Inc. to Pamela Pierce, $331,020.

Catzell Ct., 13818-NVR Inc. to Delma R. Thompson, $305,140.

Holly Way, 16805-Pennymac Corp. to Tyrone Ross, $192,900.


Metzerott Rd., 1822, No. A6-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Jacqueline Orellana, $60,000.

Riggs Rd., 7957, No. 8-Osiris Puente to Matilde M. Elias Duran and Clara D. Elias Duran, $45,000.

Saranac St., 2134-Henry P. and William P. Curtiss to Nubia P. Lovo Ochoa and Santos Anibal Carranza Rivera, $245,000.


Brickyard Station Dr., 7202-Ryland Inc. to Derand E. Sellars, $444,575.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11232, No. 172-Mark B. Epstein to William O. Pineda Guevara and Yesenia D. Membreno Rogel, $57,000.

Foreston Rd., 4014-Shannon and Timothy Jarek to Jeremy D. Roberts, $320,000.

Odell Rd., 5602-Carmen S. and Reina Turcios Bonilla to Santiago Castaneda Bautist and William O. Morales Acevedo, $195,000.

Running Bear Ct., 11401-Rene and Cinthya Effel Verastegui to Katelin E. Hughes, $186,900.


Gothic Lane, 6214-U.S. Bank to Gregory Anglade, $286,000.

Kembridge Dr., 12720-Ajet Doroci to Amir Statovci, $212,000.

Lake Meadows Dr., 14007-PNC Bank to Victorine A. Ebesoh and Fuanyi Ateawung, $417,500.

Lisborough Terr., 4703-Dorothy B. Robinson and Tyra S. Yiare to Kendrick and Ilene D. Lodged, $470,000.

Maroon Lane, 3611-Bonnie MacDonald and William E. Reed to Daniel J. and Kristen A. Cleary, $290,000.

Myrtle Ave., 9119-Samuel Henderson and Terri Lynn Bennett to Jason L. and Shavesha L. Rutledge, $449,900.

Old Chapel Rd., 13400-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Sami Mukhar, $178,994.

Saint James Sanctuary Dr., 13213-Muhammad Salman and Sheeza Mansoor to Ebonie M. Hall, $400,000.

Silverbrook Way, 4806-Charles E. and Marlene W. Potts to Mohamed T. Kamara, $370,000.

Wainwright Ct., 14107-Joseph E. Clark and estate of Alvin Joseph Clark to William Irving and Sharon B. Chatman, $305,000.

Fifth St., 13117-Lloyd A. and Zaheemat Samuel to Kenneth C. and Sharon L. Cramer, $416,500.


Angel Falls Lane, 16202-Phillip D. and Debra J. Beasley to Kristelle Jensen and Christopher Matthew Long, $425,000.

Everglade Lane, 15616, No. 201-Ruojie Xu to Kean Kadan, $130,000.

Nutwood Lane, 3043-Hazbrook Corp. to Ceaphas Daniel Stubbs Jr., $312,000.


Brandywine Rd., 12221-KLR Properties Corp. to Nicole M. Crowder, $279,900.

Old Liberty Lane, 13106-Marcus Thomas and Toccaro Young to Jerrell Wright, $533,000.


Allison St., 4007-Ineaver O. Davis and Peggy Etheridge to Marina Elizabeth Alveno, $140,600.

39th St., 4423-Elizabeth F. Brown and Laura Harper to Rocio D. Salgado, $215,000.


Applegarth Pl., 5914-ABC Remodeling Corp. to Lasean Renee Hill, $170,000.

Beaver Heights Lane, 1508-Freda R. Reynolds to HPW Properties Corp., $103,000.

Brooke Rd., 1214-Metroprop Corp. to Antowne Mercer and Parthenia Millender, $275,000.

Elkwood Lane, 1306-Gregory B. and Laverne Lee Edelin to Princess Diane Duffy, $189,500.

Field St., 6201-SE Bulldog Corp. to Preston M. Woodard, $142,000.

Halsted Ave., 6213-NVR Inc. to Lashaun N. and Eric J. Lucas, $330,085.

Halsted Ave., 6223-NVR Inc. to James O. Jackson, $342,555.

K St., 6309-Joseph Nelson Jr. and estate of Annie Bell Nelson to Kevin Harrell, $170,000.

Urn St., 4306-Giovanna Lazarte Herbas to Kristen I. Bonner, $182,000.

