These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit go to


Glover Ct., 18101-Eveltn P. Foote and Doreen J. Staeklasa to Casey F. Perez, Rey Walter B. Batin and Gerino R. Perrez, $356,200.

Maple Dr., 15417-Allison Marie Dugas and Christopher Charles Backhaus to Simone F. Gardner, $289,900.

Springvale Ct., 1801-Richard P. and Patrivcia S. Bulcavage to Michael F. and Sandra Lee Mcpherson, $525,000.


Bond Rd., 10925-Roy R. and Morris A. Cogliandolo to Maria B. Glino and Ashfaq A. Mughal, $325,000.

Deakins Hall Dr., 10217-Crescenciano Rodriguez and Nilsa I. Perez to Juan A. Bolanos Garcia and Leonel A. Jeronimo, $375,000.

Hughes Rd., 2714-Fabio A. Polanco to Luis D. Lovo Ochoa, $360,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 323-Bank of America and Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Etsegent Gebre, $750,000.

Quebec St., 2009-Ana Marquez to Maria D. Ventura, $103,000.

Rolander St., 2112-Maryanne Pennestri and Gloria Crider to Santos Joel and Luz Maria Cruz, $285,000.

14th Ave., 8407-Garrett and Dorothy Nelson to Maria M. Reyes, $284,000.

24th Pl., 7919-Ffi Holdings to Ricardo R. Santos Aleman, $270,000.


Big Creek Dr., 11521-Steven and Jennifer Novak to Kevin A. and Jessica C. Parada, $270,000.

Cherry Hill Ct., 3555-Gomes L. Albertson and Brigita A. Gomes to Bablu Augustine Dcosta, $210,000.

Evans Trail Way, 3734-Mod & Associates Inc. to Bonel Saint and Francoise St. Simon, $272,000.

Howard Ave., 4805-Khanh D. Ngo and Nghia H. Dang to Wei Liang and Henry Ho, $175,000.

Prince Georges Ave., 4710-Gloria Del Carmen Villatoro and Jasmine Villatoro to Edwin T. Apaza, $245,000.

Silver Thorn Way, 7243-Marla A. Byrd to Sharon Akinyi Oluga, $345,000.


Red Hawk Terr., 4631-Denise D. Sloan to Simon A. Haile, $110,000.

48th St., 3905-Idalia Banegas Alvarez to Tyson Theron Slocum and Tatiana Panirovskaya, $394,000.


Avondale Dr., 5800-Mary R. Judy to John J. and Janet L. Wood, $425,000.

Birchmere Terr., 5115-Jesse and Meghan Senkel to Andrew W. and Susannah P. Long, $476,000.

Buckingham Dr., 12817-Roy and Carol Leonard Kaiser to Elsaid A. Ahmed and Shannon L. Selzer, $299,990.

Eldorado Greenfields Dr., 13216-Shanita M. Brown to Karlea W. and Ahmed C. Evans, $490,000.

Hillmeade Station Dr., 12602-Carly A. and Ryan Glover to Lauren M. and Cristina M. Fiesel, $330,000.

Kornett Lane, 12609-Robert Paul Radtke to Dana Martine Radtke, $339,900.

London Lane, 14531-Subba Reddy to Kany Kenou, $269,900.

Memphis Lane, 3439-Gloria Arrington to Nhau Huynh and Lanh Thuy Khuong Bui, $300,000.

Myrtle Ave., 8301-Davida M. Riebman and Christine C. Bistany to Richard C. and Sarah F. Blecker, $410,000.

Park Ave., 8605-Elizabeth G. and John E. Rascoe to Peter and Corinn Baltos, $325,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8036-Roxanne Taylor to Angela D. Williams, $321,000.

Rambling Lane, 12303-Robert M. and Frances D. Bray to Antonio D. Meadows, $346,000.

Rolling Hill Lane, 12303-Richard J. Short to Darrell and Leslie Simone Bratton, $330,000.

Shamrocks Delight Dr., 5104-Maurice L. and Lekkiah S. Mazyck to Glenda Taylor Seymour, $280,000.

Upper Ct., 5910-Miguel and Tanya McInnis to Fidelis and Adwlla Kweyila, $425,000.

Eighth St., 13019-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to William Alexander Vasquez, $240,000.


Alameda Dr., 15954-George A. Carter to Rena Paul and Lysamma Jacob, $325,000.

Easthaven Ct., 15755-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Eric Pou, $107,934.

Elkhorn Cir., 3709-James Pender to Davon A. and Danicelle R. Distance, $285,000.

Europe Lane, 3810-Jerome K. and Adrienne N. Harris to Camille Andrea Bryan, $275,000.

Hindle Lane, 2229-Robert A. and Laurel A. Fay to Legrand Esaie and Angeline Ouabo, $300,000.

Neman Ct., 2713-Katera O. Neal to Abdul S. Jah and Khady M.N. Diaye, $235,000.

Palantine Pl., 803-Michael C. Proctor and Shayla M. Simmons Proctor to Yvonne B. Wilson, $298,000.

Platte Dr. N., 15517-Charlene E. Taylor to Sydney Johnson, $165,000.

Port Echo Lane, 1218-Stephen Hawkins to Gerald W. and Christine M. Cavanaugh, $309,000.


Ashbox Rd., 16211-Linda R. Kimble to Rayna Pazmino and Jason Mowery, $140,000.

Currano Ct., 13100-Lorine M. and Lovita R. Bryant to Timothy B. Clark, $405,000.

General Delivery, 15314-D.R. Horton Inc. to Miranda Toussaint, $299,990.

Lavender Dream Lane, 16008-David T. and Audrey C. Johnson to Vincent D. and Mary L. Sutton, $490,000.


42nd Ave., 3400-Carols Ramirez Quinteros and Santos M. Ramirez Quinteros to Walter A. Medrano, $290,000.


Arcadia Ave., 1721-Moselev Corp. to Maria C. Hernandez and Pedro Garcia, $255,000.

Canyon Dr., 7012-Wei Kai Chane and Yufei Huang to Carlos H. Canas Baca and Sandra G. Vasquez, $288,000.

Drum Ave., 708-Terra Nova 1 Corp. to Joann K. Skinner, $330,000.

Falkland Pl., 5721-U.S. Bank to Marvin S. Simms and Nekesiha L. Hall, $157,000.

Hanbury Ct., 1004-Ebed Community Improvement Inc. to Ann Kay Chaplin, $220,000.

James Farmer Way, 6805-Jean Carlo Rivera to Felipe C. Parada, Imelda D. Joya De Parada and Imelda D. Parada, $240,000.

Larchmont Ave., 701-Nafeessah S. Shabazz and Nafeesah Safa Symonette to Andre Koloko, $163,000.

Marlboro Pike., 5223-Redshift Corp. to Christopher Miller, $268,000.

Nova Ave., 1519-Great Lakes Developers Corp. to Walter E. and Julie Campbell, $253,000.

Pacific Ave., 1523-Dynamic Construction & Property Management to Charlyn E. Anderson, $240,000.

Samuel Dr., 1318-Aaa Homes Realty Corp. to Bobby J. and Karen R. Daniels, $269,900.

Valley Park Rd., 6610-Prosperty Capital Corp. to Alagie Dampha and Serehong Jawo, $245,000.

63rd St., 604-Corey C. Murray to Xochilt Vargas Barroso and Marvin Daniel Garcia Salazar, $229,000.

70th St., 520-Allen J. Lucas Jr. to Olubode Sanni, $199,999.


Bailey Dr., 10601-Barbara McNiff and Brian T. McNiff to Miles Pangilinan Abrenica, $321,000.

Moray Ct., 10702-Donald L. and Demitria M. Morrison to Jeffrey Phillips, $325,000.


Allendale Dr., 8147-Deana Holmes to Maria Santos Henriquez, $210,000.

Central Hills Lane, 979-Capital One to Luis A. Rodriguez and Fanny Teresa Paredes De Rodriguez, $181,607.

Countrywood Ct., 1706-Peter J. Weigand to Lisley Shuri Mah Mbah and Erick Mokum Akuro, $201,000.

Fire House Rd., 2411-Olatokunbo and Kehinde O. Somove to Jose Umanzor, Guillermo J. Jimenez and Marta Lidia Lucha, $160,000.

Homefield Dr., 7911-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Martine Tchouamoud, $340,000.

Kent Village Pl., 2447-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Ana F. Bonilla, $100,000.

Touchdown Dr., 600-Cristi D. Ford to Shari Kayne Donnell, $330,000.

64th Ave., 2811-Laura K. Maurizi to Daniel and Julie Heinesen, $400,000.


Boniwood Turn E., 5934-Minh Nguyen to Tyree J. Jackson Jr., $269,000.

Cork Tree Way, 6603-Timberlake Clinton Corp. to Scotrie O. Murdaugh, $549,900.