Wynnleigh Rd., 6816-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Janeris Jackson, $140,000.

62nd Pl., 603-Andrews Expo Properties Corp. to Norman Jean Evans, $193,000.

70th St., 509-Bank of America to Soon Y. Lee, $73,500.


Allendale Dr., 7617-Axe Properties & Management Corp. to Lauren R. Minor, $167,000.

Belleview Ave., 2349-Yvonne M. Cooper to SMC Realty Investments Corp., $219,000.

Cheverly Ave., 2403-Joseph P. and Alvera T. McMahon to Jeffrey R. Myers and Renate Reimschuessel, $321,000.

Goodland Dr., 7423-Ogbonna and Kawana Cohen Hopkins to Blessing Olanrewaju Akinola, $175,000.

Muncy Rd., 7634-Everyday Home Buyers Corp. to Ardrulfo Portillo, Martha A. Portillo, Josefina Caceres and Rosbil Caceres, $135,000.

Oxman Rd., 7734-Federal National Mortgage Association to Fredy A. Chevez Ortega, $110,000.


Accolade Terr., 11410-Edgar Harris to Sandra V. Day, $260,000.

Beddington Ct., 7811-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rita I. Willis Nyagura, $299,900.

Boniwood Turn E., 5858-Omega T. and Tamil N. Armah to Adrian Exeter, $185,000.

Cheltenham Ave., 8902-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Jose I. Argueta, $132,000.

Drawbridge Ct., 9215-Harry R. Wright to Kylie J. Gaskins, $255,900.

Ethan Thomas Dr., 4204-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Trinesha Robertson, $294,000.

Mcmillen Dr., 7214-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to William and Vandra Covington, $240,000.

Surratts Rd., 7512-Marian M. and Wanda L. Proctor to Muhammad Ashraft, $445,000.

Woodyard Rd., 8105-Sandra I. Smith and James H. Tippett Jr. to 8105 Woodyard Rd. Corp., $64,000.


Knox Rd., 4313, No. 306-Darshan & Vijay Enterprises to Ramadan Gad, $96,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 8503-Daniel C. Stewart and Shannon M. Senefeld to Daniel P. and Elizabeth J. Lathrop, $310,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 5948, No. 5948-George Church Sr. to Melora A. Sundt and Robert B. Kadota, $175,000.

51st Ave., 9525-Natividad L. Ramirez to Itza N. Flores and Ninette G. Noriega, $160,000.


Beltz Dr., 7107-Evelyn C. and Lloyd Thomas Hobday to Maneerah Y. Cunningham, $152,000.

Foster St., 6608-Christina A. Weddle to Infinity Investments B&B Corp., $77,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 6505-Curtiss L. and Brenda L. Boone to Karl D. Baynes, $219,000.

Richville Dr., 8406-Kodau Capital Corp. to Fayong Wu and Haiqing Jiang, $139,000.

Tulip Ave., 1772-Lady M. Harrod to Ryan Howard, $183,000.


Bion Dr., 12020-Gregory and Charlene Plunkett to Dameion P. and Sonita Roy, $380,000.

Fort Foote Terr. E., 8704-Manlius Corp. to Gary and Jennifer Nicole Gonzalez, $231,500.

Henson Bridge Terr., 3012-Patricia Ann Roy to Sharnice Thorne, $164,000.

Joe Klutsch Dr., 6510-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Anthony L. and Yolanda R. Leak, $225,000.

Karla Lane, 7806-Kila Robertson and estate of Genolia L. Sarter to Wayne A. Lee, $125,000.

Loughran Rd., 9033-Esther A. Streete and Alvin R. Archer to 9033 Loughran Corp., $180,000.

Monroe Ave., 13005-Jerry Pham to Wade C. Preston, $225,000.

Old Palmer Rd., 9109-Marilyn Savoy and estate of Dorothy Louise Proctor to Juan Andres Miranda and Noemy Claure Perez, $80,000.

Riverview Rd., 10705-Shawkatul Alam and Halima Begum to Jose M. Ramirez, $165,000.

Rusland Ct., 8887, No. 8887-Larry and Duyen Washington Braithwaite to Ali and Farahshad Assayesh, $125,000.

Tonga Dr., 2220-Gloria J. and David Simpson to Roberto and Gabriela Huamantumba, $237,500.