Glissade Dr., 11106-Roger Banks Ser and Yvette D. Banks to Adedayo Ebun Brown, $478,000.

Horseshoe Rd., 6427-Richard Lee Balfour Jr. and Shirley Elizabeth Orellana Balfour to Julio Delafuente, $255,000.

Natahala Dr., 4537-Laronda Monteiro Tuckson to Claudia C. Charles, $285,000.

Silver Fox Turn, 9404-Lisa Henton and Lisa Henton Davis to Grace and Ariel Jose Pineda, $292,000.

Townsend Lane, 8904-Family Heritage Corp. to Eric M. Newman, $269,900.

Windbrook Dr., 12611-Leandro M. Bertolo and Judith Cerqueira Motta Bertolo to Maria C. Delacruz Coopersole, $289,000.


Baylor Ave., 7413-John E. and Deborah S. Child to Victor Merino, $341,500.

Laguna Rd., 4902-Omid Larid Group Corp. to Kevin and Chantal Bradley, $379,900.

Odessa Rd., 5104-Antonios P. and Michelle Antzoulatos to Jose G. Villatoro and Lilian E. Rosales Munoz, $285,000.

Wellesley Dr., 7609-Demetrio and Jacqueline Carrillo to Eric and Shawna Donaldson, $365,000.

47th Pl., 9808, No. 302-Angerlia D. Johnson to Ji Chen, $128,000.

58th Ave., 8919-William Thomas Walton to Konstantinos Stathopolos, $240,000.


Edfeldt Dr., 2513-Khanh Le to Raven C. Brothers, $240,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1780-Juan Bautista Fuentes to Lashanna Banks, $206,000.

Keystone Manor Pl., 3710-Ricky G. Elum Jr. to Hector Alcides Zetino Alfaro, $265,000.

Kirtland Ave., 2405-Phyllis B. Harris Cole and John F. Cole Jr. to Yuris C. Del Cid Avila and Mirna E. Del Cid, $200,000.

Mount Forest Terr., 7218-Victor Amanda and Linda Patricia Wade to Ronald and Rena Carter, $270,000.

Red Maple Ct., 6807-Darvell Jackson to Laura Minor and Seitu Kokayi, $242,000.

Ritchie Rd., 2809-Melton and Esteban Cantor to Shelomoh Yisrael, $225,000.

Timbercrest Dr., 2311-101 Geneva Corp. to Jerri L. and Robert E. Murray, $269,900.


Arrow Park Dr., 12219-Vreni Peters to Danette Williams, $479,000.

Bentree Rd., 7502-PN Investments Inc. to Hector O. Orellana Bernal and Reina L. Orellana Bernal, $316,000.

Devon Hills Dr., 8728-Fedral Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Alfred Braswell, $112,000.

Fort Washington Rd., 11410-U.S. Bank to Nelson Rodriguez, $160,184.

Jefferson Rd., 1411-Timcarm 64 Corp. to Dannewlle Conyers, $240,000.

Lampton Lane, 12611-Denali Properies Corp. to Jermaine Wyatt, $349,900.

Longbow Rd., 9000-Cynthia M. Simmons to Eric A. and Tanya D. Wanzer, $299,900.

Middlefield Rd., 6706-Ayoni F. and Olaouwa M. Akinyele to Yuri J. Molina Castro and Candiada F. Hernandez, $286,000.

Reid Lane, 13306-Quest 4 Homes Inc. to James P. Jackson, $340,000.

St. Ignatius Dr., 6400-Kelly J. Luzum to Terry S. and Joycelyn G. Jackson, $127,000.

Star Dr. N., 11415-Donald and Candice Thompson to Tashreen Shamai and Adeel Kamran, $342,500.

Tantallon Dr. E., 707-Pats Exclusives Corp. to Rodney D. Hemsley and Monista Shawnte Janifer, $230,000.

Tucker Rd., 3101-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Jessie Anacta Velasco, $320,000.


Dolby Ave., 9916-Residential Value Corp. to Glen Louis and Shirisa Thomas, $200,000.

Prospect Hill Rd., 11022-William F. and Yuelang Zhang Johnson to Joshua K. and Margaret M. Burge, $450,000.


Brett Pl., 8010-Manuel and Shelley Lynn Cardero to Deborah A. McNeill, $414,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8445-Laura M. Mcshane to Elizabeth Cousart, $120,000.

Greenhill Rd., 124-Daniel J. Gomez to Gregory G. and Sonja P. Hughes, $346,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7802, No. 2-Ashleigh Bouchelion and Kara Janel Ellis to Akesha L. Thomas, $125,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6612, No. 3C-Yassmeen S. Spenceer and Yaameen Cline Heard to Lakeysha Jonette Boyd, $183,000.

Rosewood Dr., 115-Walter N. Meier to Scott and Gail Rohrbach, $455,300.

Village Park Dr., 6701-Paulos F. Dalu and Senait A. Abay to Josephine T. Isaac, $305,000.


Elberton Pl., 5622-Okon H. Akpan to Daniel T. Edwards Luce and Aubrey J. Edwards Luce, $325,000.

Gallatin St., 5702-Jose M. Reyes to Luis Benavides, $285,000.

39th Ave., 5405-Jeannete Marie Gunderson and Daniel E. Flint to Guatam Gustav Bastian and Cecily Anne David, $400,000.

60th Ave., 5203-Jose T. Reyes to Jose E. Garcia Andrades, $269,900.


Campus Way N., 2519-D.R. Horton Inc. to Sonia M. Simpson, $313,990.

Cipriano Woods Ct., 7022-Oliver and Wanda Carter to Natalia Cummings Duckie, $251,320.

Finns Lane, 7317-Richmond De Ocampo and Pamela R. De Ocampo to Samuel F. Payes Guerra, $320,000.

Good Luck Rd., 9507-Donald S. Dinsmore and Anete Iise Blankenburg to Amir Ahmad, $264,000.

Hayes St., 3311-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bolanle O. Oniga, $188,000.

Martins Lane, 6402-Nicolas C. Koch and Lis V. Pereira De Silva Koch to Ever Isaac and Ligia Yanet Velasquez, $385,000.

Palamar Terr., 7020-Monique D. Johnson to Danaya T. Washington, $240,000.

Saffron Dr., 8607-Alice Odessa Mason and Christine A. Curtis to Claudia B. Guardado Hernandez, Maria A. Hernandez Gomez and Jacob Ramirez, $241,500.

Smithview Pl., 9401-D.R. Horton Inc. to Roderick D. Watson Jr. and Trenae S. Bonner, $397,000.

Smithview Pl., 9514-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jeffrey Benton and Zoe Liado Begun, $349,990.

Storch Dr., 10528-Brian George and Ruth Marie Steigler to Mohammad Walid Wahid, $253,000.

Woodstream Terr., 7033-Donna L. Pressley to Marian Menna Sesay, $253,000.


Beech Orchard Lane, 2602-U.S. Home Corp. to Angela Mauney, $542,990.

Burford Lane, 15607-Oyinlola A. Afolabin to Anthony L. Moye, $395,000.

Camberley Pl., 15318-Micahel B. Lee and Traci Bryant to Phillip L. Thomas and Patrice A. Fraser, $360,000.

Gary Lane, 9213-Allster M. Ramrattan to Gabriel Ngankam Satchouk and Tatiana Veronique Tchamo, $285,000.

Hancock Dr., 2109-Jacqualine J. Vassor to Adrian A. Bishop, $339,900.

Joyceton Dr., 11317-Torre and Patricia F. Brown to Angelica A. Brown, $165,000.

Laforge Lane, 10001-Wells Fargo Bank to Jada D. Thornton, $260,000.

Merganser Ct., 1405-Vernon and Cora A. Fields to Keelchi Darlington Ego Osuala, $315,000.

Prairie Ct., 307-James D. and Laurice L. Brame to Ahmed Agbabiaka and Elizabeth Jackson, $409,999.

Queen Anne Rd., 18523-Mark Evan and Nancy Lee Shaw to Stephen Dennis and Linda Rae Etherton, $440,000.

Shalbourne Lane, 3202-U.S. Homes Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Ferdinand Sentes Munar, $431,955.

Swanson Rd., 16815-Phillip E. Taylor to Tony R. and Cynthia Brazelton, $1.25 million.

Turner Wootton Pkwy., 14507-Barbara J. and Louis E. Westfall to Stacy R. Simley, $579,990.

Whistling Duck Dr., 1932-Bank of America to Mispa Akung Afueh, $227,999.


Avondale St., 29-Ned and Carol Longson to Alexandru Costel Grancea and Monalisa Adela Marin, $295,000.

Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 7908-Arthur A. and Jenny A. Souder to Chad Pepmiller and Amruta Kalvit, $475,000.

Cambridge Cir., 14642-Amer Ali to Thomas C. Davis, $295,000.