Oakley Rd., 7207-John L. and Barbara J. Bullock to Mukesh K. and Ruby Jain, $515,000.


Mandan Terr., 8146-Eugene K. Ohm and Eun Kyung An Ohm to Alec U. Ghezzi and Stephanie Ghezzi, $253,500.

Stream Bank Lane, 5200-NVR Inc. to Chirag R. and Payal Chaudhari, $294,990.


Decatur Pl., 5602-Lavaughn M. and Gwendolyn Sharifah Turner to Alba L. Portillo Solis and Edwin F. Andrade, $212,000.

Kennedy St., 4506-John Myron and Allison Marino Blackstock to Lauren Amber Howie and Leanora Caruth, $437,500.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 410-Massan B. Hegbe Bessepou and Massan Biniwe Bessepou to Yvonne and Royall Allen Washington, $119,000.

56th Pl., 5005-Federal National Mortgage Association to Francisco Cabrera, $150,000.


Brae Brooke Dr., 8642-Cresentia Regis to Marcus B. Vines, $180,000.

Fiske Ave., 7934-Gwendolyn R. Newton and Romania J. Giles to Simitrio Pedroza Rodriguez, $171,000.

Johnson Ave., 7901-Federal National Mortgage Association to Victor I. Alvarez and Elsi A. Nunez, $90,000.

Merna Lane, 6307-Christian Assisted Living to Fei Enterprises, $175,000.

Ridge St., 9909-SMC Realty Investments Corp. and Farmore Corp. to Odranoel A. Vivero, $237,500.

Washington Blvd., 9300-Ronald J. Del Ricco and Diana Elva Del Ricco to Seabrook Investments Corp., $550,000.

Wyatt Dr., 9417-Pamela Smith to Nicola C. Taylor, $85,000.


Canaan St., 405-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Dionne Butcher Wallace, $340,000.

Claggett Landing Rd., 17801-Rita Alexander and estate of Iole C. Smiroldo to Roxann Brooks Motroni, Stephen Motroni and Chantal N. Brooks, $400,000.

Demotte Pl., 14809-David L. and Lashawna M. Parks to Bernice C. Dotson, $446,000.

Galeshead Dr., 2706-Marilyn D. Barker to David A. Adebayo, $400,000.

Hollow Log Dr., 13507-Ziyad M. Shalabi and Amira Chacabi to Tomara L. Baker, $420,000.

Joyceton Way, 138-Residential Value Corp. to Lise N. Dormeus, $240,000.

Lake Forest Dr., 2710-Phyllis C. Allen to Thomas J. and Krystle A. Mitchell, $458,650.

Lavall Ct., 3114-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Olajide Osunjimii, $194,250.

Open View Lane, 12101-Desiree M. Younger to Chinua A. Walker, $160,000.

Whooping Ct., 1400-Kimberlee A. Harris to Laurel Smith Hillocks, $405,000.


Arbory Way N., 7600, No. 100-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Abera A. Jober, $83,900.

Breckenridge St., 7320-Oluwashola Osuji to Joseph Aina and E Generation Corp., $243,363.

Carroll Ave., 921-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage of Texas to Maria Marquez Arguera, $156,000.

Cypress St., 7740-Robert T. Colbert Jr. to Hung Vo Dinh and Trang Thi Thanh Luong, $239,000.

Kerr Rd., 15805-David H. and Jamie L. Greene to Justin D. and Anna R. Harab, $335,000.

Marton St., 1041-Brian Beck and Monica D. Meier Beck to Julio Ernesto Hernandez and Carmen Yessenia Dominguez, $231,900.

West Ct., 1046, No. 23-Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to Jeffrey B. and Clara Jo Henry, $88,000.


Ashcroft Dr., 8701-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Min and Fei Min Zhang, $297,500.

Cherry Lane, 9272, No. 9272-74-Courtney and Edna Saunders to Carol Diane Brooks, $165,000.

Hermosa Dr., 11418-Kathleen Delores Adams and Sheree McGriff to Penny Lane Corp., $145,000.


Eastern Ave., 3415-3415 Eastern Ave. Corp. to Karen Scheuerer and Amy S. Newton, $339,900.

35th St., 4000-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Shaun and Natasha M. Grant, $230,000.


Fontainebleau Dr., 7601, No. 2314-Opeyemi Mtteu Akinwande and Josiah Femi Akinrebiyo to Stella Anenih, $60,000.

Ian St., 6609-Virginia L. and Stanley Reed to David A. and Morena Argueta, $275,000.

65th Ave., 3552, No. 7E-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Desiderio D. and Maria I. Espinal, $74,500.

84th Ave., 6012-Richard O. Dickerson to Maria and Gerardo Martinez, $270,000.


Furness Ave., 6918-Mahmoud Atashsobh to Silvia M. Quintanilla, $170,000.

Overlook Park Dr., 502-Michael S. Celentano and Margaret L. Scherman to Rhonda Tatum Rogers, $699,000.

Panorama Dr., 241-Daniel J. and Tonya B. Pometto to William G. Garcia, $250,000.

Westfield Dr., 1116-Metro DC 2 Corp. to Jose C. Chicas and Yenis A. Argueta Mendez, $190,000.


Madison St., 4512-Chambers Victory Corp. to Jannah J. Dixon, $240,000.

61st Pl., 6411-Blue Financial Corp. to Kim Lien Huynh, $259,900.


Auth Rd., 6020-Helen V. Wilson Anthony and estate of Ollie Johnson to Chris Sandidge, $199,999.

Candy Apple Lane, 4139-Amber Casey Bell to Christina Watson, $115,000.

Lanier Ave., 5416-Quinzella McDowell and Aaron Wilson to Odette Rose Ferron, $215,000.

Maria Ave., 6012-Percy and Mary L. Rouse to Slats J. Carter, $210,000.


Colebrooke Dr., 2571, No. 3-Daniel J. and Pauline Rita Hoppe to Jatts Corp., $49,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3305, No. A-1-Sheila A. Law to Fidel De Los Angeles Montana and Ana Lilian Perez Mejia, $43,500.

Iverson St., 2719, No. 61-Christal Evans to Edson Javier Fano Espinoza, $66,000.

Lansing Dr., 5314-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Daniel and Geneva Ellis, $285,000.

Old Branch Ave., 7121-NVA Real Estate Corp. to Clarissa Thomas and Devin Jackson, $233,000.

Rickey Ave., 3408-Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven Mungo, $190,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 4820-Michael McGuire Merritts to Jedediah A. Sawyer, $212,500.

28th Ave., 3817, No. 18-Bank of America to Sean and Tabitha Painson McLeod, $33,500.


Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 305-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Floretta Porter, $64,000.

Wardman Rd., 2008-Valeria F. Gilbreath to Christopher Charles and Casey Renee Gayer, $330,000.

24th Ave., 6625-Zengzhu Xu and Yanjun Chen to Arturo B. Alberto Escobar and Roque Alberto Escobar, $248,000.


Beaver Knoll Dr., 10310-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Sarah Jones, $265,000.

Buck Ct., 14001-NSP Residential Corp. to Floyd and Vanesta K. Allen, $380,500.

Christian St., 14201-U.S. Bank to Judy Shawn Greene, $305,000.

Cornwall Ct., 4433-Marilyn Taleon to Ashley J. Jones, $188,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 14800-101 Geneva Corp. to Janet J. Ellmore, $275,000.

Farnsworth Lane, 13800-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alexander Sviridovsky, $77,000.

Frank Tippett Rd., 8517-David A. Billman and estate of Clyde and Rosie M. Billman to Nikisha Goins, $370,000.

Grazing Way, 4515-Toll MD V Partnership to Timothy A. Wildy, $601,892.

Kayak Dr., 12300-Damian Campbell and Nicole Denny to Daniel E. Wilson, $150,000.

Mapleshade Lane, 5207-Larkin Investments Corp. to Pierre A. Phillipe and Nakeshia R. Philippe, $275,000.

Sir Edwards Dr., 15512-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rachier and Latonya Brown, $415,000.

Tiberias Dr., 9605-Bessie B. Norris to Derek M. Jones Sr., $230,000.


Brookeville Landing Ct., 11737-Anthony C. Greene to Abiola O. Are, $365,000.

Golden Morning Dr., 2007-Christiana Trust to Ralph and Janie Washington, $284,900.

Lake Vista Lane, 11204-Michelle D. and Farrell J. Williams to Osariemen and Egwuonwu Onwuka, $370,000.

Peachtree Ct., 1301-Roscoe C. Webb II and Leslie R.G. Webb to Quain S. Prather, $315,000.