Chapel Cove Ct., 14314-Kelly Erin Wagner and Kelly O. Bryant to Elisha A. Simmons, $218,000.

Crows Nest Ct., 7907, No. 9362-Jennifer Boyd Morin to Henry L. and Elizabeth V. Wilson, $144,000.

Fenwick Ct., 8149-Unique and Modern Homes to Brittney Joi Stephenson, $269,900.

Highbury Lane, 14605-Bentley Park Corp. to Samuel Daniel Jonnalagadda and Rodha Bhimanpalli, $572,040.

Mccahill Dr., 6707-Michael D. and Summer N. Hiett to Timothy and Nena Gray, $430,000.

Northlake Ct., 8201-Anne H. and David D. Collins to Andrew Devierno and Akosua Safo, $281,000.

Parkgate Dr., 14517-Bentley Park Corp. to Philip Bigelow, $582,155.

Sandy Ridge Lane, 14409-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey and Juanita Mills, $401,280.

Shore Ct. S., 14318-Stephen Sarpong to Robel W. Meskel, $239,900.


Apache Tears Cir., 12222-Thomas L. and Maureen J. Bauer to Elvio H. Soto, Gloria Nrene Estrada De Soto and Elvio H. Soto, $274,900.

Bovelder Dr., 8515-Gary L. and Deborah L. Milsom to Raechel Harris Boone, $365,000.

Cherry Lane, 9270-Harvalene Alford Gates and Paula Alford Ranles to Alice R. and Humbert R. Escalante, $160,000.

Greenview Dr., 14206-Daniel Irons to Florence W. Ferguson, $369,900.

Montague Dr., 11801-Shawn Jang and Kunal A. Loha to Jonathan and Ravina Gold Gantt, $365,000.

Palmer Pl., 9303-Carolyn Baker to Elaine J. Saur and Joseph R. Criscuoli, $224,900.

Snowden Woods Rd., 12305-Louela D. Mil to Nilkantha R. and Dinaben N. Patel, $425,000.


31st St., 4118-Thomas E. and Elizabeth Lewis Dobyn to Justin I. Tzuanos, $445,000.


Flintridge Dr., 5120-Sonia Del Carmen Ruiz to Agustin Cruz, $285,000.

Gavin St., 7309-Anthony Lee to Garrett and Dorothy Nelson, $335,000.

Westbrook Dr., 6231-Joseph J. Miller and Mary O. Lofton to Shangxian Gao, $312,000.

67th Ave., 4823-U.S. Bank to Jose A. Diaz Alvarenga, $240,000.


Barrymore Dr., 510-Dorlin D. Mazarigos Lopez to Josue A. Sanchez, $250,000.

Mystic Ave., 1607-Wen Rong Chen to Oscar N. Moreno and Iris L. Ortiz, $285,000.

Woodland Blvd., 5446-Tara A. Gray and Peggy Ann Chapman to Stanley A. Boye, $255,000.


Woodberry St., 4628-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Nelli Milalnik and Vyacheslav Mikhalnyuk, $465,830.


Howe Ave., 4505-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Udoh Elijah Udom, $170,000.

Larches Ct., 6705-Mujeeb Aziz to Filadelfo Menedez Torres, $260,000.

Navy Day Pl., 4603-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jonathan T. Lowndes, $130,000.

Wood Creek Dr., 3506-Prosper Osei Wusu to Drake Gibson, $248,500.


Bellbrook Ct., 3109-Orion Corp. and Terra Properties Corp. to Douglas A. Avila Zamora and Jobita L. Zamora Lemus, $240,000.

Buckingham Ct., 5500-Kenneth W. and Evelyn J. Carter to Genrry Daniel Lopez Lemus and Natanael Lopez, $275,000.

Durand St., 5111-Larry Charles and Kenicka D. King to Oscar Rafael Hernandez, $249,000.

Northam Rd., 6500-Abraham Atansuyi to Eugene Scott II and Diamond Vann, $425,000.

Stratford Ct., 4205-Giovanni Mejia and Amber Uribe to Krystal C. Williams, $302,400.

24th Ave., 3806-Bernita Simpkins to Maduro A. Martin, $255,000.


Ingraham St., 2115-Antonino Fleri and Rosa Fleri to Piero Fleri, Antonino Fleri and Santa Santoro, $252,000.

Legation Rd., 1307-Modern Realty Corp. to Hollee Gritz, $190,000.

Oliver St., 3921-Grant Douglas Godfrey and Mary Susan Twohy to Joseph P. and Catherine Falvey, $400,000.

Sheridan St., 2413-Devis Misael Pena to Elvia R. Perez Gonzalez and Salvador L. Blanco, $270,000.

Wells Pkwy., 6607-Pamela D. Ellis and Jerry R. Milbourn Sr. to Elizabeth M. Collins, $410,000.

40th Ave., 6523-Bruce A. and Barbara J. White to Sarah L. Byrne and Jeremy W. Rueter, $495,000.


Asher St., 3408-Deutsch Bank and Owen Loan Servicing Corp. to Olatunji Turner, $398,145.

Bishops Bequest Rd., 13932-Nancy C. Boggs Churchman and Herbert J. Churchman to Patrick Makina, $305,000.

Brooktrail Ct., 16254-Anne and David Hunter to Sackitey Apimahkwao, $215,000.

Carroll Ct., 11509-Edward Robinson III Consulting Corp. to Kelly Larkins, $380,000.

Colonel Brooke Ct., 4811-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Devynn Allen, $136,501.

Croom Rd., 8054-Lakeside Reo Ventures Corp. to Nixy Osorio, $362,500.

Eastland Cir., 10605-Mab of WTC Corp. to Michele M. Gaskins, $434,562.

Farnsworth Lane, 14100, No. 2206-William T. Harper Jr. to Latoya D. Singleton, $108,500.

Galena Lane, 10526-MVR Inc. to Jerome Bytler Jr., $363,625.

Galena Lane, 10536-NVR Inc. to Mohammed Kashaf Chagla, $329,830.

Grandhaven Ave., 9303-Barrington D. and Venita H. Waddell to Darwin Richard Diaz Ortiz and Cindy Zelaya Arriaza, $240,000.

Havre Turn, 7219-Serena Mehra and Miguel Rubiano to London V. and Tasman M. Waldon, $277,000.

Lariat Dr., 4204-Toll MD V Partnership to Kenneth Harris II and Heidi Gary, $433,949.

Luke Ct., 9806-MTGLQ Investors and New Penn Financial Corp. to Fredis A. Turcios Jr. and Maria S. Benavides, $226,000.

Melwood Park Pl., 10909-JPMorgan Chase Bank to Nicole F. Smith, $285,000.

Penzance Pl., 4621-Justin Evans to Donald Harris Jr., $245,000.

Reverend Davis Dr., 4407-Shadana Myers to Nicole Bradshaw, $320,000.

St. Thomas Church Rd., 15706-Hasel L. and Margurite B. Jackson to Michele L. Branch Dorsey, $470,000.

Stoney Pl., 4205-Tanya Y. Prtichett and Tayna Y. Fulgham to Mark A. Naulls, $329,000.

Thornberry Dr. W., 8405-Carole A. and George W. Calhoun to Chassidy K. Jamison and Talmadge A. Hayer III, $305,000.

Usher Pl., 17207-Craig Lorenz to Myrna C. Cabreros, $265,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9815-Federal National Mortgage Association to Elizabeth Mcsween Banks, $244,900.


Barrington Ct., 1829-Michael L. and Rhonjalyn A. Curry to Stephanie Dawn Kinder, $305,000.

Byward Blvd., 9713-Gregory K. and April H. Henderson to Tyrone H. and Andrea Shearin, $480,000.

Davit Ct., 2219-Mia W. and Dron K. Jordan to Derrick L. Plummer, $615,000.

Dunhill Ct., 3800-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Eric Kwabena Okyere Afoakwah and Kimberly Owusukoko Afoakwah, $541,000.

Garden Grove Lane, 2102-K. Hovnaian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Regina M. and Lashnay D. Thompson, $370,015.

Garden Grove Lane, 2119-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Kimberly L. and Vera Owens Brown, $399,990.

Hallandale Terr., 12004-Ezra Geberesilase Gemada to Jose V. Villalta and Gladis A. Cabera, $229,000.

Kings Isle Ct., 13801-Triangle Homes Corp. to Ferdin Alberto and Sandra Melgar, $694,900.

Lady Grove Rd., 2609-D.R. Horton Inc. to Chakira C. and James Lewis, $518,000.

Millponds Ct., 937-Federal Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rebecca A. Odrick, $277,500.

Sea Pines Terr., 1305-Randolph C. Johnson Jr. to Kelli K. Stephenson, $375,000.

Woodlake Rd., 2747-Stephanie and Aly Diallo to Scarlett Curry, $450,000.